Jehovah’s Witnesses are hypocrites

At least the vast majority of the ones I have contact with.

Here is my latest video proving this:

First, let me explain some details of this video.  The poster I was carrying is an actual copy from the front cover of the May 15, 1984 Watchtower.  Here is a picture:



If you blow the picture up, you will see numbers over the heads of each of these elderly JW’s.  Directly under this picture is a yellow bar with each of the names, year of births, and year of deaths, corresponding to each of the numbers on their heads.  My apologies for the poor quality of this photo.

Again, this is the poster I brought into the Convention…an exact copy of their own literature.  Since it is their  literature, why the big fuss made of me being in there?  Granted, there is a web address on the bottom, but this does not take away from the reality that this is a copy of their own publication.

I was not preaching inside or causing any trouble; the video clearly shows this.   As a matter of fact, their website says this:

“We warmly invite you to attend this year’s three-day convention presented by Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

And this:

“Who may attend?  Everyone.”

There is no mention on this page of cameras or other video recording equipment being forbidden inside these areas.  As a matter of fact, the particular building I was in was not the main building where the Convention was held, but was across the breezeway and accessed either by taking an escalator down into the building or walking across the aforementioned breezeway and walking down to the bottom of the building.

Notice the friendly wording of the invitation:  “We warmly invite you…”  My reception was anything but warm, but again, we are dealing with an organization that is so hypocritical that it almost defies description.  You only get a warm reception from them if you agree with all their blasphemous doctrines, false prophecies, and are willing to submit yourself under their iron-fisted control.

As usual, the JW’s are guilty of overreacting, thronging around me as if I was a terrorist clutching a dirty bomb, and they, members of Homeland Security, were escorting me out of the building.  I’m surprised they didn’t wrestle me to the ground and slap me in handcuffs.

I have dealt with JW’s in these convention settings for over 20 years. They are among the most hateful and violent of people I have met; even their little old ladies are violent, as this video shows.  The only ones that beat them in violence and hatred are the Muslims.

I invite everyone to come join me at these conventions.  Few people see the JW’s as they actually are because they hide behind carefully constructed masks when they knock on our front doors.  But when you get them when they are all together in large groups, like at the summer conventions, that mask is easily ripped off and their true natures are revealed.

Often when the JW’s become hateful and violent towards me, I will say something like this to them, “Didn’t Jesus say to ‘love your enemies’?  If I was truly your enemy, you should be showing me love, right?  But no, you are proving by your behavior that ‘a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.’  The fruit of the Watchtower is putrid.”

I was attacked by yet another JW last year at these same conventions last summer.  I had him arrested.  Again, violence, whether it be actual physical violence or hateful stares and comments, is such typical behavior for JW’s that it never surprises me when it breaks out.  I’ve had rocks thrown at me, people threaten to kill me, and even one little kid hiss at me, “I hope you get Aids!”

Jesus did say, “You will know them by their fruits.” (Matthew 7:16)  If anyone contemplating becoming a JW would spend just one weekend with me at one of their summer conventions, they would run from this organization like they were running from the bubonic plague.





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