The party is coming to an end for Christians in America

A friend of mine, Bridget Anderson, has a daughter in college who posted on her Facebook page (the daughter) her disagreement with homosexuality.  The comments were mixed, some supporting her view and others hotly disagreeing (scroll down to the October 16, 2014 post).

After Bridget alerted me to this interesting thread on her daughter’s page via an instant message, she wrote “We’re the bad guys now.”

What Bridget meant by that statement is that anyone holding to the Judeo-Christian worldview is now viewed as the enemy of “tolerance” and “acceptance.”  Christians, who founded the United States of America and where the teachings and the precepts of the Bible were the foundation of our government and society, are now viewed as the enemy.  We have become “the bad guys now.”

Who would have thought that this could possibly happen?  How could this titanic shift in the moral values of the greatest nation on Earth turn to the “dark side” so completely and rapidly?  How could the very glue and foundation stones that built this country now be vilified, hated, scorned and rejected?

This nation has turned and is ferociously biting and devouring the very hand that once fed, nourished, clothed and established them.  In essence, America is viciously stabbing to death the mother that gave us birth.

If you are under the age of 35, you might not understand how truly astonishing this transformation in our society and culture is.    I am in my early fifties, and when I was in college back in 1979, homosexuality was firmly locked behind closed doors.  Certainly on major university campuses where radical and new ideas are more accepted, one occasionally ran into a homosexual, but they were not “out and proud” like today and trumpeted as heroes and lauded like royalty.

I remember when AIDS first made its ignoble entrance onto the psyche of the American public.  It was in 1982 when the evening news reported that a strange and horrible new disease, GRID (Gay Related Immune Deficiency), had infected the nation’s blood supply.  Homosexual males were the only ones at that particular window in history who were affected by this problem.

Understandably, homosexuals were targeted for violence and were abhorred by the vast majority of people, viewed as sexual deviants whose perverse lifestyles were responsible for introducing this scourge to America.

Soon thereafter, GRID was changed to the more familiar acronym  AIDS, a deliberate attempt to shift the responsibility of the disease off of the shoulders of homosexuals and onto the public in general.  How this actually happened is a fascinating and disturbing story,  one that I recommend my readers research for themselves.  Realize, though, that there has been a concerted and effective effort by homosexual activists to obfuscate the truth in the history of this deadly disease so that many of the actual facts are now buried under mountains of misinformation.

Christians in this country, except in the last forty or so years, were for the most part respected and acknowledged for our contributions to the betterment of society and for being a guiding moral force in the nation.   Our founding fathers would literally turn over in their graves if they knew how Christians are now being treated…like second class citizens and enemies.

Many Christians are stunned at the rapidity of how things are changing in America.  We as the “head” have now become the “tail,” and anyone who understands what this will mean to the future of this country should tremble for the anguish and darkness which will soon clothe this nation and drag us into places we had never imagined going.




Oklahoma cop kills man for stabbing dog

My previous post on this tragic incident is found here.  Briefly, a suspected robber, 22-year-old Mark Salazar, led Oklahoma police on a car chase that ended with Salazar jumping out of his vehicle and running away.

Sgt. Ryan Stark then set his police dog, named “Kye,” to pursue Salazar.  When Stark finally caught up with Salazar and Kye, Salazar was stabbing the dog.  Stark then shot Salazar dead.

I won’t go over my previous post over my disgust with the military styled funeral of this animal.  My post for today will deal with whether or not Salazar was murdered by this OK police officer.

There are conflicting narratives over exactly what happened that caused Stark to kill Salazar.  One story reports that Salazar was shot when he refused to drop his knife.  The other, more disturbing narrative is from the coroner’s office that refutes this claim, claiming instead that Salazar was shot six times, with four of those shots in the back, while running away from Stark.

Clearly, the differing narratives fail to line up, and the attempts to reconcile them only increase speculation that someone is not telling the truth.  The more I research this story, the more I am inclined to believe that some type of  cover-up is occurring.

At this point, I can’t make any definitive claims as to what I believe happened that fateful day; all I can do at this point is to ask questions and try to make sense with the scant amount of information available to the public.

But I will admit to being disturbed by the death of this criminal and feel that there may be evidence to point to the uneasy conclusion that he was needlessly and wrongly gunned down by this police officer.  If my suspicions prove correct, Salazar’s death was wholly unnecessary and there may be a claim that he was murdered at the hands of the Oklahoman police department.

Because I do not go along with the masses in believing that this police dog is a “canine officer” whose death rises to the same level as the death of a human police officer killed in the line of duty, my interpretation of the events is much different than someone who believes, as Oklahoma City Police Department Capt. Dexter Nelson does, that “[T]he dog is an officer; he’s considered that officer’s partner. They train together, they work together. So when a dog gets injured, it’s like an officer getting injured.”

Here is where the problem begins:  believing that a police dog is an officer, on par with a human officer.  Once you accept this deception, you will then be in favor of another deception:  having a funeral for this dog that rivals funerals given for human officers who died in the line of duty.  Suddenly, the line between animal and human is blurred, which results in a third deception that eclipses the first two and can easily result in the killing of a human being:  if one believes that a dog is a “canine officer” that is viewed in the same way as a human police officer, and that what is done to the one—the human officer— is on the same level as that which is done to the other—the police dog—, then you will accept that killing a man or woman that is stabbing, shooting, clubbing or in anyway harming a police dog, is justified.

This is where murder becomes acceptable and where humanity crosses a line that should never be crossed.  What is more frightening for the public is when those who are called upon to protect us, the members of the police departments nationwide, turn into killers of the very public they are sworn to protect.

I am not saying that I agree with what Salazar did; the man obviously committed a crime and was being pursued by police.  He was a criminal and his crimes should be punished to the full extent of the law.  But this does not mean that the life of a criminal should be taken just because that criminal was defending himself against a vicious attack by a trained German Shepherd.

I’m certain that most of us, if confronted with the same scenario, would have done the same thing as Salazar.  A biting, snarling, vicious, attacking dog is the same whether it has been trained by a police officer or a drug dealer, and if a dog is tearing at my limbs and drawing my blood, I have every right to defend myself against that animal—police dog or not.

And in doing so, if it is an attack dog trained by the police and I am a criminal running from the scene of a crime being attacked by this dog, my life should never be in jeopardy if I kill that dog for biting, maiming and terrorizing me.  It is a dog and I am a human; there should never be any question who is more valuable.




Military funeral for dog barks up the wrong tree

The military style funeral for a K9 killed in the “line of duty” was disgusting, proving once again that America’s “over the top” love affair with pets has turned sickeningly perverse.

Yes, I know this dog was killed while performing its “duties” for the Oklahoma City Police Department and that, according to Sgt. Coy Gilbert, who gave the eulogy at the “funeral,” this dog allegedly saved the life of one of the officers.

I know police dogs are valuable assets to law enforcement.  They perform amazingly well in countless situations, are loyal, never complain about long hours or lousy pay, and don’t ask for much; at times they even save lives.

I understand all of this, but we must keep in focus what we are dealing with and not humanize something that can never be made human:  dogs—or cats, for that matter.  Or any other animal.  They are animals, always will be animals, and will never be anything more than animals.  They are not humans and never will be humans.

I find it sickening—perverse even—that this dog is being treated like a human, elevated up to the same level that is reserved only for human beings.  The video of this “funeral” is hard for me to watch:  a bagpipe player solemnly walking up the aisle to the church, followed by a line of “mourners” as they approach the flag-draped “coffin” of the dead dog.

A dead dog.  This is what we are dealing with, friends.  Let me write it again:  a dead dog.  Not a dead police officer, not a dead little girl, or a dead President of the United States, but a dead dog.

A dead dog treated as if it were a dead human being.  It is utterly inconceivable and boggles the mind that a dead dog, regardless of the great act of service it performed for mankind, is being honored as if it was a human being.

If someone might accuse me of being a “hater” of animals, you would be wrong.  When I was a child, I loved watching nature programs on television and dreamed of becoming a wildlife biologist.  At the University of Arizona, my initial major was “Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.”  I wanted to specialize in marine biology, studying dolphins.  I loved animals and all things associated with them.

Two of my heroes were Jacques Cousteau and James Herriot.  I can, without hesitation, affirm that I was one of those unusual individuals who believed animals were more valuable than humans; I wanted to dedicate my life to studying and helping them.

I was partial to animal rights activists and went to hear one of America’s first animals rights defenders, Cleveland Amory.  In my youth, if the opportunity would have presented itself, I could have seen myself being a card carrying member of a radical organization like PETA.

As I am now, I was then wholly opposed to any form of animal cruelty and neglect.  Though I am not a vegetarian, it pains me when I see animals destined for our dinner plates that are kept in unsanitary conditions, are beaten, abused, starved or kept crammed together in inadequate sized cages.

All this being said, I draw a distinct line between animals and humans.  All life that makes up the animal kingdom, from the birds that soar in the sky to the crabs that crawl across the ocean floors, are a creation of God; each are unique and special, demanding our respect, admiration and care.

But it was only to men and women that God said, “Let us make man in our image…” (Genesis 1:26).  Men and women—not animals—are the image bearers of the Divine.  Only upon people does the imprint of the Almighty Creator of the Universe lie, and no matter what type of valuable service animals provide to humans, they are, and will always be, inferior to us, separated from us by a vast and impassable chasm that can never be bridged.

Must I repeat the obvious?  Animals are animals and people are people, each occupying their own distinct place in life.  But that distinction is becoming increasingly blurred as people, particularly Westerners, have been elevating their pets to the same status as human beings.

This perversity has now found its maximum expression of vulgarity in this ridiculous and over the top “funeral” for this service dog, with all the pomp and ceremony reserved for individuals—humans—who have contributed something exemplary to the benefit of the human race.

By conducting this obscene affair for the sake of a dog, we have denigrated and cheapened what true valor and sacrifice is that  men and women suffer when they give the last full measure of their devotion in the line of duty.

The video presents to us a surreal basis for the unfolding of this story:  we have several solemn news reporters breaking a story in a somber and serious manner that one has come to expect is appropriate when someone of particular importance has died.  Perhaps the individual was the head of state of an important ally of the United States, or a high-ranking politician, or someone well known throughout the world for their contributions to the betterment of mankind.

But no, this is not a report on the death of someone famous who was universally loved and admired throughout the country or world, like Mother Theresa was, or Princess Diana when she was killed, or John F. Kennedy when he was assassinated.

No, the pomp and ceremony surrounding this funeral that had every single trapping of a funeral for some distinguished and beloved individual was for a…

…dog.  That’s correct…a dog.  Not the Pope, or the Queen of England, or the President of the United States, but a dog.  An animal that licks its butt, eats its own and other dog’s vomit, and sniffs people’s crotches, given honors that the vast majority of people never receive when they die.  A dog, elevated to the status of an individual created in the image and likeness of God.

And we wonder why people from around the world, and particularly the Muslim world, despise America so much and want nothing more than to see our culture go up in the clouds of an atomic blast, with all of our perversions and idol worshipping behaviors with it.

A “funeral” like this will no doubt only increase the hate and disgust that so many people all ready carry toward us as they blink unbelievably before their television screens and watch, open-mouthed and dumbfounded, at yet another level of lunacy and depravity that American culture has sunk to.



How to scam the world out of $5.4 billion

When I first read about Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas asking the world for a four billion dollar handout to rebuild the damage done by the Hamas initiated war in Gaza, I was skeptical of his math skills.

That is a lot of money.  How did he arrive at that figure?  What reconstruction methodology did he use to determine this stunning figure?  What experts did he rely on?   Did he hire specialists, like insurance adjusters, to arrive at this princely sum?  Will his government provide the necessary documentation to the world to prove these figures are accurate, or will the donor nations—like the United States—simply take his word for it and write out mind-boggling checks?

My natural pessimism over how things are done in the Middle East, and particularly among Muslim governments, made me immediately suspicious of this gargantuan figure.  To say I doubt the accuracy of his figures is an understatement.

When I read that Kerry pledged an immediate 212 million dollars to the “reconstruction effort,” I had to click off the page before I read the article in its entirety due to the fact my anger was getting the best of me.  That $212 million (added on top of the already almost $200 million given this year) is tax-payer money—my money— that will be going into the coffers of an anti-Israel Islamic  government that hopes for the destruction of the Jewish State.

Then, I read that the begging fest for Gaza raised an astonishing 5.4 billion dollars, well over the figure that Abbas seemingly pulled out of thin air.  It seems that the war Hamas started was the best thing that could have happened to Gaza—as far as raising money for this corrupt, anti-Semitic government.  And if a few thousand homes were destroyed in the process as well as a few thousand Palestinian lives lost , this was a necessary small sacrifice in order to replenish the war coffers depleted by Israel’s sworn enemies.  Terrorism never paid so well.

The corruption, graft and vice that is endemic in Middle Eastern politics is legendary; Yasir Arafat is an exemplary example.  Diversion of donor funds used to personally feather the nests of the PLO is as common as the millions of donated funds that regularly pour into this corrupt organization.  Yet the money spigot is never shut off:  millions of dollars—even billions—never cease to make their way into the hands of the Palestinian government.

The current leader of the Palestinian people, Mahmoud Abbas, seems to govern in virtual lock-step with his ignoble predecessor Arafat:  corruption for Abbas and his government is just a way of life…business as usual.

The clear lesson to Hamas and those intent on the annihilation of the Jewish State is unmistakeable:  any terrorist attacks against Israel will be richly rewarded by kingly sums from donor nations.  As a matter of fact, the return on terrorist investments—war against Israel—will be huge, now tabulated at 5.4 billion.

Perhaps this “donor conference” is all merely a shell game for the PLO and Hamas.  Will the 5.4 billion pledged ever be realized?  Probably not, at least not the entire sum.  But these pledges might just be part of the con for extracting immediate aid out of gullible Western nations, predominantly the United States, who will write out huge checks that will immediately and eventually find their way into the hands of both the PLO and Hamas.  As time passes, the other nations will conveniently find ways to forget about their previous pledges, knowing that America and the other Western nations will have already picked up the enormous tab.

For now, the pledges make the donor nations appear to be unusually caring and concerned about the plight of the disadvantaged Palestinians, but whether the money is ever given to the “reconstruction efforts” will be another matter.

As long as terrorism against Israel reaps such spectacular monetary rewards, the endless “build, destroy and rebuild” syndrome will certainly continue.  And why not?  The rewards cannot be matched by any other legitimate means thought up by the Palestinian authorities.


Do sandwiches shoot bullets?

I am not aware of a sandwich being able to shoot bullets, but apparently this unusual phenomena happened.  If proven to be accurate, it will doubtless shake the world.

Allow me to explain:  the following Washington Post article reported that another 18 year-old black man has been killed by a white off duty St. Louis police officer.  As expected, details coming from such a fresh story will be sketchy and will need to be revised as the story unfolds.

According to the article, the off-duty officer was moonlighting for a security company when he encountered three men acting suspiciously in a neighborhood he was patrolling.  During the foot chase and physical altercation between one of these three men and the officer, three shots were fired by the suspect at the officer.  He returned fire, killing the man.

Investigators claim they recovered a 9mm Ruger at the scene used by the gunman.  But according to the relatives of the man killed, he wasn’t carrying a gun but a sandwich.  If true, this would be the first time in history a sandwich fired three shots at an officer; this amazing feat will surely make it into the Guinness Book of World Records.



(The photo above gives new meaning to the phrase, “Killer Sandwich.”)

And what is the reaction from various members of the black community toward this unfortunate incident?  Rioting, of course, and destruction of property:  police cars had windows broken and other damage.  Over 200 protestors/rioters took to the streets, mocking officers and blocking traffic.

Previously, I wrote on the Michael Brown incident.  One article specifically addressed these senseless acts of violence that the black community all too frequently resorts to when these type of situations occur.  Unfortunately, history seems to be repeating itself.

If the ridiculous assertion from the suspects relatives that he was carrying a sandwich proves false, it will make the rioting of the black community over the incident look all the more foolish.  Why do some blacks never seem to miss an opportunity in these situations to jump to the wrong conclusions, causing the gap that exists between them and the rest of society to grow ever wider?

The LA Times wrote this:

“Tyrone Myers on Thursday identified the dead man as his nephew, 18-year-old Vonderrit Myers.

‘All I know is he came out the store with a sandwich,’ said an emotional Tyrone Myers by phone. ‘Next thing, he’s shot several times by a cop who was chasing someone else.'”

We must not forget that in the Michael Brown case, a similar yarn—I mean—story was reported by Brown’s accomplice, Dorian Johnson, in the convenience store robbery that happened moments before Brown’s shooting.  In this account, Johnson explains that he had seen Brown, 20 minutes before the shooting,  walking down the street and decided to “catch up with him.”

The picture that is conjured up in one’s mind when they read this is easy to imagine:  Johnson, minding his own business one day, notices his good friend Brown walking down the street and decides to “catch up with him” and find out how his ole’ friend is doing.  I can visualize Johnson jogging after his friend and yelling, “Yo, Michael!  Long time no see!  Whazz-up?”

Curiously, Johnson forgets to include in this heart-warming story of two friends meeting together to “catch up” on old times is the fact that both him and Brown were just involved in robbing a convenience store and that Brown (6′ 4″ tall, weighing approx. 292 pounds and sometimes known as “the gentle giant”) roughed up the store’s clerk.

I’m thinking that the “sandwich defense” is going to turn out in much the same way as the Dorian Johnson tale:  void of reality.  How do people think up these tall tales?  Since when does a sandwich have the capability to shoot bullets?   And why do so many people continually resort to knee-jerk reactions of violence and mayhem instead of patiently and civilly waiting for the facts to be determined?

No, this appears to be turning out to becoming yet another black eye on the black community.  More than anything, they need to have another leader like Martin Luther King, Jr. instead of the kind of ilk they currently have acting as their spokesmen, men like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

And we will wait and see what becomes of the “shooting sandwich.”

The need for wisdom in our lives.

You may have read about the drunk driving charge and arrest of 18 Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps.

This is his second one and some believe that it will adversely affect his ability to keep his corporate sponsors that allow him to rake in millions of dollars each year.

“’The difference between a rut and a grave is the depth — and Phelps is digging deep,’ said Dean Crutchfield, a New York-based brand consultant.

Phelps lacks wisdom, and this lack might cost him millions of dollars in lost ad revenue every year.  Not only this, but his drunk driving not only puts his life at risk but also endangers the lives of others who might become the victims to his criminal driving habits.

Wisdom is a topic I never tire of and have written about on this blog:  here and here and here.  The entire subject of wisdom is one that presents to my mind a never ending fascination.

I often ask myself:  Do I have wisdom?  First, let’s review how important wisdom is:

“How blessed is the man who finds wisdom
And the man who gains understanding.
For her profit is better than the profit of silver
And her gain better than fine gold.”  Proverbs 3:13-14 (NASB)

But exactly what is wisdom?  This is not easy to define, but information from one of my prior posts will help:

“The purpose of Proverbs is to guide the reader into wisdom, a word with many nuances.  It is related to the intellect and the control of human behavior.  It is a way of thinking about reality that enables us to pursue what is good in life.  Through wisdom, God reveals what the values of life are and how they may be achieved.” *

Here is one of the best definitions of wisdom I have discovered:

“Wisdom in Scripture means choosing the best and noblest end at which to aim, along with the most appropriate and effective means of achieving that end…In light of the wisdom literature of Scripture, Christian wisdom means making the ‘fear of the Lord’—reverent worship and service of Him—the goal of life (Prov. 1:7; 9:10; cf. Eccl. 12:13)”*

Wisdom is that mysterious attribute that singularly describes the mind of God and which each of us, if our lives would be lived in a manner that is creative, moral, upright and healthy, must also possess.  Clearly, few people walk around with wisdom being their guiding force in life, and Michael Phelps certainly lacks this vital quality in his life.

I’m not singling out Phelps and suggesting he is the only person with a similarly high profile who lacks this important attribute; I could add any number of movie stars, celebrities, sports figures, politicians, businessmen, criminals, etc. that are equally, if not more so, lacking in wisdom than Phelps.  All one has to do is read the latest news and you will find ample examples, overwhelming even, of people who make the most astonishing messes out of their lives by their foolish decisions.

To be fair, I only have to look no farther than my own life to give to the world an example of someone who has made innumerable and unwise decisions.   But the Lord is merciful, and somehow we plow through these self-made storms of disaster and lead somewhat meaningful existences.

I share this because I don’t want to give the wrong impression that I believe I am immune to making foolish and unwise decisions, like Phelps.  On the contrary, Phelps is lightyears ahead of me in making far better decisions with his life than I have with mine.

At least, from my knowledge, he has not been married and divorced, and this singularly wise decision will save him an entire lifetime of pain and heartache, as well as saving him an incredible amount of money.  If he thinks losing corporate sponsorship money over this latest drunk driving charge is hefty, wait until he calculates what he will lose monetarily if he ever goes through a nasty divorce.  That will be peanuts in comparison.  Just ask Tiger Woods.

It is true that, as we age, we often look back and wish we could live our lives over again knowing what we now know.  In researching the origin of this phrase, “look back and wish we could live our lives again,” I stumbled upon this song I never heard before:

The words are in the description.  Catchy tune that packs a powerful and meaningful punch with the lyrics.

Spend time in studying the book of Proverbs in the Old Testament.  Let these ancient words of wisdom penetrate your heart and mind until your soul is immersed in the wonder of their meanings.  Hopefully, they will help guide you into making lasting decisions that will do you good, all the way to the end of your earthly days.

*Note from “The Reformation Study Bible” by Ligonier Ministries.

Checking my credit report

For the first time in my life, I checked my free credit reports online.

I have wanted to do this for the longest time—years and years—but never got around to it.  Finally, today, October 4, 2014, I finally took the plunge.

At first, I was going to use my iPhone 5(c) and order them, but as I started the process I received an ominous message that my private information might be at risk because of WiFi.  I did not want to risk having somebody access my social security number or other intensely personal information, so I fired up my Mac.

Now, I also use WiFi whenever I use my laptop, and I thought that this would cause my personal information to be at risk like my iPhone would, so I plugged my Mac into my WiFi box which is connected to my cable router, turned off my WiFi on my Mac, and hopefully, this gave me the secure connection I needed.

Like most of us, I’m concerned about identity theft and feel fortunate, that as far as I know, I have never been a victim of this crime.  No one can be cautious enough to insure that our personal information does not fall into the some criminal’s hands.

Next, I logged onto  Since I never accessed this website before, I was suspicious about it, on the alert that it might be one of the infinite amount of scam websites that purport to be one company and end up being a portal to yet another scam.  You might think I’m paranoid, but again, you can’t be too careful when you intend to input your social security number into certain websites.

After doing a bit of searching to satisfy myself that was a legitimate site, I began the process of filling out the information.  Since I hardly ever give out my social security number to anybody—much less inputting it into a website—I was hesitant to do it here.  But sometimes you have to do what your instincts tell you that you shouldn’t.  This was one of those times.

You have the Federal right to get a free copy of your credit report once a year from the three major credit reporting companies:  Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.  One of the reasons I never did this in the past was because I hate doing the required complicated paperwork and filling out forms in order to obtain the information.  I thought that the process for getting my credit report would be painful, time-consuming, and complicated.

I was wrong.  The process was fairly simple.  What was more surprising was the instant access I had to two of the three reports after I filled out their required information; the third one  required that I mail them a filled-out form to receive the report back by mail.

What you don’t get when you request your free credit reports is your credit score, a critical piece of information that virtually everyone wants to know.  Fortunately, I receive my score free with my monthly credit card statement I receive from Discover,  saving me the price of getting it from another company.

These reports go into some detail of your past financial decisions:  mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, etc.  They also tell you who has requested to see your credit reports:  credit card companies, debt collectors, banks, auto insurance companies, etc.

If you have never obtained a copy of your credit reports, I encourage you to do so.  One of the problems that you can hopefully solve is incorrect information that might be on your report that is responsible for dragging down your score.  This in turn affects your ability to purchase items on credit, obtain a mortgage, buy a car, rent an apartment, or a myriad of other purchasing options.

Thankfully, no unexpected surprises jumped out at me as I studied my reports.  I was surprised to see that the debt collector who is falsely accusing me of owing a debt requested to see my credit report in 2013, months before his law firm eventually sued me.

Since I have a decent credit score, he may have used this information to decide on whether or not to come after me.  If I had a terribly low score that signified I’m not responsible in paying off my debts, he may have decided I was not worth pursuing.  But now, this bottom feeder looks on my responsibility in paying my bills as a target worth pursuing.

I plan on writing more on this continuing saga with this debt collector later.


Transgendered lunacies

America is fast becoming a nation where insanity rules.

Fewer cases of this increasing insanity can be more clearly seen than in how so-called “transgendered” people are being allowed to run havoc in the workplace.

Consider this story about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) suing two companies who allegedly were discriminating against their “transgendered” employees.

First, lets define what a “transgendered” person supposedly is.  The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it this way:

“…of, relating to, or being a person (as a transsexual or transvestite) who identifies with or expresses a gender identity that differs from the one which corresponds to the person’s sex at birth.”

In other words, if you were born a man and one day decide that you identify yourself as a woman, you would fit the definition of a “transgendered” individual.  Vice-versa if you were born a female and one day decided you were a male.

Sheer nonsense.  Utter foolishness.  Zero evidence for this ridiculous concept as being based in fact from any legitimate scientific community.  According to  Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, transgenderism is a “mental disorder.”

Evidently, there is an increasing amount of individuals around America with this particular mental disorder that are taking their delusions one step further by requesting, and obtaining, radical medical procedures that will “change” them from their original sex into the opposite sex.

If you are a man and believe you are a woman, this could mean you could have “reassignment surgery” where your penis and testicles are removed and replaced with a pseudo-vagina.  Or, in the alternate case of a woman thinking she is a man, her “reassignment surgery” could include hacking off her breasts and adding a penis and testicles to where her vagina once was.

What is even more remarkable in all this lunacy is that there are people who actually believe that a man can somehow be changed into a real woman, and vice-versa, by undergoing such radical surgeries and hormone therapies.  That there are doctors and hospitals where this kind of nonsense is facilitated only adds to the madness of where America has been reduced to.

The rapid moral decline of the United States of America is shocking.  We were once a nation known for our high moral standards and imminently respected around the globe.  Alexis de Tocqueville, the famous French political thinker and historian, said this about the United States:

“America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”

The world at one time looked upon America with reverence and awe not only because of our financial might, military power, vast natural resources, unheard of freedoms and high standard of living, but also because we were a nation comprised of good, moral, honest, decent, law-abiding and hard-working citizens.  We were a country uniquely identified as being a “Christian nation.”

We were great because we were good.

Now, we are known, and have been known for some time, as a nation of greedy, lawless, dishonest, lazy, immoral and selfish people.  I’m not here to suggest or imply that everyone in America has turned this way, because I know there are multiplied millions of people who still cling to Christian values and remain good people, the embodiment of everything that was once right about us and made us the envy of the world.

But there has been, and continues to be, a fundamental transformation of America that continues at breakneck speed.  It seems that everything good and moral that this country once stood for is now being targeted for destruction as quickly as possible.  We are jettisoning virtually everything that made the United States the envy of the world.

This swan dive into the sewers of moral relativism is not without consequences.  Consider this case of a high school in Kentucky whose school council voted 8-1 to allow transgendered students to use whatever bathroom or locker room they most “identify with.”

For example, let’s say you have a daughter who is a freshman at this high school.  After a strenuous workout in PE, she goes to freshen up in the school showers.  This particular day, both the freshman and junior classes had PE together at the same time.

But a “transgendered” student by the name of “Shirley” (born “Larry” but now identifies himself as a female), 6’2″ and 220 pounds of all muscle, “Shirley” is just as hot as your daughter from working out in the humid Kentucky schoolyard.  He, I mean, she, will be taking a shower also…right next to your freshman daughter.   That’s right, buff “Shirley” will be naked next to your daughter.

Explain to me in whatever manner you can why you think this can possibly be a good idea.

But this is where America has now arrived, and for some reason, eight people on this school counsel who voted for this insane idea could probably come up with an excuse to justify their stupidity.

It will only be a matter of time before disaster strikes over these evil policies.  Watch for defenseless young teen-age women being raped in their school showers by their transgendered counterparts, all because of deranged school board councils and members.

God help this country.