Tattoos and the “New” Army

Of course the Army will cave.

Soon, every form of tattoo will be accepted for those who not only wish to be officers, but for any ole’ rank and file member.

Remember, this is part of the “change” promised by Obama; how can the Army—or for that matter any of the Armed Services—discriminate against tattoos after the repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell”?

The “new” Army must be inclusive of any and all abnormal and perverse behavior, no matter what kind or degree.  We cannot have anyone’s feelings hurt, because after all, this is the Army and how hypocritical they would be to neglect soldier’s feelings while at the same time protecting the lives of American’s around the globe?

No, sir.  In the new Army, everyone’s proclivities will be accepted.  That facial tattoo that you got after your last drunken tryst in college will no longer be a detriment to being promoted in the new Army.  Here is a picture of your future commanding officer:

Face tattoo

And for those of you who believe that women should fight in combat and be commissioned officers, barking out orders to men, here is what you can expect also:

women facial tattoo

I mean, why not?  Who is the Army to tell anybody what they have to do?  What nerve!  Where do they get off on thinking they can boss people around?  This military arrogance and insensitivity must end, and the sooner the better.

I for one am glad that those proud soldiers who enlisted to serve their country are finally speaking out and demanding their rights to have whatever tattoos they want to have.  For far too long soldiers have served their country in silence, doggedly following orders even if it meant that they had to follow stupid rules.  No more!  Soldiers of America, rise up and be heard!

The article cited above said this:

“Many felt insulted that they were deemed ineligible to be commissioned because of their appearance, especially if their tattoos honored their fellow soldiers killed in combat.”

If there is anything we can’t have in the new Army, it is having the feelings of our soldiers insulted and hurt.  Insuring that the soldier’s feelings never, ever get hurt is job #1 in the armed services.  How can soldiers stick a bayonet in the stomach of the enemy if they feel that their feelings are not being protected by their commanding officers?  It’s about time the military brass is finally coming around to seeing the error of their ways.

So yes, I cast my vote in favor of getting rid of this archaic and hurtful ban against tattoos.  And it will be one glorious day in America when we thousands upon thousands of marching soldiers are parading down the streets of America proudly showing off their tattoos.  What a great example to the youth in America!-

I feel this staff Sargent hit the nail on the head when he said:

“Staff Sgt. Alan Lalonde, who has half-sleeve tattoos on his arms, said in an e-mail to Army Times he wished his service would get with the times.

‘I wish they would see the generation in which we currently live and adjust slightly to take care of the good ones,’ Lalonde said.”

Right on, soldier!  You certainly did not enlist to be told what to do or to follow antiquated rules and traditions.  You did not enlist to be told what to do but to have your feelings listened to and protected.  What does the Army know anyway?  If they won’t listen to a staff Sargent demanding they let him have his tattoo’s, they won’t listen to anybody.  Such insensitivity and backwardness must be rooted out of this institution.

I would gladly—even lovingly—follow this officer into battle.  His creative tattoo’s inspire and motivate me:


(Four star General Mason Adamson was recently promoted after the Army rescinded their ban on tattoo’s.)

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