An alienated therapist reunites with dad

Austrailian clinical pschotherapist Alyse Price-Tobler gives a heartfelt plea in asserting the right of all children to have a relationship with both parents:

Recently, I discovered the channel of Dr. Price-Tobler and found this video of hers heart wrenching in the first couple of minutes, particularly at 0:24 through 10:12. The heart wrenching portion is only several seconds, beginning at 2:55 and lasting until 3:08. During this brief time, you can see the pain and anguish of this professional psychotherapist as she relives the memory of the separation from her once alienated father.

What she has to say in the first part of this video (3:49 through 5:34 and 9:45 to 10:12) is forceful and commanding in some parts, issued as a strong warning to those alienating parents who engage in any kind of behavior which would influence or result in children being separated from a once beloved parent.