The party is coming to an end for Christians in America

A friend of mine, Bridget Anderson, has a daughter in college who posted on her Facebook page (the daughter) her disagreement with homosexuality.  The comments were mixed, some supporting her view and others hotly disagreeing (scroll down to the October 16, 2014 post).

After Bridget alerted me to this interesting thread on her daughter’s page via an instant message, she wrote “We’re the bad guys now.”

What Bridget meant by that statement is that anyone holding to the Judeo-Christian worldview is now viewed as the enemy of “tolerance” and “acceptance.”  Christians, who founded the United States of America and where the teachings and the precepts of the Bible were the foundation of our government and society, are now viewed as the enemy.  We have become “the bad guys now.”

Who would have thought that this could possibly happen?  How could this titanic shift in the moral values of the greatest nation on Earth turn to the “dark side” so completely and rapidly?  How could the very glue and foundation stones that built this country now be vilified, hated, scorned and rejected?

This nation has turned and is ferociously biting and devouring the very hand that once fed, nourished, clothed and established them.  In essence, America is viciously stabbing to death the mother that gave us birth.

If you are under the age of 35, you might not understand how truly astonishing this transformation in our society and culture is.    I am in my early fifties, and when I was in college back in 1979, homosexuality was firmly locked behind closed doors.  Certainly on major university campuses where radical and new ideas are more accepted, one occasionally ran into a homosexual, but they were not “out and proud” like today and trumpeted as heroes and lauded like royalty.

I remember when AIDS first made its ignoble entrance onto the psyche of the American public.  It was in 1982 when the evening news reported that a strange and horrible new disease, GRID (Gay Related Immune Deficiency), had infected the nation’s blood supply.  Homosexual males were the only ones at that particular window in history who were affected by this problem.

Understandably, homosexuals were targeted for violence and were abhorred by the vast majority of people, viewed as sexual deviants whose perverse lifestyles were responsible for introducing this scourge to America.

Soon thereafter, GRID was changed to the more familiar acronym  AIDS, a deliberate attempt to shift the responsibility of the disease off of the shoulders of homosexuals and onto the public in general.  How this actually happened is a fascinating and disturbing story,  one that I recommend my readers research for themselves.  Realize, though, that there has been a concerted and effective effort by homosexual activists to obfuscate the truth in the history of this deadly disease so that many of the actual facts are now buried under mountains of misinformation.

Christians in this country, except in the last forty or so years, were for the most part respected and acknowledged for our contributions to the betterment of society and for being a guiding moral force in the nation.   Our founding fathers would literally turn over in their graves if they knew how Christians are now being treated…like second class citizens and enemies.

Many Christians are stunned at the rapidity of how things are changing in America.  We as the “head” have now become the “tail,” and anyone who understands what this will mean to the future of this country should tremble for the anguish and darkness which will soon clothe this nation and drag us into places we had never imagined going.




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