Roy Spears is a writer with an unusual and controversial passion:  he is an open-air preacher.  A Christian since his late teens, he communicates the truths of Jesus Christ by speaking primarily on university campuses.

Open-air preaching is, by nature, controversial.  The stereotypes surrounding those who communicate the Gospel in this fashion are decidedly negative–and rightly so.   This is unfortunate, for Roy believes there are few ways more effective in sharing the life-altering message of Jesus than by bold and unashamed public proclamation.

In his preaching work, he does not reduce himself or the message to “carnal methods.”  He rejects the common practice of many rogue preachers who call people names, use ridicule, or behave in a manner unbecoming to a Christian gentleman.

He has set 2 Timothy 2:24-26 as the standard of his public ministry:

“The Lord’s bond-servant must not be quarrelsome, but be kind to all, able to teach, patient when wronged, with gentleness correcting those who are in opposition, if perhaps God may grant them repentance leading to the knowledge of the truth,  and they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, having been held captive by him to do his will.” (NASB)

He seeks to emulate the person and character of Jesus when he preaches, understanding there is no better example than His to follow.  John described Jesus as being “full of grace and truth” (John 1:14), a benchmark by which Roy measures his ministry.

Roy is also a defender of life, a voice for the defenseless and an advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves:  the unborn.  For over thirty years he has spoken against the evils of abortion on demand, and uses this issue as a platform to reach university students with the claims of Jesus.

Roy lives in Arizona.  To contact him, leave a message below, call or text him at (520) 331-4004.


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