Is America facing God’s judgment?

The epic snowstorms ravaging portions of the East coast are unprecedented.  In the snow weary Boston, one man said this:

“It’s historic. It’s biblical,” the 62-year-old attorney said as he walked down a deserted street in the city’s Back Bay neighborhood. “I think we’re in uncharted territory. People just don’t know how to deal with the logistics of it.”

He had one message for Mother Nature: “Give us a break.”

There is no arguing that the United Sates is experiencing record breaking weather.  Simply google “record breaking weather in America” and you will see what I mean.

Is anybody asking, “Why?”  At one time in America, unusual calamities  caused the early colonists to call a “solemn assembly” where entire congregations of Christians set aside a time of prayer to seek God’s face for why they were happening.

I believe God is judging America, and His wrath and displeasure at the rampant immorality and moral depravity that has engulfed this nation is what we are experiencing on virtually a daily basis.

Skeptics could well counter by saying, “Nothing unusual is happening at all.  These bizarre weather patterns have always been a part of every country throughout their histories, and we are simply experiencing one of those cycles.”

There’s truth in that consensus.  “After all,” someone else might say, “how can God be angry with America when the stock market keeps reaching record highs?  We are enjoying the greatest standard of living in the history of civilization; how can God be judging us when we are drowning in blessings?”

All good points, but this entire feast of materialism, ease, and comfort that we Americans have been gorging ourselves on for as long as anyone can remember might be coming to an end.  There are signs of the upcoming famine all around us, and these signs have been signaling to those with “eyes to see” for some time.

One has to look no farther than the unbelievable and astonishing rise of “gay marriage,” soon to be legalized by the United States Supreme Court in a couple of months.  If you would have stated twenty years ago that two men or two women would one day be able to legally marry in our country, you would have been laughed to scorn.

Such a notion was so outrageous and nonsensical that none would have taken you serious…but this insanity has now taken such a hold that those who believe in “natural marriage” are the ones viewed as abnormal and twisted.  The rapid and complete shift in thinking is nothing short of astonishing.

Yet as the Scriptures clearly warn, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. (Galatians 6:7).”  I can take some poetic license with this verse and write, “Whatever a country sows, this it will also reap.”

Too many in this country mock God, from the joke that sits in the White House to the frauds that go on “Christian” television and ask viewers to send them money.

And we would be deceived if we believe that we can mock Him and expect this long and seemingly endless gravy train will continue; we are coming around a bend in the track and the bridge is out.



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