Planned Parenthood gets a black eye

Some of my Facebook friends know of my longstanding lawsuit against the City of Tucson because they threatened me with arrest in 2013 when myself and some other believers attempted to minister in front of the PP clinic.

Though the lawsuit is ongoing (filed on or around September 12, 2014), research proved that the sidewalks in front of the PP clinic which were previously said to be “private,” have now been proven to be public, insuring our rights to minister there.

So praise God! For the first time in DECADES, Christians can now freely minister to the women and men going to these two clinics inside this private medical park for abortions. I was there yesterday with two other Christian women for this historic return to this medical plaza.

And Planned Parenthood could do nothing about it. Before, within minutes of us being there, they would call the police and the private security firm that patrols that area and we would be forced to leave. For DECADES this happened, friends, and now the harassment is OVER. They have received a huge black eye.

I can’t explain my feelings of joy and satisfaction over this incredible turn of events and hope to keep you posted with updates. If you wish to join us on these outreaches in Tucson, please contact me.

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