Kim Davis caves to pressure

It appears Kim Davis has caved. Though she says she will not issue the marriage licenses to gay couples, she is allowing her deputy clerks to do so.

Now, if I am a boss and one of my employee’s disobeys my expressed wishes and orders, he or she is either immediately fired after an appropriate warning, or my word as a boss is a joke, meaning my orders were never taken seriously nor meant to be taken seriously in the first place, or else I am a spineless boss and should resign my position.

If she is truly the “boss” of these deputies, she has the authority to order them not to issue the licenses. By this clearly transparent compromise, Davis has bowed to this federal judge and chosen to obey Ceasar rather than God.

The headline of this article is inaccurate: “Kim Davis stands ground…” She has not stood her ground but has capitulated. Surrendered. Given up. Waved the white flag of defeat.

This is sad and Davis has ceased to resist, in my opinion, to the unlawful order of this judge. Once again, the faith of American believers, when put to the test, utltimately fails. As I have always said, Christianity in this country is a joke.

But let us be charitable to Mrs. Davis and place the best possible construction on her motives.  Let’s say she didn’t cave at all, but is being “innocent as dove but wise as a serpent.”  The article I linked above states that this “compromise” is a “work-around.”  In other words, this is a strategy recommended by her team of lawyers so she can obey the “letter of the law” of the judge’s order but not “the spirit.”

But this so-called “work-around” is an utter failure.  It is your typical “lawyer” tactic that blurs the lines of the law and compromises truth.  Kim Davis had an opportunity unlike any other person in recent memory to make a stand for righteousness…and she threw it away.

There are few opportunities given to men and women in the world to become true heroes; Davis had such an opportunity.  She had the overwhelmingly support of Christians across the United States.  It was truly a divine opportunity that few ever have the privilege of being given.

And she wasted it.  Threw it all away by listening to her attorneys, masters at compromise.  Such a tragedy.


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