World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG)

This page is dedicated to exposing the many false and blasphemous teachings of the WMSCOG.  They are also known as the “Elohim Academy” on various university and college campuses.

For approximately seven years, I have dedicated much time and effort in exposing this group, creating YouTube videos on them and posting information on this blog.

To access the articles on this blog concerning the WMSCOG, go to the  “Search” bar on the far left side of any of these pages and type in “World Mission Society Church of God.”  All of my articles should be shown, listed one after the other. (If you don’t see the Search bar, you may have to decrease the magnification of the page to see the entire field of view.)

Here is one of my latest YouTube videos (this video was removed by Youtube because of another complaint by a member of the WMSCOG over an alleged copyright claim of a picture I used in this video of Ahnsahnghong and/or Jang Gil-ja):

The picture(s) were one of both of these:

These two South Koreans are the false gods worshipped by members of the WMSCOG.
This is “Jang Gil-ja,” a South Korean woman known as “god the mother” and worshipped by members of the WMSCOG.

One of my most popular videos is this one:

This is a group that is very secretive and they do everything possible to keep negative press about them from appearing on the internet.  Realizing that social media can help make or break a religious group, they seek, as much as within their power, to shut down any site or video that shows their true colors.

Thankfully, word is going out and continues to grow exposing how dangerous and anti-Christ the WMSCOG actually is.