Bad year for Jehovah’s Witnesses

2014 is a bad year for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Why?  It is the 100 year anniversary of their failed 1914 prophecy, just one of many that the organization has made in their approximate 150 year history.

In one of my Youtube videos, I go into some detail on this and encourage my readers to view it.

When you view the video, you will see a poster I have of the May 15, 1984 Watchtower which announced “1914: The Generation that will not pass away.”

Also on that poster, you will see a group of elderly JW’s that were alive when this particular Watchtower came out.  Today, every single one of those JW’s that the organization claimed “would not pass away” are dead.  Every single one.  Not one left over.

I asked on my video two questions:  “As a Jehovah Witness, how do you handle that?  How do you handle yet another false prophecy that your organization has made?”

These are great questions that I feel bear repeating.   And we must remember that 1914 was a pivotal years for JW’s with their claim that the “last days” began at that point.

One website that I promote is “” .  I urge my readers to visit this informative site to become acquainted with many of the problems with JW doctrine.  Here is a paragraph from the site concerning the many different prophecies made by the organization:

“A person should be realistic about the ability of the Watchtower Society to interpret prophecy. To date there has been a proven time prophecy failure rate of 100%. As shown in the Dates section, the Watchtower used Bible prophecy to explain that the following dates were of significance; 1780, 1799, 1829, 1844, 1846, 1872, 1874, 1875, 1878, 1880, 1881, 1891, 1906, 1910, 1915, 1920, 1921 and 1925. Every single one of these interpretations is now admitted as wrong. Even 1914 and 1918 were not fulfilled as expected and subsequently reinterpreted after the event. This does not inspire confidence that Holy Spirit guides Watchtower prophetic interpretation, or that current understanding of 1914 is correct.”

If you are a JW, you will no doubt appeal to your organizations argument of “new light,” the doctrine taken from Proverbs 4:18 that states “the path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.” (NIV)

Outside of the problems with relying on a single verse from the book of Proverbs to create a doctrine around, it is a vast stretch to use this particular verse to justify the many false prophecies made by the WTBTS.  This verse does not support, in any fashion, this application as the WT organization has set forth.  As any reasonable and unbiased person can see, the organization has lifted this verse out of its context and used it as a rescuing device.

The entire 1914 generation is now, for all intents and purposes, dead.  It is possible, I suppose, for someone that was born in 1914 to be alive today, making them 100 years old this year, but this is missing the point.  The WT said that the 1914 generation would “not pass away,” meaning just that:  none of that generation would die.  It makes no difference if a few men and women from that generation may still be alive today because all of them, according to the Society, would be alive today if they were truly prophets of the Most High God.

There is another saving mechanism that the WT leans upon to deflect criticism from their dismal record of prophecy predictions: they actually say that they never claimed to be prophets in the first place.  This is incredible because of the fact that have claimed to be God’s prophetic voice.  Here is an excellent link which proves this.

I am often amazed at how anyone can be a JW when the Internet is overflowing with information that proves that this organization fits the description of a false prophet.  The evidence supporting this is only a few mouse clicks away.

Perhaps this 100 year anniversary will spur at least some more noble-minded JW’s to take a closer look at their organizations false claims concerning this important date.  And as you perform your due diligence, the most important decision you can then make is to put as much distance between yourself and this lying, deceiving organization as possible.


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