Duggar disaster

By now, most people know of the train wreck occurring within the famous Duggar family with the acknowledgement from their oldest son Josh over molestation accusations.

Already, there are parodies and satires coming out, and as the facts pour in, it does not look good for the Duggar media empire that is beginning to crumble around them.

I have to main questions:  Did the Duggar’s reveal to the television network that their son Josh had admitted to child molestation before they signed the contract for what would prove to be their widely popular reality show?  Did the Duggar’s have a moral or even legal duty to disclose the crimes of their then teenaged son to the cable network before the airing of the reality show?

This is critical, because if the network knew of these serious charges before going into the contract, they obviously knew the risks they were taking if word of these damaging allegations and accompanying confession came to light.

But from what I have read, it appears the crimes of Josh occurred approximately two plus years before the Duggars show appeared for the first time on Discovery Health, “14 Kids and Pregnant Again.”

This raises serious questions in my mind whether or not the Duggar’s disclosed to Discovery Health the existence of their son’s known crimes or to TLC (The Learning Channel), the cable and satellite television network who airs the wildly popular Duggar series.

Many of the advertisers, though, are voting with their feet and have bolted from supporting the series, showing that this unfortunate and tragic episode for the Duggar’s will not leave them unscathed.

If the Duggar’s were simply a normal American family, a reasoned case can be made that says they certainly did not have any duty to tell anybody, outside of law enforcement, the victims and their families, that their son committed these heinous crimes.

But the Duggar’s are not your normal, American family…far from it.  They are celebrities and role models, revered and looked up to by many.  The Duggar’s, by appearing on the cable program, doing interviews, and choosing to be high-profile members of the Christian community, have set for themselves a much higher standard than what the rest of average America might be expected to abide by.

Please don’t get the wrong impression with my above paragraph that I am suggesting that average Americans are exempt from teenaged sex crimes—nothing of the sort.  I am referring to the responsibility that the Duggars have due to their celebrity and moral authority status in reporting this crime to the cable station that aired their series.

I feel for this family and for any family that passes through such horrific waters.  And for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the awful weight of responsibility that comes with being media stars will now fully descend upon their shoulders.  And when all the dust has settled, they may look back on this amazing opportunity to share with the world their family values (and not counting all the money and perks they have received) and decide it was not worth it.

America: A doomed nation

Many Christians are accepting the inevitable fact that the Supreme Court will force sodomy based marriage on the entire country next month.

But few are asking, “Why?”

This is a more important question, in my eyes, than the expected ruling, because understanding how the United States of America could come to the point where marriage has been redefined in such a radical and twisted manner is crucial to predicting the future of our country.

My personal viewpoint is that legalizing sodomy based marriage is nothing compared to the legalizing of abortion in the infamous Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.   But the legalization of sodomite marriage is a fruit from the same unholy tree that legalized abortion, which came out of the Supreme Court’s making prayer and the posting of the Ten Commandments illegal in public schools.

Why will gay marriage become “legal”?  Because God is in the midst of judging the United States of America, and His hand is in the very process of bringing this proud, greedy, materialistic, God hating nation to its knees.

Gay marriage is another divine judgment from the hand of God on this once great, God-fearing nation.  And the vast majority of Christians are not seeing this, choosing instead to hope that some great revival is going to sweep across the fruited plain once again and restore America back to her godly roots.

There is absolutely no chance of this happening.  None whatsoever.  We will fully reap what we have sown, and the destruction of this country is a mathematical certainty, as sure and predictable as the sun rising from the East every morning.

Christians are wringing their hands wondering, “How can this possibly be happening?” instead of correctly asking, “Why is this happening?”

It is happening because, I believe, God hates this country and is intent on destroying it.

Please don’t put words in my mouth; God loves His people, and there are multiplied millions of them in this country.  When I write that God hates America, I am referring to the blatant evil that permeates every nook and cranny and reaches into every corner.

He hates the court system that penalizes the innocent and rewards the guilty.  Look no further than the grotesque appeal system where murderers who have been found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt spend decades on death row as their endless appeals wind through the courts and the families of their murdered victims have to suffer and relive the horror of their loved ones death each time a new trial is granted and they are forced to once again testify.

He hates this same court system that will now legalize sodomite marriage and which will now be used to trample the rights of Christians everywhere, the very ones He used to bring freedom and liberty to the country in the first place.

He hates the court system that legalized abortion on demand and that has now allowed more than 50 million babies to be systematically slaughtered in their mother’s wombs.

Call this by its correct name:  the “injustice” system.

Gods hates the public school system that kicked Him out decades ago and now churns out atheists by the millions, teaching small children that “gay is okay,” religion is the cause of all the evil in the world, America was founded by secularists, evolution is a fact, creationism is a myth, abortion is good, and now you can wake up one morning believing you are now the opposite gender of what you were born and be classified as a “hero” and use whatever bathroom you “feel” like identifying with.

He hates the worship of sports and sports figures.  We are a nation of idol worshippers, but the objects of our worship cradle pigskins in their arms, hit golf balls, bounce basketballs, run around tracks and infields, and bulk up on steroids, while Americans pay them millions upon millions upon millions of dollars to “entertain” us.

He hates Hollywood, that bastion of wickedness, immorality, perversion and all things unholy, profane and satanic, an industry that has done more than perhaps any in this country—and the world—to engulf the people in darkness and stupidity.

He hates false religion, which means He might hate most of evangelicalism as it is currently practiced here in America.  Christianity in America, if it is anything, is big business.  It predominantly revolves around one main thing:  money.  Don’t believe me?  Turn on any Christian radio or t.v. program and listen for the inevitable appeal for “donations,”  “tithes and offerings,” ad nausem.  Walk into any church and wait for the plate to pass in front of your nose.  It’s all about money and Christ despises this and He is judging this country for turning His Father’s House into a “place of business” (John 2:15-17).

Christianity is full of charlatans, crooks, con artists and thieves.  From Benny Hinn to Joel Osteen and all their ilk in between, it has become impossible for most people to separate the sheep from the goats.  Even the sheep are stained by the greed, hypocrisy, sensuality, phoniness, and immorality that is so much a part of modern Christianity that they have simply become used to the stench of sin that permeates the air around them and have succumbed to it.

Money.  It’s all about money in America.  And the Church is just as guilty as Wall Street.  Maybe we are even more guilty because we should know better.

And I am just getting started, but time will fail me to delve any deeper into the problem in this post.  But please don’t lose sight of this one truth:  we Americans are in the midst of God’s judgment in this country, and it will only get worse.

God have mercy on us.  We will all soon need it.

Planned Parenthood gets a black eye

Some of my Facebook friends know of my longstanding lawsuit against the City of Tucson because they threatened me with arrest in 2013 when myself and some other believers attempted to minister in front of the PP clinic.

Though the lawsuit is ongoing (filed on or around September 12, 2014), research proved that the sidewalks in front of the PP clinic which were previously said to be “private,” have now been proven to be public, insuring our rights to minister there.

So praise God! For the first time in DECADES, Christians can now freely minister to the women and men going to these two clinics inside this private medical park for abortions. I was there yesterday with two other Christian women for this historic return to this medical plaza.

And Planned Parenthood could do nothing about it. Before, within minutes of us being there, they would call the police and the private security firm that patrols that area and we would be forced to leave. For DECADES this happened, friends, and now the harassment is OVER. They have received a huge black eye.

I can’t explain my feelings of joy and satisfaction over this incredible turn of events and hope to keep you posted with updates. If you wish to join us on these outreaches in Tucson, please contact me.