The Red Flag of Hatred (Part Two)

In part One of this series, I delved into the reality of how destructive and unnatural hatred can be in a child or children traumatized by “Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)” or “Parental Alienation (PA)”.

I will again be referencing this article as I did in Part One: ““Emotional Abuse of Children Due to Implacable Hostility Between Parents (Is it PA or something else?)”

Under the heading, “Emotional Abuse of Children due to Parental Alienation,” this statement is found: “Emotional abuse due to PA is a form of rejection and aggression frequently expressed by a parent who suffers from a variety of psychological disturbances including, in some cases, mental illness…”

Notice that PA (Parental Alienation) is a form of “emotional abuse” inflicted upon an innocent child “by a parent who suffers from a variety of psychological disturbances including…mental illness.”

As noted in this article and in Part One, any child who expresses overwhelming hatred toward one of their parents because of an acrimonious divorce situation finds themselves in an unnatural setting that has been induced into them by the implacable hatred of the alienating parent. This is child abuse and is a crime, both against the affected child(ren) and the alienated—or disfavored—parent.

The article continues: “A child who fails to ‘side’ totally with the more influential custodial parent is frequently coerced into reflecting the views of the custodial parent in that the other parent (usually the father) is bad, violent, aggressive or unworthy in some way. Failure of the child to adjust to such alienation, leads to the emotional abuse of the child with severe consequences likely in the short and long term…”

I have personally experienced this exact situation in dealing with my own alienated children, as I have noted elsewhere through this section of my blog. It is one of the most disturbing and hurtful of all the pathologies that occur because of this form of child abuse and is perhaps the most difficult for an alienated (or disfavored) parent to emotionally deal with. Having one or more of your children who a parent has previously enjoyed a wonderful, close and loving relationship with who now expresses an unbelievable amount of hatred and hostility against them is almost impossible to describe and emotionally deal with.

And as difficult as it is for the disfavored parent to deal with, it is clear that the alienated child who expresses the implacable hatred against the innocent parent suffers the most, as the above quoted section from the article states: “Failure of the child to adjust to such alienation, leads to the emotional abuse of the child with severe consequences likely in the short and long term…”

This fact is clearly one of the most upside down and counterintuitive aspects of PAS/PA. How is it possible, one might ask, that the one parent (in this example, the alienating parent who is pitting the children against the other parent) is viewed by the children as the healthy, normal and “good” parent by the children when the facts clearly show the mother (the alienating parent) is the abuser responsible for inflicting the greatest amount of psychological damage upon her own children? It truly boggles the mind.

Such abuse is part and parcel of the brainwashing inflicted upon the innocent children. Children damaged by this hatred for their fathers, slowly and inconspicuously dripped into their minds by a mentally disturbed mother with deep psychological issues of her own, are seeds that will, sooner or later, unfortunately and tragically sprout in the minds of these innocents which will require professional counseling (with expertise in the twin pathologies of PAS/PA) in order to come to grips with what has happened to them.

The article continues with the following insight:

“Frequently children are unaware of how they are being manipulated by a parent leading to a loss of contact with the absent parent…” 

I have been estranged from all of my children for many years—going on two decades. I do not believe any of them have the slightest understanding of what has happened to them due to their psychologically disturbed and manipulative mother and how she has pitted them against me by almost two decades of lies and brainwashing.

Unfortunately, though I believe one day all three of them will “come to the light” and see how they have been abused and manipulated by her, I fear I will be long dead. Such is only one sad and horrible aspect of this form of mental and emotional child abuse from PAS and PA.