Jehovah’s Witnesses and shunning

If I was to rank all the wicked things that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is guilty of, shunning would make the top three.

Shunning, as practiced by the WTBTS, is the deliberate rejection of other JW members who have either been disfellowshipped or have fallen into some kind of disfavor by the organization.   It is a cruel practice that numbs the sensibilities of civilized people.

Do you JW’s know that Jesus spoke about the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society in the Bible?  He did; please allow me to show you.

One of the passages of Scripture where the WTBTS is mentioned is found in Mark 7:1-13.  Please read these verses before proceeding with the rest of today’s post.

We know that the scribes and Pharisees in the New Testament were, for the most part, bitter enemies of Jesus.  These two sects exerted an undue influence over the lives of the common people.  Though the scribes and Pharisees were well versed in the Jewish scriptures, this knowledge was centralized in their intellect and never found expression in compassionate judgments from their hearts.

In short, these men were brutal and cruel in their dealings with their fellow Jews, wholly lacking in two of the most precious attributes that most identifies someone as being a follower of Christ:  mercy and compassion.

Because of their hypocrisy and cruelty, Jesus reserved His harshest criticisms and condemnations for them.  Legendary is the harsh rebuke that Jesus had for them as can clearly be seen in the “Eight Woes” found in Matthew 23:13-33.

In the passage of Scripture in Mark chapter 7, Jesus found Himself in a situation where the scribes and Pharisees were complaining to Him because His disciples offended their religious sensibilities by eating with “impure hands” (see verses 3-5).

Notice that Mark makes a point in verse 3 that this particular grievance they had against the Lord’s disciples was part of “the traditions of the elders” and not something that was strictly against the teachings and commandments of Moses or the Prophets.

After the scribes and Pharisees witnessed the disciples eating with unwashed hands, they said to Jesus, “Why do your disciples not walk according to the tradition of the elders, but eat their bread with impure hands?” (verse 5, NASB)

Jesus, not one to mince or waste words with such wicked men, said, “Rightly did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites…” (verse 6).  He then said, “Neglecting the commandment of God, you hold to the tradition of men” (verse 8).

Jesus then brings up the fifth commandment, “Honor your father and your mother,” offering an example of how these hypocrites did an end around this law by appealing to one of their “traditions of men” known as “Corban.”

You might be asking, “Roy, how does all this fit into what you wrote that Jesus spoke against the WTBTS?”

Countless JW’s have no contact with either their fathers or their mothers because they are being shunned.   For the most part, it is probably true that the reason why these parents are being shunned is because they have fallen out of favor with some pet doctrine of the Governing Body and not because they have been found guilty of engaging in some gross sin.

Maybe this shunned mom and/or dad are no longer walking “in the truth,” i.e., they no longer consider themselves followers of the peculiar teachings of the WTBTS.  Maybe they have been disfellowshipped for no longer walking lock-step in line with the “traditions” of the GB.  Maybe they no longer faithfully participate in the door-to-door “preaching ministry” on Saturdays or dutifully attend all the required weekly meetings.

Regardless of the reasons why the parent or parents are being “shunned,” the end result is the same:  the children shunning them are grossly violating the clear and unambiguous teaching found in the fifth commandment and choosing instead to obey the “traditions of the GB.”

I cannot emphasize enough how evil and satanic shunning is.  For a child to shun a parent for any reason except if that parent committed a serious crime (murder, rape, sexual assault or molestation against the child, etc.) is to act wholly contrary to the clear commandment of God to honor and obey one’s parents.

If a parent is guilty of a heinous crime against a family member, such as molestation, sex trafficking of that child, physical violence, etc., I will be the first to agree that that parent should be shunned in the fullest extent of the word.  They are not fit to be the parent of that child and should—they must—be shunned and pay for such crimes by spending due time in prison.

But these extreme examples probably make up a minute portion of the shunning cases currently happening among faithful JW’s.  Instead, the vast majority are cases where the parents are shunned are because they have fallen out of favor with WT doctrines, policies and/or procedures.

Shunning, in the exact same way that Jesus said about “Corban,” invalidates the Word of God by WT tradition that has been handed down for decades (verse 13).  It is an evil that has caught countless JW’s in its pernicious web.

I spend much time in my writings and videos exposing the blatant and unending hypocrisy that makes up so much of being a JW.  Though the Lord Jesus Christ did not mention the “Watchtower Bible and Tract Society” by name when He rebuked the hypocrites of His day, there is no doubt in my mind that He had them lumped into this nefarious group when He pronounced the harsh judgements that He did in the Scriptures.

Many Jehovah’s Witnesses are willfully deceived – (Part two)

The discussion then revolved on the prophecy concerning the year 1975.  Matt (the elderly gentleman’s name) answered:

“You have a misconception there.  I’m not saying you’re wrong.  What I know…I’m telling you what I know.  It wasn’t a misconception about 1975.  It was a lot of people that chose to think of it maybe not quite so right.”

Puzzled, I asked, “What do you mean?”

He answered, “Well, never in the pages of the WT did they say, did the Witnesses say, that the end was coming in 1975.  They never said that.  But some people, what was said, in terms of bible chronology, it was a demarcation of a time period, that’s all it was.”

I then asked him about the 1968 Watchtower article that asked, “Why are you looking forward to 1975?”  He answered:

“That was back in 1975…things change, and we realize a lot of things that are going on…a lot of it is looking in a rear view mirror…us humans don’t know everything; that’s why I keep studying.”

The facts tell a different story than how Matt is choosing to remember it.  Here are two relevant pictures:



The top picture is the actual article and the second picture is the continuation of the article.  Note the two arrows.  Here is what the wording in the first black arrow reads in part:

“Are we to assume from this study that the battle of Armageddon will be all over by the autumn of 1975, and the long-looked-for 1,000 year-reign of Christ…”

The second arrow reads, in part:

“And yet the end of that sixth creative ‘day’ could end within the same Gregorian calendar year of Adam’s creation.  It may involve only a difference of weeks or months, not years.”

Contrary to what Matt alleged, this article clearly states that 1975 was going to be the year that the “long-looked-for 1,000 year-reign of Christ” would be ushered in.  Matt either has a poor memory and is unintentionally fuzzy on the details, or else he is trying to deceive me.

The problem with the WTBTS is their extensive written record that anyone can locate within a small amount of time and searching on the internet.  One does not have to rely on hearsay or the fallible memories of aging JW’s; any interested individual can go to the source documents and read for themselves exactly what was taught on any of these controversial subjects.

Not only does the WTBTS leave behind an extensive written record of their false prophecies, they also leave behind an audio record.  For example, click here for a Youtube video that clearly shows that Matt’s memory of 1975 is positively erroneous.

Can Matt be mistaken in his memories, or is he a deceiver and a liar?  I believe the evidence clearly points to the fact that Matt is intentionally trying to cover up the muddy tracks left behind by this deceptive organization that falsely predicted the end of the world in 1975.

Friends, my post should cause you to be alarmed at the intentional falsification that many members of the WTBTS undergo in trying to whitewash this wicked organizations history.  They deliberately and consciously seek to alter embarrassing history that is available for public scrutiny, endeavoring to convince others that the WTBTS never said what they actually did.  This is an evil that defies explanation.

As I have reported on many occasions, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is one of the most deceptive and hypocritical of any religious organization on the planet today.  I am honored that in my small way, I am a part of an ever increasing group of people doing what they can to expose the evil of this satanic organization.




Many Jehovah’s Witnesses are willfully deceived – (Part one)

I am continually amazed at how easily deceived so many people are.

At one time I believed that those who were in cults such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, the Moonies, etc., were all innocent victims who were deceived and tricked into becoming members of these false religions.  I don’t necessarily believe this any more.

Certainly there are those innocents who are involved in cults because they were born and raised in them.  I’m speaking of the children that are born into families of generational cult members.  These children did not choose their religion—their religion chose them.

I have been involved in studying and exposing cults for over three decades; my main focus has been on Jehovah’s Witnesses.  My sister has been in this false religion for over thirty years; her involvement was, and continues to be, one of the impetus’ for my continuing involvement and interest.

As I age and gain more experience in dealing with life and people, I’m learning some fascinating things.   One of the more interesting revelations is the disturbing reality that many people involved in cults remain in them because they choose to.  Though they know their religion has many problems—like the issue of the myriad of false prophecies their leaders have made—they choose to stay involved.

This is an area I have only recently become cognizant of.    As I wrote above, I have always been under the impression that people who stay in cults for decades—even their entire lifetimes—do so only because they have been unwittingly deceived and/or brainwashed.

On the contrary, many people in cults remain in them even though they realize the serious problems their group has.  Instead of doing the right and noble thing (leaving), they stay, willfully choosing to turn a blind eye to the problems they clearly see.

This willful blindness is magnified because of the rise of the internet; now, all the knowledge that a person needs to obtain to make a reasoned and rational decision about their group is only a few mouse clicks away, leaving people without an excuse.  They stay in the cult because they choose to.

This was further confirmed to me about two weeks ago when I had an unusual opportunity to interview an elderly JW man at the summer convention here in Tucson, AZ.  This was a remarkable conversation with this man due to the fact that such dialogues rarely, if ever, happen in these circumstances.

At the summer JW conventions, your normal conversations with the rank and file members does not happen.  And if you do manage to strike up a conversation with someone, it is quickly ended by a JW elder or usher putting their arm around the individual speaking with you, gently whispering something in their ear, and leading them away.

This is why my approximate 20 minute conversation with this elderly man was so unusual.  I was holding the sign below when I approached him while he was sitting with a younger woman whom I supposed to be his daughter:


I asked him if I could get his opinion on what he thought about the teaching concerning the 1914 generation and how, 100 years later, this prediction has proven to be another false prophecy of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

Our conversation was revealing in several points (I have the entire interaction recorded on video and hope to have it uploaded to Youtube shortly.)  He admitted that, like myself, he had questions about this teaching, but after doing additional research, he found answers that satisfied him.

One thing he was adamant about:  the Watchtower never claimed to be a “prophet,” an interesting twist that, if found to be true, would absolve the WT of the damming charge of being a “false prophet.”

He justified this false prophecy with your typical JW answer:

“I think it was about ten or fifteen years ago…we had a magazine that described what was understood to mean by “generation.”  So what we had to do too, is to adjust our thinking to “increasing light” as to what that means—the term “generation”—and it doesn’t necessarily mean a 20 year period…it doesn’t mean that…

“The thing is we have to put all the pieces of the puzzle in together as time goes on and expand our understanding of things so that we get the proper understanding.  We don’t want to just take off one idea and then conclude everything else is false and not look at new information.”

(continued in Part Two)


Jehovah’s Witnesses are hypocrites

At least the vast majority of the ones I have contact with.

Here is my latest video proving this:

First, let me explain some details of this video.  The poster I was carrying is an actual copy from the front cover of the May 15, 1984 Watchtower.  Here is a picture:



If you blow the picture up, you will see numbers over the heads of each of these elderly JW’s.  Directly under this picture is a yellow bar with each of the names, year of births, and year of deaths, corresponding to each of the numbers on their heads.  My apologies for the poor quality of this photo.

Again, this is the poster I brought into the Convention…an exact copy of their own literature.  Since it is their  literature, why the big fuss made of me being in there?  Granted, there is a web address on the bottom, but this does not take away from the reality that this is a copy of their own publication.

I was not preaching inside or causing any trouble; the video clearly shows this.   As a matter of fact, their website says this:

“We warmly invite you to attend this year’s three-day convention presented by Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

And this:

“Who may attend?  Everyone.”

There is no mention on this page of cameras or other video recording equipment being forbidden inside these areas.  As a matter of fact, the particular building I was in was not the main building where the Convention was held, but was across the breezeway and accessed either by taking an escalator down into the building or walking across the aforementioned breezeway and walking down to the bottom of the building.

Notice the friendly wording of the invitation:  “We warmly invite you…”  My reception was anything but warm, but again, we are dealing with an organization that is so hypocritical that it almost defies description.  You only get a warm reception from them if you agree with all their blasphemous doctrines, false prophecies, and are willing to submit yourself under their iron-fisted control.

As usual, the JW’s are guilty of overreacting, thronging around me as if I was a terrorist clutching a dirty bomb, and they, members of Homeland Security, were escorting me out of the building.  I’m surprised they didn’t wrestle me to the ground and slap me in handcuffs.

I have dealt with JW’s in these convention settings for over 20 years. They are among the most hateful and violent of people I have met; even their little old ladies are violent, as this video shows.  The only ones that beat them in violence and hatred are the Muslims.

I invite everyone to come join me at these conventions.  Few people see the JW’s as they actually are because they hide behind carefully constructed masks when they knock on our front doors.  But when you get them when they are all together in large groups, like at the summer conventions, that mask is easily ripped off and their true natures are revealed.

Often when the JW’s become hateful and violent towards me, I will say something like this to them, “Didn’t Jesus say to ‘love your enemies’?  If I was truly your enemy, you should be showing me love, right?  But no, you are proving by your behavior that ‘a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.’  The fruit of the Watchtower is putrid.”

I was attacked by yet another JW last year at these same conventions last summer.  I had him arrested.  Again, violence, whether it be actual physical violence or hateful stares and comments, is such typical behavior for JW’s that it never surprises me when it breaks out.  I’ve had rocks thrown at me, people threaten to kill me, and even one little kid hiss at me, “I hope you get Aids!”

Jesus did say, “You will know them by their fruits.” (Matthew 7:16)  If anyone contemplating becoming a JW would spend just one weekend with me at one of their summer conventions, they would run from this organization like they were running from the bubonic plague.