The beheadings begin in America…

On September 18, 2014, I wrote the following on my Facebook page about beheading by Muslims:

“When this happens in America, I won’t come on FB and write, “I told you so.”

That was less than three weeks ago.  Then, I read the following article about a murdering Muslim in Oklahoma who recently beheaded a woman.

This article was from the Wall Street Journal and not some tabloid news source; I will assume the facts as reported are accurate.

I’m not certain if this particular woman who was beheaded is the very first person in America to be murdered in this manner, but as far as I know, she takes the number one spot.

I’m wondering something:  does this bother anybody?  I mean, does this cause any of my readers to pause for a moment and genuinely reflect about this horrific killing?  What this means?  What a milestone, a turning point, we have reached here in America?

Muslims are beheading people, not only in Syria and Iraq, but now, here in our own country.  Does this bother you or cause you to pause for a moment and wonder what is happening to this country?

As a Christian, I believe that God is judging America for our wickedness, sin and rebellion.  We have become an evil nation, full of the most awful sort of filth and scum that would cause most normally bad people to blush.

I’m not saying that America is devoid of good, moral and God-fearing people…not at all.  As a matter of fact, our country is still full of people that I would be proud to have as my neighbor and who live by the Golden Rule to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

But I’m speaking about the ever increasing amount of evil that seems to now be part and parcel of American society:  homosexuality, “gay” marriage, transgenderism, atheism, murder, perversion of every sort and type, pornography, violence and sex glorified in the media, child molestation, etc.  The list is virtually endless.

To read or watch the news is to be pummeled by ever increasing amounts of filth and perversion to such an extent that the average person, myself included, has become so over-saturated with it that the most horrific acts of violence doesn’t seem to bother us that much anymore.  After watching one beading on the Internet, the next ones don’t quite seem all that revolting, do they?

We live in the midst of such filth and squalor all around us, morally speaking, that the putrid smells don’t seem to bother us any longer; we are used to them by now and just go about our daily business, absorbed and preoccupied by our own trials and tribulations.

For example, consider this article about Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ video, which now has over 200 million views in the month since it was uploaded.  No, I haven’t watched it and don’t plan on doing so, but I’m certain it’s just one more piece of trash spewing out of the cesspool known as the American music industry.

We have become desensitized.  Worse, things have become so rotten in this country that we have become almost immune to the senseless and ceaseless violence and corruption that has become so much a normal part of our lives.

We might think America will continue to run full-speed ahead in our present course of action without suffering too many consequences for our evil actions.  After all, the stock market is continually reaching new heights, the economy continues to chug along nicely, all of us have more food and entertainment than we could possibly need…life has been good for so long that few, if any, can recall times that were truly bad.

And I have to admit that I’m as comfortable as anybody else.  Well, let me qualify that:  I’m certainly more comfortable than the woman who was just beheaded in OK and her co-worker who was slashed by the Muslim, but I’m not expecting the same treatment to happen to me today.  Things could change, of course, and quickly.

I can hear, though, the plaintive baying of the avenging hounds in the distance, the cries of judgment from a holy God who, as He promised, “will by no means clear the guilty” (Exodus 34:7).  America, it cannot be argued by anyone, is indeed guilty of many crimes against this patient God who appears has lost patience with a country that once honored and feared Him.

I am no prophet and refuse to try and speak as one, but it seems clear that America, living on borrowed time for so very long, may be long overdue in paying the piper.  And I fear whenever the debt is suddenly called up and payment is instantly demanded, few of us will be ready.

The horror of that day will be beyond anything we have ever experienced in the land of the free and the home of the brave.


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