I thank God I’m not a Jehovah’s Witness

Truly I am, because being in this cult is one scary place to be.

One of my Youtube videos that has received thousands of views is about the false prophecy made by JW’s concerning the 1914 generation.  Here it is below:

For anyone who doubts that JW’s are brainwashed, read some of the comments JW’s post and you will soon learn just how deep into denial and deception they actually are.  Here is one that I received today from a typical deluded member of this cult:

“The Watchtower never made “false prophecies” because they never actually made “prophecies” to begin with.     Those were simply surmisings of what’s already there IN the Bible.  This is what apostates and anti-JW cornballs don’t grasp.    Jehovah’s witnesses only went by calculations of prophecies ALREADY THERE IN THE BIBLE.      (Sighs…)  As for the WT article that says “prophet in your midst”, if you read the whole article and points, carefully and honestly, which anti-JW ranters never do, in their hastiness, sloppiness, and bias, you’ll see that that’s “prophet” in the BROAD sense of the word of simply speaking on God’s behalf IN GENERAL.    A witness of the Lord, in general.    That’s how the word “prophet” can also be referred to or what it can also mean.    Not some infallible thing directly from God in the miraculous sense.    But from what’s already written, and NOT NEW inventions or revelations or “predictions” that were ever claimed to be divinely inspired.    NOT “prophet” in the Deuteronomy sense.    Which is always sloppily and stupidly mis-applied onto them, desperately.      Jehovah’s witnesses, from the very beginning, NEVER claimed to get “inspiration” in the sense of the actual inspired prophets in the Bible…but always clearly DIS-claimed that.     Russell from the beginning said:

“these are not prophecies, but surmisings”


“we don’t claim to be perfect or without mistake”.   

There is CLARIFICATION OF UNDERSTANDING, among God’s true servants.   That’s not the point about Jehovah Himself “not changing”.      (Sighs…)    The point is that in the past,Jehovah’s witnesses merely offered an interpretation of Biblical prophecy that was already there in the Bible; they did not give actual prophecies of their own.   But simply expounded what they believed was stated in the SCRIPTURES already.      Not some separate thing.     Some of the understandings were of course mis-understandings and inaccurate.     So?      That doesn’t mean “false prophet” in the Deuteronomy sense, though jackass pagans like to wrongly think that, and mis-apply that onto them.    When that has nothing do with it.     It’s simply misunderstandings, at the time, in CALCULATIONS in Bible chronology.     NOT THE SAME THING.    (Though you desperately want it to be….lol)

They said clearly that they were NOT divinely inspired infallible prophets.     Very clearly.    Only blind wombats and dishonest trolls don’t see it and don’t want to see it.

JWs keep on the watch….and they don’t have “so many false teachings”…but they’re all pure and Biblical.     Despite clarifications or mistakes or refinements in understanding.      They never claimed (ever) to be infallible or “inspired prophets” in that sense.     I don’t have time or patience (I’ve been on this road before with you pagans and apostates and whiners) to educate you…or correct your overblown belly-aching.     You’re a drone.   And barf up the same sloppy nonsense.    JWs said from the get-go (from Russell onwards) that they are NOT infallibly inspired…in the Deuteronomy sense, that you keep idiotically wrongly quoting and mis-applying.   You WANT JWs to be a uhhh “false prophet” and harp and whine on dates (exaggerated), because it suits you better.   It means you get to celebrate pagan Christmas and violate Verse after Verse (both “Testaments”) and mix in the world’s politics, and avoid the “narrow road”.       Roy, you’re such a sad and sorry drone-tard pagan Protestant loser, whose so “part of the world”, and on a demented soap-box with no life.    Get a grip, kiddo.    Seriously.    The world is a mess, and we ARE in the “time of the end”.     Would you honestly deny that prophetical and Biblical fact?”

There is so very much wrong with this comment that time forbids giving a thorough answer to even half of what needs to be rebutted.  Also, it is hard to take someone seriously who resorts to juvenile name-calling, but thinking people understand that those who resort to such tactics usually do so as a defense mechanism.

This comment perfectly portrays your typical brainwashed JW, and reveals the depth of deception that JW’s have fallen into.  It is akin to you and I walking out into a summer day at noon, the sun blazing in a cloudless, blue sky with the temperature being a blistering 105 degrees.  As I wipe the sweat from my brow, I say to you, “Gosh, what a hot and sunny day it is today!”

But you turn to me and reply, “What do you mean ‘hot and sunny’?  It’s freezing out here, and I wish these dark clouds would disappear so the sun can come out and melt this four feet of snow off the ground and warm me up.”

There is no denying that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society claimed to be a prophet; the evidence is overwhelming.  Here is a video offering one small piece of evidence supporting my assertion:

The deluded soul who wrote the above rant is truly a sad case.  If this individual honestly believes what he wrote is truth, he finds himself in the unfortunate position of being self-deceived; such a person needs both our pity and prayers.

But there may be a darker side to this poster:  he may be fully aware that his comment is a lie, but he is a JW apologist and defender who spends his time seeking to keep other JW’s in the dark by posting known lies and fictions such as this one.   There are holocaust deniers  who fit into this latter category and these are dangerous individuals.  If so, this poster is a deceiver and must be exposed as being one.

As I say to many JW’s:  “Thank Jehovah I’m not a JW!”


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