Apple CEO Tim Cook: “I’m proud to be gay”

Apple CEO Tim Cook came “out” today and announced: “I’m proud to be gay.” I was shocked, though not surprised, and believe Cook’s bold and unashamed announcement for being a sodomite is a foolish and reckless confession for the leader of the world’s most profitable and respected company.

Does the word “sodomite” bother you?  Does my using it to describe Cook or any other gay man cause you to cringe?  Am I being hateful, intolerant, or mean when I describe Cook by this biblical description?

homo's holding hands

(This very well could be what Apple CEO Tim Cook and his gay lover might look like while walking around Cupertino’s massive complex on their way to a shareholder’s meeting.)

The dictionary defines a sodomite as “a person who has anal sex with another person; someone who practices sodomy.”  If you become uncomfortable when someone uses the word “sodomite” to describe a homosexual, the problem is with you and not the one using the word.  It is a perfectly acceptable way to describe Tim Cook.

He has effectively alienated his bible-believing supporters, like myself. I own an iPhone 5s, a Macbook Pro, and a minuscule amount of Apple stock. I was seriously considering upgrading to the iPhone 6+, but Cook’s brash announcement effectively put the brakes on this purchasing decision. How can I, in all conscience, continue to support Apple and buy their first-rate products knowing that their CEO has just given God the finger…and not even blushed about it? How can I support a company, regardless of the quality of their products, whose CEO stands wholly opposed to biblical values and makes a mockery of the very values I would die for?

Cook should resign…immediately. He has used his position as the leader of the world’s highest profile company as a bully pulpit for his perversion. From my reading on this, Steve Jobs, one of Apple’s founders, avoided discussing issues that were unrelated to the core business of Apple. This was prudent, and though Jobs was not known to be friendly to Christianity, at least he did not come out publicly and ridicule the cherished values of millions of Christians who no doubt spend heavily on Apple products.


(This quaint shot could also be reminiscent of Apple CEO Tim Cook with his unknown gay lover as they stroll around the mega-Apple complex in Cupertino.  Is this depraved scene what many Apple shareholders want to see of their CEO?  I highly doubt it, and shame on Cook for pushing this in our faces.)

Perhaps it is time for Christians to boycott Apple. It will be tough for me to no longer support or buy Apple products, but Cook has drawn a line in the sand that I am not willing to cross.

Cook’s confession goes from bad to worse.  In the same breath when he says, “I’m proud to be gay,” he then drops this bombshell:  “…and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.”

The word “gay” is a smokescreen word that brings a fog between the one act that identifies one as being a male homosexual—sodomy—and the general, non-homosexual public.  “Gay” used to mean “happy,” but this word, highjacked by homosexual activists, has been turned upside down.  These activists have done all they can to separate the “infamous act against nature” from the very center of the homosexual experience:  anal sex.  You cannot have one without the other.

One might correctly say that sodomy and being a homosexual are one and the same in the same way that a tree and its root system are one and the same:  you can’t have one without the other.

But since male-to-male sodomy is such a glaringly unnatural and perverse act (not to mention fraught with frightening medical risks), abhorrent to most normal thinking people, homosexual activists have correctly sought to separate the essence of their identity–sexual perversions—from the general public.  Friends, I have to be frank:  anal sex is a disgusting and filthy (literally) sex act, wholly unnatural.  Those who participate in this and whose lifestyles revolve around this revolting act are aberrant and should not be held up in the eyes of the world as heroes and role models to the young and impressionable.

But am I wrong in what I wrote?  Is this not precisely what Tim Cook is bragging about when he gushes that he “is proud to be gay”?  Why do people never get down and dirty (no pun intended) and accurately describe what homosexuals do when they engage in sex acts with other men?  Is not the act of sodomy the elephant in the room when the topic of homosexuality is discussed?

For Cook to make the astonishingly false claim that God gifted him with sodomy is nothing less than blasphemous; he is a liar and is so depraved and wicked in his twisted thinking that he seeks to bring the holy and pure character of God down to his gutter level.  How this pervert ever got to be the leader of one of the greatest companies in the world is one of those profound and unexplainable mysteries of life.

The problem in society today is that we have been completely duped by the Gay Gestapo into goose-stepping to their music, tacitly agreeing to play by their rules when homosexuality is brought up for discussion.   Instead of calling a “spade a spade” when describing gay sex and just how filthy and disgusting it is, we avoid the graphic and realistic aspect of the “infamous crime against nature” and treat it as normal lovemaking between a man and a woman.

Tim Cook is a sodomite.  (Think about this for a moment and visualize exactly what this means.)  Not content to keep his perversion hidden inside the corporate closets of behemoth Apple and the privacy of his own sordid bedroom, he now has chosen to go public with his depravity and push it in shareholders faces, forcing us to confront something that most of us would rather not have to deal with, especially from the one man who is at the mighty helm of the great ship called “Apple.”

So Cook is proud that him and whoever he happens to be sleeping with at the current moment are engaging in anal sex?  Does Cook also engage in any of the other abominable sexual perversions common among sodomites, such as rimming, golden showers, or fisting?  Is he proud of these infamous acts also that are part and parcel of the “gay” experience?


(I just can’t imagine this.  Maybe this will become the new symbol for Apple?)

In my book, Tim Cook coming out and bragging of his perverse sexual orientation is a sad day for Apple.  I believe time will prove it to be one of the most unfortunate blunders Apple has made in its long, stellar history.  And I tire of having sodomites continually shove their perversions in the face of all Americans and demand we treat them as royalty.

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