Republican victory won’t change a single thing

I voted Republican all my life, but this recent victory by the party I once enthusiastically endorsed will change little, if anything, in America.

I must confess something that many of my readers will be deeply distressed over:  I have not voted in any election since George Bush the second and probably never will again.  Why?  I grew weary of all the lies and double-dealings of Republicans, and when I realized the majority of them lied, conned and deceived as  much as the Democrats, I threw in the towel.

I knew there was no hope for America and believed then as I do now:  God is as sick of this country and our wickedness as much as I am.

Perhaps I am wrong with this belief.  Maybe God still loves America and our best days are ahead of us.  Maybe, like so many Christians believe, a great revival and awakening is soon coming on this country and will sweep away all the wickedness and rot that has become the hallmark of our nation.

I’m certainly not holding my breath.

If you were to describe me, yes, I admit, I am a solid pessimist, but this pessimism is deeply rooted in reality.  Anybody who thinks that America is getting better, growing more moral, drawing closer to God and righteousness, is walking around with rose colored glasses on and seeing only what they want to see.

Consider what I believe to be a typical Christian, over-the-top, shallow, arrogant, irrationally exuberant and wholly unfounded with head firmly planted in the sands of denial, article.

The writer gushes:

“Millions of Americans have been praying to the God of the Holy Bible for help since the beginning of this Obama nightmare. Believing Americans know that our God is bound by His own character and promises to deliver when we humble ourselves and trust Him. Tuesday the 4th was the beginning of America’s miracle…turning her back to greatness, freedom and her Christian roots.”

Her presumption is so glaring that it makes me want to gag.  Tuesday the 4th was the beginning of America’s miracle?  If the election of a bunch of compromising politicians represents a “miracle” and the beginning of America returning to “greatness, freedom, and her Christian roots,”  I would like to know what she’s smoking.

Her deep deception is further revealed by this shocking statement:

“Obama has faced the unique giant of ‘capitalist America’ and hit a big wall. He keeps hitting and hitting with his communistic sledge hammer desperately trying to put cracks in the wall. Apparently no one told him that this capitalist wall was built by God himself and is steel to the core.”

One of the problems with American Christians is our spiritual blindness, our deeply disturbed theology that calls evil good and good evil.  This writer continues to make the same error throughout this article:  presuming to speak for God when His own Word contradicts her absurd presumptions.

Like anyone, I enjoy my comforts: hot showers, comfortable lodgings, plenty to eat, unlimited choices of ice cream, refreshing air conditioning in the summer and comforting heat in the winter, etc.  If there was ever a country that was flowing with milk and honey, it is the good ole’ USA.  White privilege certainly has its advantages.

But in the same way that I am repulsed by women body builders who use steroids to transform themselves into hideous caricatures of a man’s over-the-top body building and steroid freak shows, I know that our love affair and undying obsessions with affluence and comfort are just as perverse.


(Painful even to look at…)

We have taken our blessings and turned them into our gods, going overboard in the precise way that bodybuilders use steroids to pervert the natural beauty and symmetry of a well-toned and healthy body, transforming themselves into human freaks.


(Imagine your daughter bringing this guy home and announcing, “Mom and Dad, this is the man I want to marry.  Will you give us your blessing?”)

Here, in my opinion, is what Jesus thinks about “capitalist America”:

“Then He said to them, ‘Beware, and be on your guard against every form of greed; for not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his possessions.'”  Luke 12:15 (NASB)

How do we square what Jesus said about “abundance” and what this writer considers a blessing?  It can’t be squared, and though I don’t believe that it is God’s will that every Christian live as the Lord Jesus did (“The foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head” Luke 9:58), He certainly did not mean for His people to continually strive to live in ever bigger, ever better, more fancy houses with never ending remodeling projects that are no sooner completed until dissatisfaction sets in and we crave the newest “look.”

And it gets worse as she writes:

“We have tons of clean up, undoing and fixing on our plate. American’s main job now is to keep on the House and the Senate to stay on point and undo what they can. This is no time for more political power games. This is no time to play it safe – trying to look cautious for 2016. The House and the Senate must be American men and women understanding we are in a national emergency and in intensive care thanks to Obama. They must be ‘brave hearts’ on a courageous mission to get America and her freedom back in line or they should get out of town and join the sellouts that were just thrown out of office.”

Now, I agree that “we have tons of clean up, undoing and fixing on our plate,”  but her remedy for this problem is as off as anything else in this horrid article:  she is looking to politicians to solve the problem, the very people that have already proved over and over again that they can’t fix the problems; they are the problems. 

And mark my words:  the next election or two will show the American public getting so sick and tired of these current “saviors” that they will replace them and the Democrats will regain the upper hand.  It is all so predicable it’s pathetic.


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