Evangelism explosion!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014, was an incredible day for the “Berkeley Blitz.”

On this day, a team of eleven men met together on the campus for the specific purpose of bringing the gospel to UC Berkeley.  The picture below shows the team, minus one student, who joined us minutes after the picture was taken.


This was the first on-campus evangelistic meeting for this outreach where various men and students met on the campus of UC Berkeley for the expressed purpose of implementing plans for reaching the campus for Jesus.
After a brief introduction, we prayed and split up into teams to evangelize on campus.
At one point, we had at least four teams open-air preaching (simultaneously) on the campus that I was able to count as I walked around.
There are, of course, too many stories to tell from just this single outreach, but one fact is clear:  UC Berkeley is hearing the gospel and students are being affected.
I had two Christian students come up to me several days ago, one of them informing me that because of my preaching, they have been encouraged to evangelize more.  The other student, David Kim, is interested in learning how to open-air preach himself.
Note the following story in Mark 1:35-38:
“In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there.  Simon and his companions searched for Him; they found Him, and said to Him, “Everyone is looking for You.” He said to them, “Let us go somewhere else to the towns nearby, so that I may preach there also; for that is what I came for.”
Jesus said that He came to preach.  This is of such singular importance that it must not be overlooked.  Since the mission of preaching is of such vital importance to Jesus, why is it that so few are doing it?
“Wait a minute,” a Jehovah’s Witness or a Mormon might say, “we are preaching the gospel.  We go door-to-door, spreading the good news, and spend a significant amount of money and manpower to accomplish this all important mission.”
I can’t disagree with either of these two groups that they are expending much time and treasure in going house to house to spread their perverted viewpoints of what they consider the gospel.  Quite frankly, they put the vast majority of Christians to shame with their zeal for spreading their own heretical version of the gospel.
My focus is on the true church of Christ and the mandate given to His  Church to spread the gospel to every corner of the globe, and in particular, my own country of the United States.
Why are Americans, in general, so timid and afraid to share the gospel?  Why do we not look on preaching, the main method of spreading the Good News, in the same way that Jesus did?  As we have previously noted, preaching was the main mission of the Son of God.
I hope to explore this topic in other future blogs and how our neglect of this has resulted in untold amounts of damage to our culture.  But for now, as the above picture shows, there were at least eleven men who were concerned enough about the Great Commission to dedicate a portion of their Tuesday to bring this precious message to a decidedly liberal and God-hating university campus.
The fire still burns.  I hope to see it spread across the land.

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