Revival in America?

Do you believe that America will soon experience a tremendous spiritual revival, a massive outpouring of God’s Spirit that will eclipse anything that this country has ever been blessed with in the past?

Most Christians would answer “yes.”  I don’t think so, and I am in the distinct minority.

I’m listening to a sermon by David Wilkerson, well-known pastor of the “Times Square Church” in New York City who became internationally famous after the publication of his best selling book, “The Cross and the Switchblade.”  He died in an automobile accident in 2011.

His sermon was titled, “Getting ready for the end of all things” and was uploaded to Youtube on March 26, 2009.  Wilkerson believed in the doctrine of the “Latter Rain” which teaches that a tremendous revival will break out in America at any time.  In fact, as you listen to this particular sermon (see 41:42 – 43:08, for example), one is lead to believe that he felt this “latter rain” outpouring of the Holy Spirit was going to happen at any moment.

Wilkerson is not alone in this optimistic prophecy for either his church or America, but is joined by the majority of evangelical Christians in the same belief.  Over five years ago, when I had cable, I watched a “prosperity preacher” proclaiming that this year was the “year of Jubilee” where Americans would experience this “latter rain” outpouring of God’s Spirit.  Yawn.

Only God can tally up the numbers of false prophecies about the immediacy of these “revivals” that have been preached from the pulpits of America in the last several decades.  I believe most of these preachers are charlatans and are only using the glorious hope of true revivals to fleece the flock of God and get them to donate to their “ministries.”

We Americans, in general, are a happy and optimistic lot.  This great country of ours was, and for some reason, continues to be blessed by God in astonishing ways.  Though it appears that this gravy train we have all been used to feeding at for so many decades might be running dry, we will rely on our “yankee ingenuity” to once again come up with some ingenious solution to solve whatever pressing problems might await us.  Hope is in our DNA.

But I am of the unpopular opinion that does not believe we have any hope whatsoever for our decidedly optimistic viewpoints.  Do I believe that God will once again bring revival to America?  Yes, I do, but not until America collapses and we have been overrun by our enemies.

I understand that for many of my readers this will come as a shock.  You, too, for the most part, believe that America will soon experience this long-awaited and much spoken about revival.  Your pastor no doubt believes the same, as well as the majority of your Christian friends and family members.

I never want to be known as a “doomsayer,” and I have family members like everyone else that I do not want to see hurt, experience hunger, suffer violent persecutions, or meet death by torture.  Nobody wants to believe this.

But, friends, we have to face reality:  things are not looking good for America, and by turning a blind eye to all the signs of impending doom that screams at us each day does nothing to prepare us for the inevitable.  And if I truly feel this way, that the implosion of America is within my lifetime, and say nothing about it to warn others, what kind of judgment will be upon my head for not having the courage or the compassion towards others to sound the alarm?

In future posts,  I hope to explore more on this issue.

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