Lies Fed to my Children (Part Three)

(Edited Sept. 12, 2022)

Notes from a court hearing in 2010.

I wrote about the email my youngest daughter Aimie (not her real name) wrote to my accusing me of not paying a single penny in child support. This post will delve into a bit more detail about those false allegations of myself being a “dead beat dad.”

I have always been somewhat of an organized individual, wanting to keep my personal and business affairs in order as much as possible. Though I am far from perfect in this regard, and I have done better in some years than others, I have been somewhat diligent in chronicling many of the dark times I had with my ex when she divorced me the second time.

We were in court for years during this second divorce. Years. It was horrific. One of the main issues of these many years in divorce court was over money. And as I have pointed out in my prior posts on this blog site, the checks went only one way and one way only: from my bank account to my ex’s bank account. Lots of money. And never the other direction—in other words, the the money never went from her bank account into mine: it was a one way street.

Aimie has in her mind that her mom was a poor, struggling single mom that was reduced to working her tired fingers to the bone just to put food on the table for her and her two sisters. And because her mom never received a single penny of child support from me, as the story goes, Aimie considers me the very embodiment of Satan himself and which might explain, in part, why Aimie has such a concentrated and pure strain of hatred towards me.

The only reason I have written at length in this “Divorce and PAS” section of my blog site about this money situation is because Aimie has brought up on two separate occasions spanning approximately seven years the same allegation that I never paid my child support.

I feel it is necessary for the sake of truth to “clear the record” and produce whatever evidence is necessary for her and her sisters to be able to know the facts.

On one of my computers I no longer use (an old Dell laptop), I have extensive notes about this time in my life, the second divorce. I wrote on that computer some of my notes I would take into the various hearings before our family law judge, Stanford.

One of the issues I had with my ex wife during those dark times was her constant obstruction in refusing to provide me with all the necessary financial information on the true state of her finances. She loves money, and one of her best and most reliable sources for this cherished asset was from me, her ex, even though she made much more money than I did at a certain point.

My ex scammed the government for years, receiving welfare benefits when she was earning, upon information and belief, over $70,000 a year. I would frequently bring this point up to the judge, marveling that a successful realtor who earned such great money could still scam Uncle Sam on the scale she was able to. It fell, of course, on deaf ears and this judge couldn’t care less.

A continual battle, then, was trying to discover her true income, which became an impossibility. She routinely flouted court orders, like subpoenas, and never even received a slap on the wrist for doing so. Like I have repeatedly said, like an old parrot who only knows a few phrases, men get routinely screwed in court and women have almost free reign to to whatever they want—or don’t want—to do. The bias against fathers and for mothers in family court is astounding.

Here is a direct, no edited, “copy and paste” of my hearing notes from one of our many court dates (May 28, 2010) in front of this family judge. Please pay particular attention to those portions I have highlighted in red. When you come to the end of this document, I will post the words, “End of document.”:

“1.  Petitioner lists gross income from 2009 as $59,796.29, stated both on her 2-25-2010 Affidavit of Financial Information (AFI) and verified by her 2009 1099, yet this figure does not list nor include the income she made from the rents received from her duplex.  Thus, her gross income for 2009 would be higher than the stated $59,796.29.  She fails to report any additional income which she made over and above what she earned as a realtor.

2.  In her August 4, 2009 “Motion for Reconsideration,” she stated that “her entire income for the period January to July 9, 2009, has not exceeded $11,698.15.” (pages 1 and 2)  Simple math tells us, then, that she earned in the period between July 10, 2009 and December 31, 2009 a total additional income of at least $48,098.14, not including rental income, the sale of her duplex in late September of 2009, or monetary gifts she may have received from her boyfriend or money from other investments. 

My conservative estimate of her 2009 gross income approaches at least $120,000.00.

3.  Petitioner uses the phrase “a disservice to justice” in her August 4, 2009 “Motion for Reconsideration,” meaning that if the Court did not allow her to present evidence to the contrary that she earns $6,047.00 per month, she would be denied justice.  Yet now, on April 22, 2010, she files a “Withdrawal of Request for Reconsideration” of this exact Motion when she determines that my child support contribution, based on my income, would be even further reduced.  It appears that the only mitigating factors that determine whether or not something is “a disservice to justice” is when those factors weigh in her favor and not mine.

Evidence will prove the reason why the Petitioner made a request on April 22, 2010 to withdraw her request for the modification of the hearing which she requested on August 4, 2009 for the following reasons:

            a. Enough time had passed that evidence accumulated that proved her fraud and inaccuracies in listing her income.  The volume of information that both her and I are required to provide in any request to modify child support is so great that she could not help but make missteps:  covering up lies takes much time and entails very particular care and a continuing and diligent attention to details to insure the details of any fraud are not uncovered.  Her carelessness in failing to remain on top of these details provided the rope in which she will prove to hang herself with.

            b. She realized that my child support would be further reduced by the Court due to my extraordinary financial setbacks.  When factoring in her healthy 2009 income, I would receive a credit for child support that I overpaid. 

4.  It is not as if Petitioner is broke or has found herself in an ever decreasing financial predicament as what I find myself facing.  On the contrary, evidence points to a position of robust financial health for the Petitioner.  Some facts for the Court to consider in support of my statement:

            a. She has an extra six thousand dollars of discretionary income to spend on our middle daughters trip to Paraguay.

             b. She sold her duplex in the latter part of September, 2009, realizing a profit of at least, $55,000.  She purchased it for $140,000 on 4-27-2005 and sold it for $195,000.  Factoring in her profit for selling her home, the rental income she received until she sold it, her income for 2009 is approx. $120,000, by far her greatest year for income which she has ever reported.

5.  I am not saying that I’m seeking to shirk my financial duties to my two minor children; on the contrary, the record will show that I have been quite responsible in my ongoing obligations to provide for my children…one might even say “more than generous” when all factors are weighed and considered.

In support of this statement, consider these facts:

            a. A “Proof of Payment” provided by Petitioner’s counsel, dated February 26, 2010 shows that I paid to my ex wife in less than one year a sum of $18,583.46 between the months of 3-20-2009 and 2-8-2010. 

            b. I offered to give my ex wife a check out of my closing funds for $25,000.00.  She refused.

            c.  In this courtroom, I offered to give my house on Sendero Uno to my ex wife.  She refused.  This counts among one of the most unbelievably foolish decisions she has made since I met her as she would have received a home valued in 2007 for approx. $245,000 and which the mortgage stood at approx. $89,000.00.

6.  If the Court finds good cause for my Motion for Contempt, I would ask that part of the penalties, besides what I asked for in the Motions, would be that I would be allowed to have both minor children as my exemptions for my 2010 income tax returns.

Also, any fees I will need to pay to confirm the information I requested, for example, subpoena costs, my time in collecting the information, etc.

She never provided me the information requested in my March 16, 2010 interrogatories.

7.  Petitioner was on welfare in 2008, even though she shows a gross income of $74,371.42 on her AFI.  She received health care benefits from the State through AHCCHS which paid for an operation she had.  To qualify for AHCCHS, one needs to report past income, which would mean petitioner would have to give a figure that represented her 2007 income.  She reported on her 2007 1099 a gross income of $70,058.11 (with still a question of whether or not she reported her rental income to this figure.  She probably did not, which would mean that her actual gross income would be much higher.)  Nobody earning this amount of money qualifies for any welfare benefits of any kind.

I have asked this question numerous times to this Court:  how can a woman on welfare afford the costs to carry on unending litigation year after year after year, employing some of Tucson’s most renowned attorneys?  There can be only one logical answer:  she has continually falsified her income, not only to this Court, but to the State welfare agencies and the IRS.

I would ask, if the Court grants my Motion for Contempt, that it would also order her to reimburse me for any and all costs which I will incur in order to get to the bottom of her false reporting of her income.  It is obvious to me why she refuses to provide the Court ordered discovery:  doing so would prove her years of fraud to this Court.

When I balked at signing the application for my minor daughter’s passports, this Court called in a deputy in a show of force to compel me to sign the paperwork.  The deputy was called in because I was ordered by the Court to sign the paperwork; in expressing my unwillingness to do so, I was on the verge of being in contempt of that Court order.  My ex-wife, on the other hand, has flaunted the orders of this Court for far longer than I ever have and, as of yet, not paid for her flagrant disobedience.  My request is that this Court play fair; as they did to me, so must this Court do to her.  Call in the deputy on her disobedience to this Court’s order or show that this Court shows favoritism and is one-sided in it’s meting out of justice.”

End of document.

For those reading my above notes, some, perhaps most, will be a bit confusing because you do not have the necessary context that I had. Other parts, like some of the points I highlighted in red, I think are straightforward and require little explanation.

And if perchance my daughters or someone else may read this and can’t understand some of the references I made to various facts, they could certainly pick up the phone, text or email me, for clarification which I would then happily provide. Here is my phone number: 520-331-4004. My email is:

But what I believe is clear is that Aimie’s belief that I never paid anything towards my child support obligations for both her and her sisters is, of course, is false. And the other fantasy that her poor mom had to slave away into the wee hours of the morning to barely put scraps of food on the table to feed her starving babes is another piece of fiction created by the brainwashing of her mother.

The question I put to my daughters is a simple one: since your mom lied to you about my child support obligation, and since this lie, at least to Aimie, was important enough that she brought it twice to my attention over a span of seven years, how can you trust anything your mom tells you today or in the past?

I have brought up this same question to them before in these posts. Will my daughters ever wake up to these questions? Will they ever perform their own “due diligence” and discover the facts for themselves over the unending lies their own mother has told them about me? How many other lies has she told you about me that you have also been believing in for going on two decades?

And the fact is this: there are indeed many, many other lies that have been told about me. Many others. Aimie listed more, and perhaps I will address those in future posts.

I don’t have an answer to these questions. Deep down in my soul I believe they have known all along, at least on some level, their mother has told lies about me. It is impossible they have lived with her for so long and not seen with their own eyes and heard with their own ears how immoral and lying of a person she is. They must know this.

And the great mystery then is, why have they never picked up their phones and contacted me to hear what I have to say about these matters? Penned an email to get my side of the story? Again, I do not have an answer to these type of questions.

“Judas receiving thirty pieces of silver for betraying Jesus, by János Pentelei Molnár, 1909.” (Wiki)

I have ideas, of course. It might be my ex has bought them off, using her own real estate wealth to buy their affections and allegiance. Perhaps there is some unwritten, twisted and perverse understanding/agreement between them which states, “Go along with Mom, believe her lies about Dad, spread those lies ourselves or at least don’t say anything to stop them, and she will continue to fund whatever needs we have and her money will flow uninterrupted our direction.”

I hope I’m wrong on this; I truly do. I hope there is another reason; perhaps they are caught in the Stockholm Syndrome. There is no question they are all victims of PAS/ PA and are brainwashed to a very real extent, but I somehow feel this does not answer the complete question. As much as I fear the answer might also lie, in part, to the money connection, this might be a large part of the answer.

Betrayal? Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. What might have been the price my ex had to pay for my own daughters betraying their father and continuing their allegiance to her lies and delusions? University tuition, costs and expenses? Help on rent? Enrollment in art school, at home and abroad? A wedding package? Funds to travel across the country with? The list may be endless. No doubt much more than a mere 30 pieces of silver, but can money—regardless the sum— ever justify betrayal and the spreading of lies and slander against an innocent father—one’s own father? Such a nightmare scenario is impossible to believe.

Incredibly, someone has shared with me that, yes, money is a major factor in this entire tragic and disgusting tale. Though I have no solid proof to confirm this allegation, this person claimed my daughters are using and abusing their mother for money. I quote this person: “They’ve used her and abused her.”

And if true—even if only a small percentage of any of this might be true—would be horrific, beyond what I feel is possible with my own flesh and blood. To sell out and betray your own father for money or some other type of gain is beyond evil, deep steps into the satanic darkness of the human psyche and personality. And sadly, the consequences one must certainly reap who engage in such evil deeds will unfortunately be catastrophic and life altering.

May God have mercy on all of our souls.