Five Ways Parents Alienate Children

The title of this blog is taken from the title of a video made by Madi, a young woman who started a Youtube channel called, “The Anti-Alienation Project.” Here is the video below:

I’ve been watching Madi’s videos for about a year now. Her alienation story particularly interests me because she is a formerly alienated daughter who was poisoned by her mother against her father, exactly what happened to my daughters and me. Her journey back to her father—after 20 years—is both inspiring and insightful.

What is even more appealing to me about Madi is the fact she started her own YouTube channel to document what happened to her and to help other young people like herself who are also innocent victims of Parental Alienation (PA).

I admire the kind of passion that drives people to turn their suffering into triumphs. Instead of allowing the pain of alienation from her father, instigated by her mother, to derail her life and set a tragic pattern, Madi took concrete steps to heal. In her healing, she helps others journeying on the same hellish path she was forced to tread.

Madi is relatively new on the PA scene but she has a growing audience. I feel she has much to offer in helping others navigate through the swamps of parental alienation.