Jehovah’s Witnesses and the United Nations

Today, I asked three JW’s sitting at a literature table set up in front of the local library if they knew that their organization was once a part of the United Nations.

There were three of them sitting there:  two men in their late fifties and a woman who looked to be in her late forties.  When I asked these three this question, the woman’s eyes grew wide in shock and disbelief and she flatly denied the possibility of such a dreadful thing being true.

To confirm this, I looked it up on my iphone and found an article from Wikipedia.  They scoffed at this source and scornfully said that anybody can say anything about anybody on Wikipedia.  In other words, they weren’t buying it just because Wikipedia confirmed what I said.

I mentioned to them that many other websites had the same confirmation and that all they had to do was a little research for themselves.  One of the men got a strange look in his eyes and said that he doesn’t use the Internet much.  I took this to mean that he does not trust the Internet to accurately report on subjects such as this particular one.


(Photo above:  A copy of the letter the UN makes available to those who inquire about the Watchtower’s involvement in the organization.)

In other words, JW’s have been convinced by the Governing Body that thinking for themselves and doing independent research is some kind of a sin.

Evidently, for many JW’s, the revelation that their organization was indeed actually a part of the United Nations is stunning and earth shattering.  And it appears that many JW’s have become ex-JW’s over this exact issue.

If you are a JW reading this, did you know about this?

Many people know that the Governing Body (GB) discourages—even forbids—JW’s to do “independent research” on the Internet concerning issues relating to “Jehovah’s organization.”  The warning is that there are so many apostate websites out there that the information one might get is tainted by lies and that one’s faith could be corrupted, even shipwrecked.

But this is nonsense.  What did people do before the Internet?  They went to their local library and, depending on the size of the library, this same information could be accessed.  Were libraries considered to be hotbeds of misinformation and pitfalls of deception?

It is certainly true that the Internet has an incredible amount of very terrible stuff—even evil stuff—but it is also true that it is a wonderful place to do research and quickly discover facts in a couple of minutes that would take hours and even days to find in a library.

JW’s should be aware that this prohibition against using the Internet to do research is purposely designed by the GB to keep you JW’s in the dark and from searching the Internet for knowledge that could set you free.  It is a way to control you, to keep you brainwashed and enslaved.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and to keep locked up in ignorance.  Do your own research; you may just discover another meaning to these words of Jesus:

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  (John 8:32)





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