Do sandwiches shoot bullets?

I am not aware of a sandwich being able to shoot bullets, but apparently this unusual phenomena happened.  If proven to be accurate, it will doubtless shake the world.

Allow me to explain:  the following Washington Post article reported that another 18 year-old black man has been killed by a white off duty St. Louis police officer.  As expected, details coming from such a fresh story will be sketchy and will need to be revised as the story unfolds.

According to the article, the off-duty officer was moonlighting for a security company when he encountered three men acting suspiciously in a neighborhood he was patrolling.  During the foot chase and physical altercation between one of these three men and the officer, three shots were fired by the suspect at the officer.  He returned fire, killing the man.

Investigators claim they recovered a 9mm Ruger at the scene used by the gunman.  But according to the relatives of the man killed, he wasn’t carrying a gun but a sandwich.  If true, this would be the first time in history a sandwich fired three shots at an officer; this amazing feat will surely make it into the Guinness Book of World Records.



(The photo above gives new meaning to the phrase, “Killer Sandwich.”)

And what is the reaction from various members of the black community toward this unfortunate incident?  Rioting, of course, and destruction of property:  police cars had windows broken and other damage.  Over 200 protestors/rioters took to the streets, mocking officers and blocking traffic.

Previously, I wrote on the Michael Brown incident.  One article specifically addressed these senseless acts of violence that the black community all too frequently resorts to when these type of situations occur.  Unfortunately, history seems to be repeating itself.

If the ridiculous assertion from the suspects relatives that he was carrying a sandwich proves false, it will make the rioting of the black community over the incident look all the more foolish.  Why do some blacks never seem to miss an opportunity in these situations to jump to the wrong conclusions, causing the gap that exists between them and the rest of society to grow ever wider?

The LA Times wrote this:

“Tyrone Myers on Thursday identified the dead man as his nephew, 18-year-old Vonderrit Myers.

‘All I know is he came out the store with a sandwich,’ said an emotional Tyrone Myers by phone. ‘Next thing, he’s shot several times by a cop who was chasing someone else.'”

We must not forget that in the Michael Brown case, a similar yarn—I mean—story was reported by Brown’s accomplice, Dorian Johnson, in the convenience store robbery that happened moments before Brown’s shooting.  In this account, Johnson explains that he had seen Brown, 20 minutes before the shooting,  walking down the street and decided to “catch up with him.”

The picture that is conjured up in one’s mind when they read this is easy to imagine:  Johnson, minding his own business one day, notices his good friend Brown walking down the street and decides to “catch up with him” and find out how his ole’ friend is doing.  I can visualize Johnson jogging after his friend and yelling, “Yo, Michael!  Long time no see!  Whazz-up?”

Curiously, Johnson forgets to include in this heart-warming story of two friends meeting together to “catch up” on old times is the fact that both him and Brown were just involved in robbing a convenience store and that Brown (6′ 4″ tall, weighing approx. 292 pounds and sometimes known as “the gentle giant”) roughed up the store’s clerk.

I’m thinking that the “sandwich defense” is going to turn out in much the same way as the Dorian Johnson tale:  void of reality.  How do people think up these tall tales?  Since when does a sandwich have the capability to shoot bullets?   And why do so many people continually resort to knee-jerk reactions of violence and mayhem instead of patiently and civilly waiting for the facts to be determined?

No, this appears to be turning out to becoming yet another black eye on the black community.  More than anything, they need to have another leader like Martin Luther King, Jr. instead of the kind of ilk they currently have acting as their spokesmen, men like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

And we will wait and see what becomes of the “shooting sandwich.”

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