Update on “The big lie”

I wrote a post on “The Big Lie” in September of this year. My fascination with discovering whether or not Donald Trump had the election stolen from him continues with me to this day.

I often return to Dominion Voting’s website to discover if they have updated new information concerning the many lawsuits they filed against people and companies that were part of spreading many of the baseless conspiracy theories surrounding this extraordinary claim of election fraud.

A couple of days ago, after logging into their website and clicking on the “Legal Updates” tab, I read they filed yet another lawsuit against the Fox Corporation. This legal filing is a whooping 468 pages, the longest of any lawsuit I have ever read in my life.

Today, as of this post, I have read most of what is written up to page 68; it is stunning information that everyone who believes that Donald Trump should now be into his second term should read and take to heart.

I have to admire Dominion; these people are relentless fighters and they are seemingly going after every person, company and news agency that played any major role in spreading lies and baseless conspiracy theories about them. I applaud them and hope they win billions.