The Great Evil of the World Mission Society Church of God

My latest video on the “World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG)” (also known as the “Elohim Academy”) is now on Youtube (update:  this video was deleted by Youtube due to yet another complaint by the WMSCOG about an alleged “copyright claim” for at least one of the pictures I used in the video.  Now, for the third time, I have uploaded it once again):

It was online for about two weeks (the first time I uploaded it) before someone in the WMSCOG reported it to YouTube alleging it was “hate speech.”  And Youtube, being the politically correct, God hating organization that it is, listened to what this person or persons complained about and placed the video on “restrictive mode.”

When you would try and watch the video, you would see a warning screen that read:  “The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.”

Directly underneath this message was another message that read, “I understand and wish to proceed.”  By clicking on this, you could now watch the video.

What does it mean when someone’s video is placed on restricted mode?  By scrolling down on the video page, you will see a greyed out box that reads, “Certain features have been disabled for this video.”  Clicking on “Learn More” will direct you to another YouTube page that says, in part:

“Our Community Guidelines prohibit hate speech that either promotes violence or has the primary purpose of inciting hatred against individuals or groups based on certain attributes. YouTube also prohibits content intended to recruit for terrorist organizations, incite violence, celebrate terrorist attacks, or otherwise promote acts of terrorism. Some borderline videos, such as those containing inflammatory religious or supremacist content without a direct call to violence or a primary purpose of inciting hatred, may not cross these lines for removal. Following user reports, if our review teams determine that a video is borderline under our policies, it may have some features disabled.”

(Update:  as of May 27, 2018, the “restricted mode” on this video has been lifted and its status returned to normal.  Click here to read details.)

Clearly, at least one member of the WMSCOG took offense at what he or she saw and reported it to YouTube as being “hate speech.”  YouTube then reviewed it and agreed with the complainer that it was guilty as charged.

YouTube’s reaction, of course, was ridiculous; once you watch the video you will agree.  They allow someone whose video has been put in this restrictive mode to appeal their decision, which I did.  I wrote:

“My video does not, in any way, encourage or condone violence.  In fact, beginning at timestamp 8:09, I clearly say that I’m NOT advocating violence against the group who is the subject of this video; I’m only reporting on what the Old Testament penalty was for people who led others into idolatry.

Please listen to the above portion of this video so you can hear for yourself.  Thank you.”

There are several problems with YouTube’s knee-jerk reaction, but I want to concentrate on why the WMSCOG reported my video in the first place.

This is not the first time that the WMSCOG has complained about one of my videos; in fact, one of my earlier videos was removed from my channel after another one of their members complained.

Why did YouTube remove my video?

To answer this, allow me to give you a little known piece of information on this cult:  they don’t like being videoed in public.  And when they are, if the footage is uploaded to YouTube, they will complain to YouTube saying that the person who shot the video failed to obtain their permission to record them in public.

Though I don’t know all the details on how or why YouTube handles these kind of “complaints,” they will remove the video.  Again, I could comment on this foolishness on the part of YouTube, but I wish to stay on point with discussing the paranoia of the WMSCOG.  Perhaps later I will address these anti-free speech problems with YouTube.

This video that the WMSCOG complained about was filmed on the campus of the University of AZ in Tucson.  Several members of this cult (known as the “Elohim Academy” on campus) were walking around seeking to recruit people.  I was on campus talking with some students when I saw these cult members walking around.

I knew what they were up to and we approached them to dialogue. I had my GoPro running and recorded the entire conversation.  Later, I uploaded it to YouTube.   It was reported within a short amount of time and removed in its entirety by YouTube.

I knew that the WMSCOG had problems, but this was a new one to me and I began figuring out that these cult members and their leadership were paranoid about being videoed in public and then having these interactions posted for all the world to see.

Another item of interest about this cult that many people do not know is that they are media savvy.  They have many videos on YouTube and have learned things about YouTube that many people don’t know—including myself.  Specifically, they have learned how to make complaints to YouTube in such a way that many videos that show them in a negative light are removed.

As of today’s date (May 26, 2018), I have yet to determine why the WMSCOG are so paranoid about being videoed in public.  If any of my readers can provide the answer, I would appreciate it.

Please don’t leave comments on this blog.  I receive thousands of spam messages even after having a filtering system put in place; I delete all comments en masse without reading them.  Go to one of my YouTube videos and leave me a comment there, like this one:

Though I don’t know this for certain, I believe certain members of the WMSCOG prowl the Internet searching for any content—especially video—that exposes their dark underbelly and true motives.  And if they find such content, they do all they can to have it removed by reporting it, like they have done to mine.

If you spend any amount of time following this cult, you will quickly learn that they are obsessed with their public image.  They go to any lengths to appear in public as upstanding members of society intent on doing good works, with a heavy emphasis on their members always smiling and looking happy and innocent.

It is all a carefully choreographed lie and deception.

They know that nothing can sink a ship faster than bad or negative press; this is one reason why they go to any lengths to have true but unflattering videos about them removed asap.

After having dealt with this cult for about six or seven years, I become more familiar with how they run their operation.  And let me assure you, as the old saying goes, “All that glitters is not gold.”

This group is evil.  Their leadership is a cabal of con-artists whose two of their gods are money and power.  The main reason for their entire existence is—you guessed it—money.  Lots and lots of money.  And how they obtain this money is by deceiving people into committing to their weekly meetings, becoming members, and all for one main purpose:  dropping money into the offering basket when it passes by your face.

They have ruined countless lives, divided husbands from their wives and vice-versa.  They have divided children from their parents and parents from their children.  And the greatest of all their acts of wickedness and depravity is their leading their members into the greatest of all sins:  idolatry.

If you have been deceived by this group and have fallen under their control, you must break free and flee from them.  Your very soul is in danger of being eternally lost.

My advice to you is this:  like Lot, flee from them without looking back (Genesis 19:16-17).  Don’t make the same disastrous mistake as Lot’s wife and “look back”:  you must flee and never look behind you.  Don’t call or text them explaining why you are leaving…just leave.

And don’t answer their calls or their texts when they start trying to contact you, wondering where you are and why you are no longer coming to the meetings; this is part of their strategy to rope you back in.

Find a trusted friend (and not anyone who is a member of this group) you can go to and ask advice from.  Hopefully, this friend will be a Christian who loves the Lord and is obeying His commandments.

I would love to talk with you.  Again, drop me a comment in one of my videos and we will get in contact.  We will figure out a way to exchange contact information without the WMSCOG knowing about it.