Raymond Franz, former JW Governing Body member

Raymond Franz was a former Governing Body member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Since there are so few of these men who have occupied this top position among JW’s, whatever he has to say carries much weight with all JW’s.

Or at least it should.  Franz was disfellowshipped because he began to see that the organization that he loved and faithfully served in had some deep issues.

Franz’a story is unique, particularly since he was a Governing Body member.  Unfortunately, his story is not widely known because of the fact that he was disfellowshipped.  This is tragic, because his insights on the inner workings of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (WTBTS) are priceless.

Franz wrote two books after he left the organization:  “Crisis of Conscience” and “In search of Christian Freedom.”  Crisis of Conscience has undoubtably had the greatest impact on many JW’s, because they attribute reading it as the catalyst that propelled them out of the organization.

Recently, I discovered a link on the internet for the entire book…for free.  I want to encourage anyone interested in learning more about JW’s to download this free resource and discover for themselves what this man had to say.

If you are an active JW, I hope that you will read it also.  There are also videos on Youtube that tell about his remarkable journey.

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