Silence can be deafening

I don’t want to stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ
without ever having made a stand for the unborn.
I stand without excuse because
I know what abortion is all about;
this knowledge makes me responsible
for doing something about it.

The German people are often criticized
for failing to speak out against the horrors of the Holocaust.
For some of them,
the murders and tortures occurred
almost in their back yards,
but they remained silent and
turned deaf ears to the agonized cries of the Jews.

Those Germans had a good excuse for their silence:
Hitler would have murdered and tortured many,
sending them and their families into the gas chambers:
Nazi Germany did not have our First Amendment
and Hitler was a sadistic dictator.

But I know what goes on within the walls
of “clinics” like Planned Parenthood.
I see the graphic evidence of the bloody
violence done to the unborn through countless
videos posted on websites and Youtube.
I know baby organs are sold like auto parts.

I live in a country where I have
freedom of speech and can protest this
most horrific of all human rights violations
without fear of arrest.
If I say nothing, do nothing,
those Germans who did speak out against the
Holocaust at the risk of their lives and that of their
loved ones will stand in judgment against me.

They might say, “We risked everything to speak out
against the horrors of of the Holocaust.
Many of us paid the ultimate price for
our shaking boldness and trembling courage.
But you risked almost nothing for speaking out against
the gruesome crimes of abortion
and chose to say nothing.
Shame on you and your cowardly silence.”

I want to enter eternity knowing I
at least made a stand for those who could
not stand for themselves
and spoke out for those little ones
who did not have a voice of their own.

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