Gay Pride!

We hear so much about Gay Pride that I have to throw my hat into the ring in celebrating it.

But since many are gushing about how wonderful same-sex marriage is and how traditional marriage is stifling and homophobic, I want to take a different approach on this subject.  This is one that, according to my knowledge and research, is never discussed:  the “real face” of Gay Pride.

First, allow me to go back to 1982, when the first mention of a mysterious and deadly disease first hit the evening news.  I remember this day in history well, because it was the first or second day after leaving the hospital where I had been confined for about two weeks.

I had broken my right femur bone in a serious motorcycle accident and was recuperating at the University Medical Center in Tucson, AZ.  After two weeks in this hospital, I told my doctor that I could not stand another day there; I was leaving, even if it meant I had to crawl on my hands and knees to escape.

He said to me, “Roy, you look like a ghost, white as a sheet.  You need four pints of blood before I will consent to your discharge.”

He did not want me to leave even if I did receive the needed blood, but I didn’t care what he thought.  Remember, I was 22 years-old at the time, full of spunk and grit, and I hated that pain-filled place so much, where they hurt me so often and regular, that I was going to leave that day…with or without the blood.

After receiving the four pints, my girlfriend drove me to a friends house where I spent the next six months in recovery.  Coincidentally, as mentioned above, a news report came on the six o’clock news about this new disease called “GRID.”

How many of you remember what this acronym stands for?  Not many people do:  “Gay Related Immune Deficiency.”  This is what AIDS was originally called.

In other words, we have the homosexual community to thank for the AIDS epidemic coming into America.  Now that’s something to be proud about, don’t you think?  This is some real “Gay Pride.”

But I wasn’t feeling to proud of the gay community back in 1982 when I learned about this deadly disease.  Here I was, sitting in agony at the place where I was recuperating, and learning about GRID.  And the worst thing was this strange and deadly virus had tainted the blood supply.

Tainted the blood supply?  But I just received four pints, right?  And the news was clear that, at this point in time, there was no mechanism in place that was screening the blood supply for this horrific disease.

I carried this fear for about 20 years.  Always in the back of my mind, I wondered about those four pints of blood that had become an integral part of my body.  Like most men back then, the thought of getting tested for AIDS and the surrounding stigma it would inevitably bring was too much for me; I refused to get tested.

Finally, wisdom and reason got the best of me and, about twenty years later, I finally got tested:  my blood was fine.  Praise the name of Jesus!

In 1986, GRID was officially changed to AIDS.  Unfortunately, this post is neither the time nor place to go into all the details of why the name was changed; this is for another time.  Suffice to say, homosexuals wanted to be as far removed as possible from being known as the primary group which introduced AIDS into the United States…and understandably so.

It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  In Driver’s Ed in high school, we watched a movie called “Red Asphalt.”  It was a film about highway accidents from poor driving, and it was very graphic. It was so disturbing to me that even now, in my fifties, I drive carefully because of those horrific images that made a lasting impression on me.

Graphic imagery works, and is often the only thing that can spur real change in people or motivate them to fight injustice.  The gruesome picture of Emmet Till after being savagely murdered by southern racists is attributed to kick-starting the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s.

Why, then, do we never see pictures of AIDS victims?  Why doesn’t the government run gruesome pictures of AIDS patients on television like they do with people who smoke?  Why don’t homosexuals, during their “gay pride” events, prominently display pictures of their lovers who were in the final stages of AIDS?  After all, they are “out and proud,” correct?  So why not show the fruits of their pride?

Google “pictures of people with AIDS” and see what comes up.  Pretty vanilla.  Try the same search in Google images.  Better, but still fairly mild.  You have to dig a bit to get to the real “gay pride,” and let me tell you, it’s not appetizing.  So I will give you just a taste, an aperitif, of the kind of “pride” that gay men have to look forward to as a reward of their “sexual freedom.”

I must warn you before hand:  these are disgusting pictures, and if you can look at them for any length of time and not feel like puking, you have some real strength.

I found this particular website where these pictures came from at least seven years or so ago.  They come from an AIDS hospice in Thailand.  Unlike the US, where AIDS/HIV positive victims have easy access to expensive medication (paid for, by the most part, by the government), these unfortunate souls are left to die without much help in the way of meds.  These pictures are what the real face of AIDS looks like:

Aids pic 3

Aids pic 5

Aids pic 6

Now, these are not the most horrific of the pictures–far from it, but I did not want to spoil your entire appetite.  Here is the site for those of you who are brave and want to see more.  If you click on the link, you will be taken to a screen with no pictures.  Look at the upper left hand side of the screen, in the box, and find the word:  “Abscess-30”.  Click on this and enjoy the full colored shots of “Gay Pride.”

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