UC Berkeley students on fire for Jesus!

I must report on an astonishing development happening on UC Berkeley that is perhaps unprecedented on any university or college campus in the United States:  Christian students are boldly preaching the gospel.

When I arrived on campus for the beginning of the “Berkeley Blitz,” I quickly got to know several students from a fellowship called “Living Waters.”  Predominantly comprised of Asian students, Living Waters members, from what I have seen, are charismatic.   They are enthusiastic and joyous in their faith and expression.
Someone in their group had the wonderful idea to gather some of their members and go out every day on campus between 12 noon and 1:00 pm, until Easter, in a bold display of their faith.  They would do this by singing Christian songs, preaching, and holding a sign that asked, “Can we pray for you?”
I learned about this through Mollie, one of the members of Living Waters.  She has only been a Christian for five months and is a firebrand for Jesus.  This young woman exudes the love, joy and passion of Christ in her life, and to be around Mollie is like breathing a breath of fresh air.
Though I had known about this for a couple of weeks, I was so busy with my own evangelistic work that I forgot about it until last week.  Then, I decided I needed to show my support for what they were doing and perhaps even encourage them.  Being bold in one’s faith on UC Berkeley does not make one popular with most of the student body.  I knew they needed moral support.
I began to show up while they were singing in a group, standing by them, off to the side, listening, and encouraging them.  Then, I offered them the use of my portable sound system that I use in my open-air preaching for whoever wished to preach themselves.
Inline image 1
(Photo above:  The group of students gathered to share their love for Jesus.  Mollie is playing the guitar.)
At first, they were hesitant.  I approached Mollie and encouraged her to give a short testimony of what the Lord had done in her life.  Though she seemed a bit frightened, she quickly warmed to the idea and was soon giving an impassioned talk, using the sound system, on what the Lord had done in her life.
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(Photo above:  Mollie giving her testimony.)
I encouraged Daniel next; he, too, was at first hesitant, and though he had preached in front of Dwinelle Hall a couple of weeks prior, he had not done so since.  Boldness came into Daniel’s soul and he began preaching.
The location of where these students were ministering is important to my report.  They are not in some obscure, lightly traveled area of the campus, but plant themselves in the heart of the action, in the middle of one of the main arteries that students use to go to and from their classes.  This takes both boldness and courage, friends.  The crowds passing can be large.
Jinn, another Living Water member and Cal student, preached next.  This young man has been preaching before on campus, and has fire in his soul for the Gospel.
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(Photo above:  Jinn, far left holding up his bible, preaching.)
Finally, Vieng Wong, the pastor of “In Christ Alone,” an on-campus fellowship, capped off the hour and preached.  It is true that “fire begets fire,” and this time of boldly proclaiming the Word of God on the campus of UC Berkeley was astonishing.
The following day was more of the same, with students again singing and preaching.  Yesterday, another student who I never heard preaching before approached me and said he felt it was no his time to speak publicly for the Lord Jesus.  He did, and though he only spoke for about five minutes, that was five minutes of glory for the Name of Christ!
So much more has happened that it is impossible to relate even the tenth of it.  For those who feel burdened to continue praying for this work, I thank you.

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