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  1. I am a conservative Christian mother of six children living in Mobile Al. I have lost two children to the WMSCOG cult. My second son graduated from the Naval Academy and was lost to this cult five months after graduation. My oldest daughter was All American twice in pole vault on full scholarship at Louisville when she quit her scholarship in her junior year for the church. She’s only 23. At this point I don’t know where they live or work because they have been moved. I don’t know if my son is still in the navy. I think he’s out. I’ve never met or talked to his wife they set him up with from out of state. They have blocked my phone and taken down their FB. There’s no way to contact them. I can’t describe the heartache my husband and I have suffered over the past 7 yrs. because of this cult. It’s like they’ve been kidnapped. Thank you for fighting them.

  2. Hi I seen the videos you did on the world mission society church of god. They have been able to brainwash my boyfriend through an intense indoctrination process leading him to believe this Asian man Ahnsahnghong is the 2nd coming of Christ and this woman living in Korea is the 2nd coming of Christ. They have used undue influence and neuro linguistic programming through isolation, intense studies, and fear tactics. Can you do another video and possibly talk to my bf? I am now currently seeking cult experts to get my boyfriend out.

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