False Allegations

False allegations of physical and sexual abuse are common in severe cases of “Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)” and “Parental Alienation (PA).”

“Targeted” parents (or “the alienated” parent, the one who is being alienated or separated from his or her children by a systematic attack by the other “alienating” parent) who are slandered by the other parent or worse, by their own children, of being sexually or physically abusive against one or more of their children, face devastating and debilitating consequences from such false, ruinous accusations.

The children suffer as well.

In my ongoing and almost 20 years worth of research on this form of child abuse, I have learned that such false accusations are a common ploy of the alienating or favored parent.

Unfortunately, those parents who are unaware of these criminal tactics by their other spouse are blindsided when such false accusations are leveled against them; the ensuing consequences are horrific and life altering. Some innocent parents, unable to mentally cope with such devastating lies, take their own lives.

Obviously, this is not a laughing matter or one that can be lightly brushed off.

Recently, in my ongoing searching for information on PAS/PA, I came upon this video:

Unfortunately, the audio is substandard and the speaker on the left is difficult to sometimes understand with his heavy accent. But the content is so helpful and insightful that it is worth bearing with this problem.

Some highlights from the above video:

At 5:30, Dr. Kapur mentions that, in India, in the family court system, there are no specialists who investigate allegations of sexual abuse against a parent. During this informal investigative process to determine the truth or validity of the accusations, much time passes where the children are separated from the alleged abusing parent.

At 6:11, Dr. Blotcky weighs in and says, “Yeah, I mean this happens all the time…” He goes on to say that he has several cases going on now where this is happening. One mother alleged the father was sexually abusing their daughter and a year passed in the investigation, all the while the dad and child were separated.

Dr. Blotcky says this kind of behavior is a red flag and represents a major problem in the court system. It is a stall tactic used by the mothers (and fathers) to keep the children away from the other parent and happens frequently.

This is why false allegations of sexual abuse against an innocent parent are both effective for the alienating parent in keeping the children away from the innocent parent and devastating for the children and the alienated parent who are now forced to be apart while the investigation over the truth or falsity of the false allegations are resolved.

Is it no wonder, then, that such allegations are a common, tried and true tactic, for alienating parents who have learned how effective this is? Common sense teaches us that people will continue to use, over and over again, techniques that prove to be effective in whatever agenda they are seeking to push. And there is no tactic more effective at separating innocent parents from their child(ren) than by lodging false accusations against that innocent parent of child sexual abuse (see 8:15).

But what is the result of such false accusations? Dr. Blotcky says at 8:25: “Is it harmless? It is never harmless.”

Blotcky makes an astounding statement beginning at 14:50: “Severe parental alienation should be considered on par with sexual abuse and physical abuse. No difference.”

Throughout this section of “Divorce and PAS” on this blog, I have repeatedly emphasized the fact that those parents who lodge, accuse, or in any way allege false accusations of sexual abuse against an innocent parent are guilty of a criminal offense. This criminal offense is only magnified and heightened when the false accusation results in the children being separated from that innocent parent for any length of time. And its criminal effect reaches its zenith when at least two things happen: the innocent father is wrongly incarcerated for the false allegation and the child is brainwashed against that innocent parent to believe he/she actually committed such a heinous offense.

I urge my readers to take the time and listen to this entire video. It is one of the best I have come across that delves into this matter of the devastating effects of false allegations of sexual abuse against innocent parents and the children who are adversely affected.