The disturbing story of the judge who found me guilty

The judge who found me guilty on the third degree criminal trespassing charge for preaching using my amplification system is a new judge with no legal experience; she was elected by the voters and not appointed to this important office.
Almost immediately she was embroiled in controversy: reports came out that she stole the answers to a test given to new judges (see article below).
An Arizona Court of Appeals judge who heard the case, Lawrence Winthrop, ruled that she violated three rules of the code of judicial conduct, saying, “While this misconduct may have only occurred once, it is too offensive to ignore or to resolve informally.”
Unbelievably, she received a gentle slap on the wrist, having only to pay a fine, the cost of the investigation, and take additional ethics courses. She was allowed to remain a judge—this is the individual who literally sat in judgment over my case.
She should have been removed from her noble position, having forfeited the trust of the people and the dignity and importance of her exalted office. How could someone who stole the answers to the test for new judges possibly be seen as someone who was fit to judge others…like other thieves?
Aboud made the fantastical claim that the whole thing was merely a “prank,” done as a joke. In another article she said, “This is a joke that I do. We do [it] within my family, we’ve done for 50, 60 years. You know, it’s ‘play a trick on somebody. Hide their stuff.'”
As one reads the handful of articles that report on this disturbing story, it becomes clear that Aboud is unfit to hold this honorable office.