Islam: cutting its own throat

The horrific and cowardly beheading of journalist James Wright Foley by ISIS terrorists will accomplish at least two things among Westerners:  an increased hatred and desire for revenge against Islam that perpetrates such crimes against humanity.

The knife-wielding coward with the English accent that beheads Foley has his identity fully hidden behind a black mask.  He murders a handcuffed, helpless civilian and somehow believes that posting this crime on social media is going to endear the world to the cause of Islam and its brutal ideology as it sweeps through Iraq.  Some Islamic hero.

These are the same brave men who saw off little girl’s heads, all in the name of Muhammad and Allah.

For every act of incomprehensible, senseless and cruel brutality that these animals perpetrate against the innocent, with every head they saw off, they also cut the throat of the false lie that Islam is a religion of peace.

It matters not one whit what the top Saudi religious official, the so-called “Grand Mufti” of Saudi Arabia, says against these murdering terrorists:

“Extremist and militant ideas and terrorism which spread decay on earth, destroying human civilization,” said al-Sheikh, “are not in any way part of Islam, but are enemy number one of Islam, and Muslims are their first victims.”

This Grand Mufti’s words fall on deaf ears.  As a matter of fact, they are somewhat hypocritical, coming from the top religious figure in Saudi Arabia whose brutal form of Islam, known as “Wahhabism,” is responsible for some of the cruelest and most extreme abuses perpetrated in the name of religion.

For example, the above quoted article reads:

“While the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is governed, in part, by a strict Islamic school of thought known as Wahhabism, Reuters reports that there are certain differences between Wahhabism and ISIS.

“Although senior Wahhabi clerics endorse execution by beheading for offenses that include apostasy, adultery and sorcery, oppose women driving or working and describe Shi’ites as heretics, they differ from al Qaeda and Islamic State militants in opposing violent revolt,” noted Reuters.”

I would like for the Grand Mufti to explain the difference between sawing off a journalist’s head and sawing off the head of someone who changes their religion.  Where is the crime in either of these cases they would warrant this barbaric punishment?

Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh on the Grand Mufti, speaking before I have gathered all the needed facts.   I’m assuming, perhaps wrongly, that someone who is beheaded in Saudi Arabia for changing their religion has their heads sawn off in the same manner that Foley was: hands tied behind their backs, being forced to kneel on the ground, while the executioner stands behind the “criminal,” grabbing their jaw, and taking a very sharp knife as they begin sawing away on their windpipe.

Maybe it’s done differently in Saudi, like how the French once beheaded their criminals…by guillotine.  One appeals judge even suggested that this form of execution was “probably best.”  If so, then I might have to revise this post and perhaps offer an apology to the Mufti.

But even if the Saudi’s practice a gentler and kinder method of beheading than which ISIS employs, they are still in the dark ages when it comes to “cruel and unusual punishment.”  Read what Wikipedia reports:

“Saudi Arabian authorities beheaded four men in February 2007— Sangeeth Kumara, Victor Corea, Ranjith Silva and Sanath Pushpakumara. These four Sri Lankan workers were convicted in a Saudi Arabian court for an armed robbery committed in October 2004. Their deaths sparked reactions from the international human rights group Amnesty International, which called on the Saudi authorities to abolish the death sentence. The court also ruled that the bodies of the four workers be crucified for public view as an example for others…”

I’m thinking that taking the bodies of beheaded men and crucifying them would fit the description of “cruel and unusual,” but what do I know?  Maybe the Saudi’s crucified them first and then beheaded them, but the Wiki article is not precise on this point.

Do not Muslims understand how bad all this makes Islam to civilized people?  If beheadings and crucifixions are routinely carried out in Saudi Arabia, ground zero for Muhammad and Islam, why do Muslims think that Westerners will have any other idea than that Islam is a brutal, cruel and barbaric religious system?

And let us never forget this timeless picture of ISIS terrorists handing out Qurans after they conquered this city in Iraq:

isis terrorist hands out quran in mosul

Yes, that’s right:  this terrorist, his face covered to hide his identity (or maybe to protect his delicate facial features from the burning sun?), may have recently sawed off some child’s head and is now handing out Qurans to the citizenry.  Does not this speak volumes? And is not “Allāhu Akbar” routinely shouted out when Muslims participate in the most heinous of crimes?

I have to say that I would be very concerned if Christians did two things:  behead innocent people while shouting “Jesus is Lord!” as they performed the deed.  Something would just not fit right with the world’s perception of “gentle Jesus, meek and mild” if this was routinely done by those who are called by His name.  We would certainly not claim that Christianity was a “religion of peace,” would we?

This is why Islam is cutting its own throat with these never ending parades of the most barbarous and unthinkable violence imaginable against innocent people.  Why?  Because it is proving that the heart and soul of Islam is a brutal ideology, one that must be fought against on every side, eradicated from the lips of a civilized world.

It is time to resurrect the spirit of the Crusades and wipe this form of barbarism off the planet.


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