Did the Nazi’s mass murder homosexuals in death camps?

I’ve been fascinated by WW2 for decades and heard that Hitler instituted a “gay holocaust” against countless homosexuals.

Upon closer examination, this is a myth.

Like much of gay revisionism that seeks to perpetually cast homosexuals as helpless victims continually in need of protection, the carefully choreographed legend that homosexuals were special targets of Nazi brutality dissipates under careful scholarship.

In fact, contrary to the prevailing narrative that the ranks of the Nazi’s were dominated by “men’s men” (masculine, manly, straight, the Clint Eastwood type as portrayed in his movies), many of Hitler’s henchmen—and this  applies to Hitler himself—were sodomites.

I’m not saying these soldiers lacked bravery or were not formidable foes on the battlefield; for the most part, they were loyal and accomplished men of war whose commitment to Germany and exploits on the battlefield are exemplary in countless instances.

But many of them were also cruel and sadistic, modern barbarians who were responsible for some of the most heinous crimes against humanity known in the history of mankind.

Few people are aware that the Nazi party was founded primarily by active homosexuals; it is disputed whether or not Hitler himself was a practicing homosexual, especially during the time before he rose to power in Germany.

That both Hitler and many in his Nazi party were homosexuals is not a fact members of the LGBTQ community desire to have promulgated; such facts do not bode well for their agenda of normalizing—even glorifying—the nefarious “sin against nature” from sea to shining sea in the United States.

For those interested in this topic, I will include a link to the excellent book, “The Pink Swastika” by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams.  Here is a link to a website where you can download much of the book—the 4th edition—for free.

Here is the chapter which debunks the myth that homosexuals were murdered/incarcerated/tortured en masse in death camps.

Here it is on Amazon.

A well researched book as explosive as this  will have its fair share of critics; facts presented here throws cold water on the false narratives constantly pushed by the LGBTQ movement seeking to normalize sexual deviancy.

Those familiar with the tactics of the LGBTQ movement to discredit, ridicule, defame and spread falsehoods against anyone brave enough to publicly expose their immoral agenda should be aware that their tried and proven smear tactics have gone into overdrive to discredit the “Pink Swastika.”

For example, from the Wikipedia article:

“The book, in which the authors argue that homosexuality in the Nazi Party contributed to the extreme militarism of Nazi Germany, has been widely debunked and drawn extensive criticism from historians.”

Interestingly, the reference that Wikipedia uses to support this allegation is from an article in the apparently pro-gay news outlet called “Boston Magazine.”  This article then references another article from the Advocate,  a well known cheerleader for all things gay—hardly a non-biased source—that supposedly “thoroughly debunked” Lively and Abrams book.

Lively counters with this statement:

“Since we first published this exhaustively documented history book in 1995 we’ve challenged all critics to debate the facts in any neutral unedited forum but never had a single taker.  And in 23 years of fake news coverage of the book, not a single liberal ‘journalist’ has ever accepted our challenge to actually fact-check it point by point and report their findings to the public.”  

What comes from this back and forth debate on whether or not the “Pink Swastika” is “fake history” or not is simply to read it for yourself, check out its abundant references, and make your own decision.