CEO fired for kicking dog

Desmond Hague was fired as CEO of “Centerplate,” a concession company that feeds hungry sports fans at venues such as baseball games.

According to what video you watch, Hague can be seen kicking the Doberman and yanking on its leash.  The article linked above alleges that Hague lifted the dog up by the leash so it was hanging by its neck.

CEO kicks dog

I want to be clear about something:  I reject all forms of animal abuse.  As a matter of fact, I was one of those kids that loved watching nature and animal programs on TV and wanted to become a marine biologist.  My initial major in college was “Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.”  You can rightly label me an animal lover.

In my late teens, I was interested in the work of Cleveland Amory, one of the first animal rights advocates.  He was an early hero of mine.

This being said, I am even more against what has become in this country an obsession over so-called “animal rights.”  As seen in this case with Hague, a man loses his livelihood and is vilified as some type of terrorist, on the level of ISIS, for what seems to me to be a exaggeration in mistreating this animal.  Far more than the abuse which may have happened to this Doberman was the abuse taken against this CEO.

Look at the incredible overreaction of what actually occurred in this elevator.  Was this dog injured?  I don’t think so.  I didn’t see the kind of kick the word itself implies, expecting to see the dog flying across the elevator from the force of the blow and slamming into the wall.  Isn’t this the type of violent action that is conjured up in your mind when you read the headline, “CEO kicks dog”?

Yes, Hague kicked the dog, but without enough force to cause the dog to move even an inch from where it was standing.  One might even call it a “foot nudge.”  Again, I’m not excusing what this man did to this dog, but as far as the allegation that he lifted up the dog by the leash so that it was hanging by his neck is another gross exaggeration.  Again, the image in my mind when I read this sentence was of a crazed, bug-eyed, laughing maniac holding a dog off the ground by its leash as the dog was being strangled to death, its legs kicking as it twists and squirms as it chokes to death.  What I saw was nothing of the sort.

But the prize for the most outlandish, knee-jerk reaction must come from this reporter in a Youtube video who said this (begin at .56):

“We want to warn you that the video you are about to see is graphic.”

Graphic?  You mean like the ISIS videos where those two American journalist’s heads were sawed off?  Are we about to see this CEO beheading this Doberman?  I’ve seen pictures of a little girl with her head sliced from her body by these Islamic savages, and if this reporter is warning me that what this man did to this dog is on the same level, I would rather not watch it; I can’t stand the sight of blood…even Doberman blood.

My concern, though, for being exposed to “graphic” violence in the elevator video was misplaced.  No blood, no flashing knife tearing away at the Doberman’s flesh, no blood-curdling screams of agony coming from the terrified mouth of this “puppy” as he is being kicked to death (another exaggeration of the left-leaning press; I was expecting to see a small ball of fur that could barely hobble on its tiny legs, another mental image conjured up by the word “puppy.”)

No, this reporter is guilty of false reporting, of playing on the easily manipulated emotions of the animal loving public that feeds on this kind of nonsense and exaggeration, that elevates animals to—and in many cases above—the level of humans.

But the insanity does not end with this reporters exaggerated claims of graphic violence; it continues with the overreactions of the company that fired Hague.  In the same article linked at my beginning paragraph, we read this:

“We want to reiterate that we do not condone nor would we ever overlook the abuse of animals,” said Joe O’Donnell, chairman of the board of directors for Centerplate, in a statement Tuesday. He apologized for Hague’s action and the distress it caused the company’s “employees, clients and guests.”

I’m wondering if O’Donnell is comparing the “distress” caused by Hague to the company’s “employees, clients and guests” to the same distress that the parents, friends and family of the murdered American journalists must have faced when they saw the bloody heads of their loved ones—Steven Sotloff and James Foley—balanced atop their handcuffed backs.

American culture is becoming more debased by the day as we continue to lose track of what is valuable and emphasize the trivial.  Our perverse and unnatural love affair with our pets is dehumanizing us, causing us to value the “rights” of animals over the rights of our fellow human beings.

If you doubt what I say, please let me ask you where is the outrage over the truly “graphic” and “inhumane” murders of the over 4,000 unborn children ruthlessly slaughtered every day in this country by abortion?  Where are the protests demanding that the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity—the abortion doctors—be brought to justice?

You rarely hear a peep of protest, and never from the liberal press, for abortion on demand is their pet darling.  No, these misguided people value the life of animals far above and way beyond that of their fellow humans.

The reporter I mentioned earlier, the one who warned us of the “graphic” content of the video?  What do you suppose she would say about the truly graphic nature of the following video that shows the inhumane and barbaric torture of one of the most innocent and helpless of our society, the unborn?  And let me warn you with all sincerity…the content of this video is not only graphic but horrific:

What kind of a society have we become when we value the lives of animals over that of unborn babies?  When we become outraged over a man kicking a dog,  make such a public show of disapproval that the man loses his job, but fail to say one word over the barbarity of child sacrifice that would make ISIS members gloat in envy?

Do you want to see additional abuse…actual abuse of a living human being?  Continue to scroll through the above website.  If that minor yank on the leash of that Doberman disturbs you, check out this photograph of an actual instrument used in aborting tiny, defenseless, unborn infants:

Abortion instruments

(Above photo:  Tire-Tete
This abortion instrument works by pushing the spike into the child’s head. Once it is inside, the button is pushed. When it flattens, you can pull the child out.  From the “Grantham Collection.“)

More modern and seeming medieval abortion instruments can be found at the link above.

If you are outraged over what you saw inside that elevator, I hope your outrage is magnified 1,000 fold when you see what happens to babies in their mother’s wombs during a “safe,” legal abortion.




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