A hug from a little boy can brighten up your day

Something unusual and unexpected just happened to me:

I was dropping off an order for a customer at a nearby UPS store. Placing the package on the scale, I waited while the UPS employee, a young woman, gave me my receipt.

After she hands it to me and I’m about to turn to leave, a cherub faced, curly haired two year old little boy comes racing out of the back. He rushes up to me with his arms outstretched, wanting a hug.

I was dumbfounded, completely taken by surprise. I thought, “He must think I’m someone else” as I stood there, motionless, feeling a bit embarrassed by the whole scene. He stayed in front of me, his arms still out for his hug.

Realizing the woman who just handed me my receipt was his mom, I said to her, “Very friendly!” and reached down and gave the boy a hug.

Now, I’m a man, and situations like this leave men a bit uncomfortable, especially in a scenario like this one. I did not know the mom or her son, and because the situation just sprang up out of nowhere, I was not prepared for it.

As I jumped into my truck after exiting the store, I was moved by what this precious little boy did. I have three daughters, all long grown and separated by time and unfortunate circumstances; I can’t remember the last time I was hugged like that by a small, innocent child.

When I arrived home, I called that UPS store to thank the mom and share with her how touched I was by her son’s spontaneous, selfless act. She said she was worried about my reaction, but when I explained how moved and thankful I was, she expressed relief, gratitude and joy that her son could be the means of brightening someone’s day.

I thank the Lord for that curly haired little boy who gave me such an unexpected gift this morning that touched my soul and warmed my heart. With all the hatred, anger, suspicion and division that we face in this country seemingly every day, this random and “out of the blue” interaction with an innocent child was wonderful.