YouTube reverses course on finding WMSCOG video to be “hate speech”

My latest video against the WMSCOG was placed on “restricted mode” by YouTube because they determined it qualified as “hate speech” and/or promoting violence.

Fortunately, YouTube reversed course on this absurd finding and returned the video to normal status.  It is no longer under the Youtube ban.

For about seven years I have been reporting on the south Korean cult known both as the “World Mission Society Church of God” and the “Elohim Academy.” Among their other problems, the greatest is their literal worship of two south Koreans as God in the flesh.

I have tangled with various leaders and members of this church for years; they do all they can to have my videos removed. In fact, they were successful in having one of them removed in the past. This time, they complained that my video was “hate speech,” and YouTube placed it on “restricted mode.”

After appealing this unjust and knee-jerk decision on the part of YouTube, I received this email:

“Hi Roy Spears,

Thank you for submitting your video appeal to YouTube. After re-reviewing your video The Great Evil of the World Mission Society Church of god, we’ve determined that it does not merit restriction. We have restored the video to its original state.

Please note that your video may remain ineligible for monetization.

Why your video was restricted

Every day users report tens of thousands of videos through our flagging system. We review flagged videos according to our Community Guidelines and decide whether to approve, remove, or restrict the video. While our team is highly trained, sometimes we make mistakes or additional context changes our perspective. That is why we always want to hear from YouTube users who believe their content may have been restricted in error.

Our commitment to you

We take your videos and the YouTube community feedback seriously. We provide all uploaders with an option to appeal any removal or restriction of their videos. When an appeal is submitted to us, we work quickly to review the content and take appropriate action, including restoring videos that have been mistakenly removed.

– The YouTube Team”

So praise the Lord! Here is the video:

Thankfully, cooler and more rational heads at YouTube prevailed and they saw through the injustice of their previous wrongheaded decision to flag my video as inciting violence against the WMSCOG and for hate speech.  A victory equally important is the nefarious actions of the WMSCOG in their unceasing attempts to stifle the first amendment rights of individuals like myself has been thwarted.

Ultimately, this will work against the WMSCOG because it reveals yet another insidious side of their cultish behavior.  Far from being the friendly, smiling group of helpful people they constantly seek to promote on social media and their websites, this latest action is another peek behind the dark veil of wickedness that this cult operates from behind the shadows.

As I have pointed out in my other post concerning this situation, the WMSCOG’s filing of an online complaint against this video shows glaring hypocrisy on their part.  After all, don’t they promote various feast days and the tithe both found in the Old Testament?

The clear message one takes away from this—and what the WMSCOG is promoting—is their so-called love, obedience and reverence for the Law found in the Old Testament.  But the very Law they promote through their weekly meetings is the same Law they are now complaining about and using in their attempts to have YouTube restrict my video.

Hypocrisy in its purest form.

In essence, what the leadership of this idolatrous cult is saying is:  “We obey, honor and teach certain verses and principles found in the Old Testament only as much as it benefits us and allows us to micro-manage and control our membership.  But, we carefully pick and choose them and reject those that should be used against us—like being stoned for leading our flock into idolatry by our false worship and deification of our dead, decaying in the grave leader and his still living wife.”

I am honored to be an infinitesimally small part of exposing this group to the world.  Seemingly every week a new news report, YouTube video, or other social media post is posted that reveals yet more nonsense and lies this group is guilty of.  Slowly and surely a steady and firm foundation of truth is sounding forth exposing the dark underbelly of this soul-robbing cult.