Will Christians ever stop making excuses?

A Facebook friend of mine recently posted this article.  After quickly glancing through it, I had to disagree almost in its entirety.  Here is what I wrote in my friend’s comment section:
“Clint, I have to disagree with this article, almost in its entirety. Why? I’ve been thinking about this same thing for decades and have come to vastly different conclusions.
“First, there are unfounded suppositions in this article. For example, in the beginning of the piece he (the author) seems to make the argument that parents with large families (eight or nine kids) don’t have time or the energy to be ‘activists.’
“While this may be true, what Christians today have eight or nine kids? Precious few, as all will acknowledge. If Christians have just as many children, on average, as their lost counterparts who are activists, this theory falls flat.
“I could go on, but this is a FB post so one must be brief. My take is this: Christians have lost the culture war because we are disobedient to the Lord who commanded us to be ‘salt and light’ to a dying world. 1 John 2:15 reads, ‘Do not love the world or the things in the world…’ We Christians LOVE the world: our money, our comforts, traveling, watching t.v. and sports programs, endlessly decorating our homes, our pets, etc. We are not activists because we are so worldly minded we are no heavenly good.
“Certainly there is always a faithful remnant among Christians who do all they can do be the required ‘salt and light.’ I have lived virtually my entire life striving to be a good, bold and public witness for the Lord and I will testify from personal, decades long experience that the vast majority of Christians REFUSE to get off their couches and fight our cultural battles. We are far too busy enjoying ‘the good life.’
“But I will agree with the author in this respect: ‘The traditionalists and conservatives have been thoroughly beaten in the war for the culture. For the most part, we never even showed up.’ And why didn’t we show up, because we all have such huge families that we are simply too busy to get involved in the things that matter?
“Certainly not; this is simply a poor attempt at a failed excuse. We have lost the cultural war because we were outfought, simple as that. We were, and are, lazy to a fault. Christians will never win this war because we have become so sinful and disobedient to our Lord that He has given us almost completely over to our enemies. And it is only a matter of time before the tiny amount of light Christians still have in this culture will soon be completely extinguished…and we have only ourselves to blame.”
Harsh, I understand, but I cannot bring myself to change a single word; in fact, I could write volumes more on why every single problem we face in America today is, in my opinion, the direct cause of America’s Christians.
I do not believe there is a country in existence today that is as wicked as the United States of America.  Allow me to cite just two examples:
First, what country on Earth murders more unborn children than the USA via our liberal “abortion on demand” policy?  Probably none other than perhaps China.  But each country will be judged on the “light” that has been given it, and no one can say that China has had more “gospel light” poured out upon them as America has been blessed with.  No comparison.
Does China sell their aborted babies parts like Planned Parenthood has, making an entire industry out of such a grisly trade?  I’m not certain, but again, China has not been blessed with the revelation of God’s grace like America has; we have sinned to a much greater degree than China has due to our rejection of this abundant revelation so graciously poured out amongst us.
My second example:  Drag Queen Story Hour.  Have you heard of this unthinkable abomination that is right now going on across the United States?   Briefly, Drag Queen Story Hour is an organized group of homosexual/transgendered men dressed up in garish “drag” who then read “queer” stories to preschoolers.  You can’t make this up.  Here is photographic proof:
In a just world, it would only take one time for something this disgusting to occur in a nation before the outrage of the citizenry would insure it would never happen twice.  But not in apostate America where even this act of open child abuse is revered by who knows how many members in this sick, perverted and twisted society.
What other country allows these kinds of perversions to happen?  Russia?  China?  ISIS held countries?  I don’t think so; only in the “good ole’ USA” is such degeneracy allowed and even applauded.
These are only a few reasons why I believe it is the direct result of Christian America as to why our country has sunk into such deep and irreversible depravity.   The very salt and light that was once the defining characteristic of America has become utterly worthless, good for nothing.
And perhaps the most frightening aspect of the salt losing its preserving effect on a society comes from these additional words from Jesus:
“But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”  Matthew 15:13b-15 (NIV)
America is in such deep and irretrievable trouble that few understand the complete calamity we face as a nation.  May God have mercy on us…we will certainly need it.