The Michael Brown protests reveal growing divide

We need to face facts:  whites think one way about Michael Brown and blacks think another.  To pretend this difference does not exist is a roadblock that prevents either sides from finding a solution to why this ever expanding gulf exists between the two races.

Denying that there is no difference in either the races or the way blacks and whites think is yet another barrier to understanding why these protests continue unabated.

I am a white, middle aged man and won’t pretend I don’t have some prejudices.  We all have them, and turning a blind eye to their existence is negating reality.  This said, I do not feel that I am a racist and believe “all men are created equal.”  Skin color should have no place in determining the worth and dignity of people.

But black Americans—and I’m generalizing here—are doing themselves a grave disservice with these protests and are widening the gap that already exists between whites and blacks. The looting’s, riotings, burnings, vandalism and general mayhem being done by Michael Brown’s supporters are creating more, unwanted prejudice and hostile feelings towards blacks by whites.

We are a nation governed by the rule of law.  Yes, the system is flawed in many ways and innocent men and women of all colors, not just blacks, become unjustly ground between the gears of a legal system that too often fails to exonerate the innocent yet condemns the guilty.

But we do not cast aside this remarkably fair and just system because it fails to provide 100% justice in 100% of the cases brought before its adjudication.  If you don’t like or agree with it, please choose the country you feel does a better job and seek asylum there.  Good luck.

The grand jury determined there was insufficient evidence to indict Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown.  The men and women who made up this grand jury (three who were black) spent multiple hours over several months hearing testimony from witnesses and forensic experts, poring over photographs and exhibits in deciding whether or not Wilson was guilty.

The evidence clearly pointed to his innocence.  And it is at this point that the divide that separates blacks from whites begins to lengthen and the gulf widens.

The Brown family ignited the fires of protest with this singular statement:

“We are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequence of his actions.”

Then gasoline was sprayed on this fire with Brown’s stepfather’s crazed rant of “Burn this b*** down!”

In other words, those members of the black community who are protesting, burning, looting, and rioting are telling the world they don’t care about the facts meticulously gathered and laid before the grand jury.  The rule of law means nothing to them.

And it would not be a far stretch to say that at least some of these same protestors would agree and be partakers to a lynch mob that would, if in their power, hang Darren Wilson from the nearest tree.

They are demanding an innocent man be put to death, or, at the very least, spend the rest of his life in prison, for defending his life against a known criminal.

They are choosing to believe lies from “witnesses” that said Wilson shot Brown in the back, even though forensic evidence clearly showed this was nonsense.

They are choosing to believe a lie and want to paralyze and disrupt their fellow Americans from enjoying the holiday season, shutting down malls and frightening shoppers with their deranged chants of “If justice is not done, we can’t shop in peace!”

They are demanding America to abandon the rule of law and join them in the rule of the mob and the violent.  And the ironic thing about this unjust and insane mentality is that they seem to want to do to Darren Wilson the same thing that was done to Emmet Till, a tragic and brutal murder that helped kickstart the Civil Rights movement.

Law abiding citizens of all colors are looking at these protestors and the disturbed, maniacal mentality that fuels their dangerous and primal passions as enemies, threats to not only the rule of law that governs civilized society but to their very existence, the American way of life.

These mobs are what we have come to expect from countries such as Somalia, the Sudan and Nigeria, lawless places where thugs are free to roam, kill and mete out their own flavor of justice at the point of an AK-47 and machete.

History will show that Michael Brown’s death, far from uniting a fractured America, only brought down the sledgehammer on an already divided nation along racial lines.

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