A Poem of Being

Like the Universe
I am constantly expanding.
Who you see today may not be who you will see tomorrow.
What I think today may not be what I believe next year.
I am not a photograph in a book
static and unchanging,
frozen in a particular moment of being or thinking.
I desire to be a tree and not a rock,
ever growing, shedding old leaves, 
patiently waiting until the spring for new growth.
Such is the forming of a man:
he grows
sheds old thoughts
expands into new perceptions and understanding,
hopefully becoming better
more tolerant and patient 
towards others and himself.
Aging has not curbed my insatiable thirst for truth
and knowledge.
Like a snake,
I have shed many old skins and grown into others.
Be patient with me
as I will be with you,
let's help one another 
on our journeys 
to become the best we can be.