Senseless violence won’t help Michael Brown

Matt Walsh wrote an excellent post on Michael Brown.  The facts are still being gathered to determine exactly how he died; the public needs to be able to sift the lies from the truth.

Obviously, someone is spreading lies in the facts of Brown’s death.  One camp is rioting, looting, burning, shooting and causing mayhem in the streets while holding up their arms and yelling, “Hands up; don’t shoot!” when confronted by the police.

The other camp is seeking to piece together the facts from this death, but doing so without the need to burn down and destroy the town while they search for the truth.

Not all blacks in Ferguson and the surrounding area are participating in the mayhem creating crimes; one in particular has  created a Youtube video rebuking his fellow blacks for the senseless crimes being committed.

Why is it that the black community has chosen to respond to this unfortunate incident in this manner?  Why do they so often resort to this kind of senseless criminal activity when one of their community members is shot and killed, before the facts are known?  And even if it is found that the cop who killed him was wrong, is this a reason to burn and loot and destroy innocent people’s property?  Is this the way to bring justice to Michael Brown, if he is indeed innocent?

Where are the Martin Luther King, Jr.’s leading protests in a peaceful manner?  What possible good can come from rampaging through the streets of Ferguson, throwing Molotov cocktails?  It is only reinforcing the firmly entrenched stereotypes that non-blacks have toward rampaging, lawless blacks.


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