Piercing the darkness of lies

“Let there be light.”

I have chosen the Latin phrase, “Fiat Lux,” as the motto for this blog site. It means, “Let there be light.” It comes from the Book of Genesis, chapter one, verse 3. Interestingly, it is the first spoken words recorded in the Bible. This, in my opinion, speaks volumes.

There are countless hidden meanings behind and within “Let there be light.” The words can be taken literally or metaphorically. If the latter, all kinds of deep meanings can be extracted from this enigmatic phrase.

In both “Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)” and its sister pathology, “Parental Alienation (PA),” “Let there be light” is the rallying cry to encourage those harmed by this deadly pathogen to explore and investigate what happened, and is happening, to them because of their minds being ensnared by this evil.

PAS/PA thrives in darkness; in fact, for the alienating parent to succeed in continuing their goal of separating the child(ren) from the targeted parent, her “war strategy” necessitates her tactics remaining shrouded in darkness. The “element of surprise” is critical to successfully continuing this covert war against the other parent.

I have mentioned child psychologist Dr. Childress in my previous posts on “Divorce and PAS.” He is one of the foremost experts on this subtle but devastating form of child abuse. Just today, I came across one of his videos:

A “must watch” for those interested in PAS/PA

(I found the first approximate ten minutes of this video the most helpful.)

We have all experienced what happens in a dark room when suddenly a bright light is turned on, or a flashlight is shined directly into our eyes: it hurts. The unexpected and sudden brightness of the light causes us to shut our eyes and/or grope for the light switch to turn it off. This video has the same effect: it will “hurt the eyes” of those children who have been traumatized by PAS/PA because it reveals to them the truth, the light, of why they hate one of their parents and want nothing to do with him or her.

When a child traumatized by PAS/PA begins to realize the parent (usually the mother) they adore and trust, whom they have clung to throughout the divorce process and the post divorce process, the one whom they have defended to the most unusual extremes, is not the wonderful and loving parent they thought they were, they react like having a flashlight shined into their eyes. They cannot believe it; they refuse to believe it.

PA is a form of family violence.  Parental alienating behaviors are a form of family violence that have serious consequences for children and families.

Jennifer Harman, et. al.  Parental Alienating Behaviors:  An Unacknowledged Form of Family Violence, Psychological Bulletin, 2018, Vol. 144, No. 12, 1275-1229.

Hopefully, as time and rational thinking begin their wonderful work in the child’s mind, and they move into an environment more conducive to receiving light and truth, a transformation can take place. But it won’t be easy.

My hope is you “look directly into the light” of this video so you can learn the truth of what happened to your destroyed family. Wear sunglasses if you must, but by all means don’t run from the blinding light of the truth it presents.