Lawsuit filed today against the University of AZ

I filed my First Amendment lawsuit against the University of AZ today in the United States District Court here in Tucson.

I did this because of my false arrest last year during the annual Tucson Festival of Books while sharing a message about the Bible being the #1 selling book in the world.

The reason I was arrested was because I was using my small amplification system to speak to the crowds of people. And all around me, literally, were many other people amplifying their sound at the exact same moment.

In reality, I was arrested because of WHAT I was saying. As we all know, the only speech not welcomed on college and university campuses across the USA is “bible speech.”

This lawsuit is complicated and technical. Few lawyers specialize in First Amendment law and I could not find one that would represent me “pro bono” (for free). Many law firms do represent Christians like myself pro bono who are illegally arrested like I was, but they want to make sure they win the case so they can have the opposing side pay their attorney fees.

My case is unique: there is no case law that directly addresses my particular set of circumstances. And the cases that address similar issues like mine have had mixed rulings in different districts around the country.

This is one reason why law firms specializing in First Amendment law would be hesitant to take my case; too much ambiguity in the case law.

This is a true “David v. Goliath” situation. I am going up against the power of the State of AZ by myself. They have all the power, all the money, and all the lawyers one could hope for at their disposal. I only have the little bit of brains the Lord gave me and His presence.

If I win, this will set a precedent that will help all open air preachers who wish to use amplification on university and college campuses to do so.

And I want to fight evil and injustice, exactly what has happened to me in this arrest. Don’t you grow weary of Christians who refuse to stand up and fight against the evil that is sweeping across our nation? I certainly do, which is another reason I put this particular stone in my slingshot as I’m approaching Goliath.