First Amendment lawsuit against UA ramps up

In 2017, I was arrested at the University of AZ and thrown in jail. My great crime? I refused to stop preaching at the annual Tucson Festival of Books while using my small, battery operated amplification system.

All around me, people were using far more powerful electrified amplification systems to sell their books, put on author presentations, perform music, etc. I was singled out specifically for censor because of my message: the importance and popularity of the Bible as the number one selling book in the world.

Many know what is happening to Christians and free speech on university campuses across the United States: both are being targeted for extinction…especially Christians. Our message, our morals, and our God are neither wanted nor tolerated.

I’m fighting back against this unjust arrest, having already filed a federal civil rights case three months ago. This has become the most complicated court case I have been involved in and will consume at least one to two years of my life on top of the year and a half I’ve already given to it.

But the stakes are huge. If I win, preachers in our ninth circuit will have strong ammunition on their side to also freely amplify the gospel message on university and college campuses, with certain commonsense restrictions.

Unfortunately, I could not find a Christian law firm interested in taking this case on a “pro bono” basis. This means they would take the case for free, but if I won, they would be paid, handsomely and in full, at settlement.

I had a law firm initially representing me, but after paying almost $2,000 in fees and receiving little if nothing in return, with the lawyer wanting thousands more, I decided to fight alone.

This week was critical. I served the Summons and First Amended Complaint on the five defendants at the UA responsible for my illegal arrest and incarceration. The other defendant, the AZ Board of Regents, who is responsible for the illegal actions of their rogue employees who arrested me, will be served on Monday.

It saddens me to realize how few Christians will fight for their blood bought rights won for us by our godly ancestors, rights that we are rapidly losing here in the United States. I made a decision decades ago that I would fight, and fight every step of the way, for every square inch of ground, no matter what it costs, how long it takes, or whether or not I ultimately prevail in the end.

It is not necessarily for winning why we fight, but that we will love our Lord and our faith enough that we will fight for Him and for His great cause and reputation. We fight because it is the right thing to do and it is part and parcel of being a soldier for Christ and fulfilling our role as men.

When all is said and done, it is an honor and a privilege, no matter if I win or lose, to fight for my King and my God.

The video below was from the 2012 Festival. I did not get arrested then because I agreed to shut off my amplification system. At this point, in 2012, I did not have the knowledge of first amendment law dealing specifically with amplification in public areas as I did when I was arrested in 2017. This video will show what I am up against: