Jehovah’s Witnesses

For approximately 40 years I have been fascinated with the religion and blatant hypocrisy of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  This huge, money-making cash machine is run by a group of elderly men known as the “Governing Body,” exercising complete and total dominion over the rank and file members.

For the past 20 years or so, I have gone to their annual summer conventions here in Tucson, AZ where I and others try and help these deceived souls to “see the light.”  It is a tough slog, for certain.

Through my decades of dealing face to face with JW’s in various settings, I see the “other side” of this organization, having spent countless hours dealing with them at these summer conventions.  Let me assure my readers that the phony facade of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society quickly fades when you seek to minister to them at these large gatherings.

Some of you have come to my blog after viewing one or more of my Youtube videos.  I have several just on my interactions with the JW’s at these summer conventions.  Here is one of my favorites, of a little old JW lady assaulting me:

Friends, let me explain something to you that I have learned over decades of dealing with JW’s:  they are among some of the most hateful, hypocritical and violent people that I deal with.

Last summer (2013), I had a JW arrested after he assaulted me.  I captured the entire crime on video, but I had to give my SD card to the arresting officer for evidence.  Though the case has been closed (the defendant, the man who assaulted me, agreed to enter into what is called a “diversion” program where he had to pay a fine, attend anger management classes, and this would wipe his record clean of the criminal charge against him), I have yet to have that SD card returned to me; when I do, I will post that scene on my Youtube channel.

Update:  I received my SD card back and here is the video:

Please don’t misconstrue what I am saying:  not all JW’s are violent and hate-filled.  There are some that are kind and reasonable, but in my experience, these represent a distinct minority in this gigantic group of people.  The vast majority of my interactions with these people during their annual summer conventions are negative.

Never would I become a JW simply because of the horrific fruit that hangs from this putrid tree.  As Jesus said, “You will know them by their fruits.”  (Matthew 7:16)

As one investigates this group, you will become astonished at what you will discover.  For now, allow me to make this observation concerning this cult:  it is all about two things:  money and control.

To make sense of what I just wrote, you need to understand that I divide the JW’s into at least two distinct groups.  The first, those who make up the Governing Body and all those who work closely with these men, understand precisely what their organization is about and cannot be grouped with the other, infinitely larger group, those that make up the regular “rank and file” membership.

So, there are two distinct groups of JW’s:  those who run the organization and those who go “door to door.”  The “door to door” members, I believe, are for the most part comprised of individuals who have an interest in spiritual matters and are members of the organization because they want to learn about the Bible and how to better their lives.

But the ones who run this massive organization are truly the hub of evil.  They know exactly what they are doing, the sordid history of this group, all the false prophecies they have made throughout their approximate 150 year history, the horrific child abuse scandals that are even now rocking the organization, and the intentional deception that they shroud themselves in for their ultimate purposes:  money and control.

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