America down the rabbit hole

For anyone still under the delusion that there is any hope for America, the continued unfolding of the freak show with Bruce Jenner should quench that fantasy.

By now, this infamous and grotesque Vanity Fair cover has been unfortunately seen by countless millions around the globe:


Matt Barber, one of the few writers who has an uncanny ability to correctly view things in their proper perspectives, has written an excellent article on this sad and perverse story, appropriately title, “One screwed up Jenner-ation.”  It should be required reading in every public school system that teaches students about so-called “LGBTQ” rights and issues.

I tired years ago of talking heads or pundits that claimed—and still claim— that “America is at a tipping point” or “the only hope for America is a revival.”  Even well-meaning Christians, who should know better, should be able to correctly discern the signs of the times and understand that no such revival will happen to prevent the complete and utter destruction of this wicked nation.

The die has been cast and we will surely reap what we have sown.  We reached the proverbial “tipping point” decades ago and corporately decided that we were not interested in conducting the affairs of this nation on God’s standards and chose to run it on our own.  Bruce Jenner is simply the mathematical fruit of that fateful decision and we will only be subjected to more of the same perverse nightmares that the willing media is only too happy to report on.

The senses of any moral-minded man or woman is repulsed by this sickening photo spread of a demon-possessed and mentally insane individual who actually believes he is a woman trapped in a man’s body.  And that a major magazine would chose to print such filth is simply another sign of the ever deepening moral rot that this country is joyfully embracing and stewing in.

Though I almost whole heartedly agree with Matt Barber’s excellent article, there is one sentence I take issue with him on:

“Bruce Jenner is worthy of pity and prayer, not adulation.”

I agree with the last half of this sentence, that Jenner is not worthy of adulation, but it is the first half I stand opposed to, that he is “worthy of pity and prayer.”

The fact is that Jenner and all who are like him—individuals, corporations, businesses, non-profit organizations, etc.,—who go to the great lengths and expense that he has to parade his perversion in the public eye, are not worthy of pity and prayer, in much the same way that the Nazi propaganda machine that sought to brainwash the German people into accepting and defending National Socialism was not worthy of anyone’s pity or prayers.

Jenner and his allies are enemies of the moral minded people of America and they are intent on destroying the very fabric and root of this nation, to dismantle Christianity piece by piece and replace our Judea/Christian heritage  with a pagan and demonic worldview that will enslave all of us and strip us of our rights, freedoms and liberty.

We don’t pity these people.  We go to war against them, because if we don’t, and I fear we have already lost the war, they will destroy us, our children, and our future.  And when they conquer us, take my word they will neither pity nor pray for us but will laugh and spit in our faces for our stupidity and foolishness for allowing them to subjugate us without a fight.

Jesus said it best in Luke 17:1-2:

“He said to His disciples, “It is inevitable that stumbling blocks come, but woe to him through whom they come! 2“It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea, than that he would cause one of these little ones to stumble.…”

Do you believe that Jesus wanted us to have pity and pray for those who cause stumbling to His little ones?  Yes, I’m sure some of my readers will quote Matthew 5:43-44; I could not argue with you.  But I have learned something from making the Bible an object of life-long study and contemplation:  all of us cherry pick from this wonderful book and take from it what we want, finding in its magnificent pages justification for our own beliefs.

But I have learned we must “take the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27).  And part of doing this is take verses such as this one into consideration:

“But these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slay them in my presence.”  Luke 19:27

(Please take note that I am not suggesting that we kill our enemies; I am simply including this verse to prove a point, not justify a violent course of action.)

Few Americans, very few, understand what is happening in this country.  Fewer still have grasped the significance of the times in which we live and the reality that this country will never turn back to our Christian roots.  On the contrary, the majority of people are walking around wearing blindfolds and rose-colored glasses, naively believing that we are going through some temporary speedbumps and will eventually return to morality and godliness.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Believing such has been one of the greatest impediments to embarking on a strategy for real change, and that small window of time that perhaps could have been used to steer America back on track has been long lost.

May the Lord have mercy on America.  We need it now and will soon need it even more.


American dogs treated better than children

It is countless articles like this one that shows the ever deepening depravity of the United States of America.

This country cares more about dogs and cats than innocent babies slaughtered by abortion.

If you disagree with me, ask yourself this question:  how many news reports, advertisements, Facebook posts/photos and Youtube videos do you come across that talk about people’s pets as compared to the issue with babies being ripped apart in their mother’s wombs via “safe and legal abortions”?

Americans and the media are obsessed with pets.  Like this article from Tucson over a stolen puppy, you would think that with all the attention and press that pets receive in this warped country that animals are on the same level as humans.

Actually, they are.  And for many people, they are elevated above humans, especially if those humans live inside their mother’s wombs.

I find this pet phenomena disturbing, particularly when I compare it with the lack of reporting on this country’s systematic slaughter of our unborn children.

If you doubt my word about my choice of words, “systematic slaughter of abortion,” click here.  And here.  But let me warn you:  what you are about to see is graphic, bloody, violent, and disturbing…which is precisely what abortion truly is.

If you are brave enough to watch the videos at the above links, and it settles upon your mind that this is what is happening in our country virtually every single day of the year, for decade after decade after decade, perhaps you will understand my anger when I see the United States with its obsession with cats and dogs.

We are a nation that has fallen so very far from the lofty morals and ideals that once shaped us and made us the envy of the world.


Duggar disaster

By now, most people know of the train wreck occurring within the famous Duggar family with the acknowledgement from their oldest son Josh over molestation accusations.

Already, there are parodies and satires coming out, and as the facts pour in, it does not look good for the Duggar media empire that is beginning to crumble around them.

I have to main questions:  Did the Duggar’s reveal to the television network that their son Josh had admitted to child molestation before they signed the contract for what would prove to be their widely popular reality show?  Did the Duggar’s have a moral or even legal duty to disclose the crimes of their then teenaged son to the cable network before the airing of the reality show?

This is critical, because if the network knew of these serious charges before going into the contract, they obviously knew the risks they were taking if word of these damaging allegations and accompanying confession came to light.

But from what I have read, it appears the crimes of Josh occurred approximately two plus years before the Duggars show appeared for the first time on Discovery Health, “14 Kids and Pregnant Again.”

This raises serious questions in my mind whether or not the Duggar’s disclosed to Discovery Health the existence of their son’s known crimes or to TLC (The Learning Channel), the cable and satellite television network who airs the wildly popular Duggar series.

Many of the advertisers, though, are voting with their feet and have bolted from supporting the series, showing that this unfortunate and tragic episode for the Duggar’s will not leave them unscathed.

If the Duggar’s were simply a normal American family, a reasoned case can be made that says they certainly did not have any duty to tell anybody, outside of law enforcement, the victims and their families, that their son committed these heinous crimes.

But the Duggar’s are not your normal, American family…far from it.  They are celebrities and role models, revered and looked up to by many.  The Duggar’s, by appearing on the cable program, doing interviews, and choosing to be high-profile members of the Christian community, have set for themselves a much higher standard than what the rest of average America might be expected to abide by.

Please don’t get the wrong impression with my above paragraph that I am suggesting that average Americans are exempt from teenaged sex crimes—nothing of the sort.  I am referring to the responsibility that the Duggars have due to their celebrity and moral authority status in reporting this crime to the cable station that aired their series.

I feel for this family and for any family that passes through such horrific waters.  And for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the awful weight of responsibility that comes with being media stars will now fully descend upon their shoulders.  And when all the dust has settled, they may look back on this amazing opportunity to share with the world their family values (and not counting all the money and perks they have received) and decide it was not worth it.

America: A doomed nation

Many Christians are accepting the inevitable fact that the Supreme Court will force sodomy based marriage on the entire country next month.

But few are asking, “Why?”

This is a more important question, in my eyes, than the expected ruling, because understanding how the United States of America could come to the point where marriage has been redefined in such a radical and twisted manner is crucial to predicting the future of our country.

My personal viewpoint is that legalizing sodomy based marriage is nothing compared to the legalizing of abortion in the infamous Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.   But the legalization of sodomite marriage is a fruit from the same unholy tree that legalized abortion, which came out of the Supreme Court’s making prayer and the posting of the Ten Commandments illegal in public schools.

Why will gay marriage become “legal”?  Because God is in the midst of judging the United States of America, and His hand is in the very process of bringing this proud, greedy, materialistic, God hating nation to its knees.

Gay marriage is another divine judgment from the hand of God on this once great, God-fearing nation.  And the vast majority of Christians are not seeing this, choosing instead to hope that some great revival is going to sweep across the fruited plain once again and restore America back to her godly roots.

There is absolutely no chance of this happening.  None whatsoever.  We will fully reap what we have sown, and the destruction of this country is a mathematical certainty, as sure and predictable as the sun rising from the East every morning.

Christians are wringing their hands wondering, “How can this possibly be happening?” instead of correctly asking, “Why is this happening?”

It is happening because, I believe, God hates this country and is intent on destroying it.

Please don’t put words in my mouth; God loves His people, and there are multiplied millions of them in this country.  When I write that God hates America, I am referring to the blatant evil that permeates every nook and cranny and reaches into every corner.

He hates the court system that penalizes the innocent and rewards the guilty.  Look no further than the grotesque appeal system where murderers who have been found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt spend decades on death row as their endless appeals wind through the courts and the families of their murdered victims have to suffer and relive the horror of their loved ones death each time a new trial is granted and they are forced to once again testify.

He hates this same court system that will now legalize sodomite marriage and which will now be used to trample the rights of Christians everywhere, the very ones He used to bring freedom and liberty to the country in the first place.

He hates the court system that legalized abortion on demand and that has now allowed more than 50 million babies to be systematically slaughtered in their mother’s wombs.

Call this by its correct name:  the “injustice” system.

Gods hates the public school system that kicked Him out decades ago and now churns out atheists by the millions, teaching small children that “gay is okay,” religion is the cause of all the evil in the world, America was founded by secularists, evolution is a fact, creationism is a myth, abortion is good, and now you can wake up one morning believing you are now the opposite gender of what you were born and be classified as a “hero” and use whatever bathroom you “feel” like identifying with.

He hates the worship of sports and sports figures.  We are a nation of idol worshippers, but the objects of our worship cradle pigskins in their arms, hit golf balls, bounce basketballs, run around tracks and infields, and bulk up on steroids, while Americans pay them millions upon millions upon millions of dollars to “entertain” us.

He hates Hollywood, that bastion of wickedness, immorality, perversion and all things unholy, profane and satanic, an industry that has done more than perhaps any in this country—and the world—to engulf the people in darkness and stupidity.

He hates false religion, which means He might hate most of evangelicalism as it is currently practiced here in America.  Christianity in America, if it is anything, is big business.  It predominantly revolves around one main thing:  money.  Don’t believe me?  Turn on any Christian radio or t.v. program and listen for the inevitable appeal for “donations,”  “tithes and offerings,” ad nausem.  Walk into any church and wait for the plate to pass in front of your nose.  It’s all about money and Christ despises this and He is judging this country for turning His Father’s House into a “place of business” (John 2:15-17).

Christianity is full of charlatans, crooks, con artists and thieves.  From Benny Hinn to Joel Osteen and all their ilk in between, it has become impossible for most people to separate the sheep from the goats.  Even the sheep are stained by the greed, hypocrisy, sensuality, phoniness, and immorality that is so much a part of modern Christianity that they have simply become used to the stench of sin that permeates the air around them and have succumbed to it.

Money.  It’s all about money in America.  And the Church is just as guilty as Wall Street.  Maybe we are even more guilty because we should know better.

And I am just getting started, but time will fail me to delve any deeper into the problem in this post.  But please don’t lose sight of this one truth:  we Americans are in the midst of God’s judgment in this country, and it will only get worse.

God have mercy on us.  We will all soon need it.

Planned Parenthood gets a black eye

Some of my Facebook friends know of my longstanding lawsuit against the City of Tucson because they threatened me with arrest in 2013 when myself and some other believers attempted to minister in front of the PP clinic.

Though the lawsuit is ongoing (filed on or around September 12, 2014), research proved that the sidewalks in front of the PP clinic which were previously said to be “private,” have now been proven to be public, insuring our rights to minister there.

So praise God! For the first time in DECADES, Christians can now freely minister to the women and men going to these two clinics inside this private medical park for abortions. I was there yesterday with two other Christian women for this historic return to this medical plaza.

And Planned Parenthood could do nothing about it. Before, within minutes of us being there, they would call the police and the private security firm that patrols that area and we would be forced to leave. For DECADES this happened, friends, and now the harassment is OVER. They have received a huge black eye.

I can’t explain my feelings of joy and satisfaction over this incredible turn of events and hope to keep you posted with updates. If you wish to join us on these outreaches in Tucson, please contact me.

Is America facing God’s judgment?

The epic snowstorms ravaging portions of the East coast are unprecedented.  In the snow weary Boston, one man said this:

“It’s historic. It’s biblical,” the 62-year-old attorney said as he walked down a deserted street in the city’s Back Bay neighborhood. “I think we’re in uncharted territory. People just don’t know how to deal with the logistics of it.”

He had one message for Mother Nature: “Give us a break.”

There is no arguing that the United Sates is experiencing record breaking weather.  Simply google “record breaking weather in America” and you will see what I mean.

Is anybody asking, “Why?”  At one time in America, unusual calamities  caused the early colonists to call a “solemn assembly” where entire congregations of Christians set aside a time of prayer to seek God’s face for why they were happening.

I believe God is judging America, and His wrath and displeasure at the rampant immorality and moral depravity that has engulfed this nation is what we are experiencing on virtually a daily basis.

Skeptics could well counter by saying, “Nothing unusual is happening at all.  These bizarre weather patterns have always been a part of every country throughout their histories, and we are simply experiencing one of those cycles.”

There’s truth in that consensus.  “After all,” someone else might say, “how can God be angry with America when the stock market keeps reaching record highs?  We are enjoying the greatest standard of living in the history of civilization; how can God be judging us when we are drowning in blessings?”

All good points, but this entire feast of materialism, ease, and comfort that we Americans have been gorging ourselves on for as long as anyone can remember might be coming to an end.  There are signs of the upcoming famine all around us, and these signs have been signaling to those with “eyes to see” for some time.

One has to look no farther than the unbelievable and astonishing rise of “gay marriage,” soon to be legalized by the United States Supreme Court in a couple of months.  If you would have stated twenty years ago that two men or two women would one day be able to legally marry in our country, you would have been laughed to scorn.

Such a notion was so outrageous and nonsensical that none would have taken you serious…but this insanity has now taken such a hold that those who believe in “natural marriage” are the ones viewed as abnormal and twisted.  The rapid and complete shift in thinking is nothing short of astonishing.

Yet as the Scriptures clearly warn, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. (Galatians 6:7).”  I can take some poetic license with this verse and write, “Whatever a country sows, this it will also reap.”

Too many in this country mock God, from the joke that sits in the White House to the frauds that go on “Christian” television and ask viewers to send them money.

And we would be deceived if we believe that we can mock Him and expect this long and seemingly endless gravy train will continue; we are coming around a bend in the track and the bridge is out.



When “Christians” lie for the sake of money

I remember when the book, “The boy who came back from Heaven” came out.  Since I never believe books or speakers whose authors purports to have gone to heaven or hell, I pay scant attention to them.

It came as no surprise, then, when this article came out saying that the book was a hoax.  Even less surprising was this comment from the article:

“You’re right, this whole story is fabricated,” Johnson recalled Beth Malarkey telling him. “[But] because the book was a bestseller, no one in the evangelical publishing industry wanted to kill it.”

This article raises disturbing issues within the “Christian” community, and in particular, the Christian book publishing industry that would choose to publish such an obvious fabrication in the first place.

I’m not a book publisher, but if I was, and someone came to me with a pitch for a book that revolved around someone who allegedly died and subsequently went to heaven or hell and then “came back” to tell about it, I wouldn’t give it a moments serious thought before declining the offer.

That is, of course, if I didn’t love money.

But the love of money appears to be a prime motivation for Christian booksellers in deciding whether or not to put out the trash that often riddles the Christian best-seller lists, like the boy who came back from heaven.

We Americans wonder why our once great nation is dissolving right before our eyes.  Here, in my opinion, is the reason:

“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men. “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lamp stand  and it gives light to all who are in the house.…”   Jesus, Matthew 5:13-15

Christians are the salt and light of the world.  During the days when the Lord was walking upon the Earth, there were no refrigerators or ice available to preserve food.  Salt was used as a preservative to delay spoiling.

Christians in any society can, and should, act as a preserving agent on their respective cultures.  We should influence those around us to godliness, righteousness and moral living, mainly by the manner in which we live our lives.

But when Christians are no more moral than our non-Christian neighbors, our “salt” becomes useless, even worse than useless.  Our hypocrisy can actually embolden others to commit further acts of unrighteousness as they act out in anger and spite for our unfaithfulness and hypocrisy.

So Christians find themselves at this juncture in American society.  Steeped in our hypocrisy, our voice is irrelevant, even mocked, in contemporary culture.  As this so-called “Christian publisher” has aptly demonstrated by printing this stupid book in the first place, money takes precedence over morality.

If it sells, print it, no matter how immoral the decision in deciding to print a book that obviously could not be true.  Make your millions, then when the book is found to be a fraud as everybody knew it was in the first place, remove it from the bookshelves, offer an apology, and laugh all the way to the bank.

And we wonder why America is hellbent on destruction.

Holocaust deniers and the power of lies

Unbelievably, there are people who deny the Holocaust happened.

Some Holocaust deniers, while admitting that Nazi atrocities were committed against Jews, deny that over six million were murdered or that the gas chambers existed.  Holocaust denying comes in many different flavors and forms.

Recently, I engaged in a heated written dialogue with a holocaust denier by the name of Adam Johnson.  I stumbled upon his rants because he spewed his vile anti-Semitism in the comment section of one of Dennis Prager’s Youtube video’s ironically tilted “Do not bear false witness.”

Johnson’s post, along with the over 44 replies, is featured first in the comments.  For those of you with time to kill, reading the entire thread will be an eye-opening education.

The Bible is not silent on the topic of lying and bearing false witness; both are crimes that are detested in the sight of God.  For starters, the ninth of the ten commandments, “You shall not bear false witness,” is the crowning prohibition most people quote when the topic of lying comes up.

But this commandment is certainly not the only place in the Bible where God’s displeasure and even hatred for lying is found.  Perhaps the second most quoted verse comes from Revelation 21:8:

“But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

I am a firm believer that the First Amendment has been grossly distorted in America and our founding fathers never intended or anticipated the overly broad application it has been given.  For most Americans, the First Amendment means they can say or write about anything they want.

Now, this is true, to a point, but this does not mean that I can, as a prank, yell “Fire!” in a packed indoor movie theatre when the lights are off.  As well, libel and slander are prosecutable crimes, further showing we cannot say or write anything that pops into our heads our flows out of our pens.

I am a strong advocate for limits on so-called “free speech,” and believe that lying speech, such as Holocaust denying, should be illegal and punished in the same way libel and slander is.

Lies are serious business, capable of incalculable and irrevocable damage to the reputations of the victims of the falsehoods.  When lies are uttered on a national scale by a country’s leaders against a specific member of the community, like Hitler did with the Jews, genocide often and does follow.

This is one reason why the Bible prohibits lying.

“I hate and abhor lying…”  Psalm 119:163 (KJV)

“There are six things which the LORD hates, Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him: Haughty eyes, a lying tongue…” Proverbs 6:16-17

Liars will not be part of God’s Kingdom.  Be exceedingly careful if you have a lying tongue.


“Gay” marriage legality is inevitable

The Supreme Court will now decide whether or not “gay” marriage will become the law of the land in all the fifty states.  And of course, in a divided ruling of probably 6-3, the black robed tyrants will force the perverse will and morality of less than 2% of the American population down the throats of the other 98%.

The homosexual juggernaut that has been sweeping across the fruited plain (no pun intended) for the last ten years is unstoppable; it will continue to pulverize everything decent, moral, holy and Christian in its perverse path of redefining the very essence and fabric of what America once stood tall and mighty for.

Here is a typical—and wholly self-centered, false and incorrect—viewpoint from one of the LGBTQ lawyers litigating this case, taken from the article previously cited:

“We are excited obviously for our clients and for the many thousands of couples like them in Michigan, but we are also excited for the entire nation,” added Dana Nessel, a lawyer for the Michigan plaintiffs.

Excited for the entire nation?  Do you mean, Ms. Nessel, that you, in the perverse little world of LGBTQ where you live, that you believe that this shameful ruling will be greeted with excitement and joy for the vast majority of Americans that despise what your immoral agenda will soon accomplish, the redefinition of marriage and family,  resulting in the further dismantling and ultimate disintegration of our society?

Again, this ruling in favor of unnatural and wholly perverse gay marriage is set in stone.  Read the gushing praise from Eric Holder for this travesty of justice soon to become a reality:

“It is time for our nation to take another critical step forward to ensure the fundamental equality of all Americans – no matter who they are, where they come from, or whom they love,” Holder said.

Far from being a “critical step forward,” this shameful ruling will only result in America’s grave being dug that much deeper.  It will seal America’s doom and there will  be absolutely nothing we can do as a nation to bring us back from this free fall into destruction.

When I speak with college students, I am always amazed whenever we seriously discuss this issue.  Gay marriage?  Two men or two women getting married?  This is like seriously discussing the reality of finding a living and functioning society on Mars, or that George Bush and the CIA were the ones actually responsible for 9/11.  Some topics are simply too nonsensical to give serious credence.

But such is the times we live in, and when the Supreme Court gives it’s expected decision in early summer, I will try not to say, “I told you so.”

I am not Charlie

Though I find it abhorrent that the staff of the Charlie Hebdo magazine were ruthlessly murdered by fanatical Muslims, I can’t hold up a pen with the masses and announce, “I am Charlie.”

While many will disagree with me, I feel there are limits and boundaries that we should not cross in our speech, video making, and writing.  Expression of any kind must be balanced, with the understanding that what and how we express ourselves can have profound impact on others.

I am no fan of Islam but this does not mean that I will go out of my way to offend Muslim sensibilities in my desire to expose the problems of this religion.  Drawing satirical cartoon figures of a naked Muhammad to make my point would be unthinkable, and not only because I would be in fear that I would wake up with my head next to my torso.

No, I feel it is wrong to offend in this way and not “loving your neighbor as yourself.”  Muslims, like Christians, Jews and every other faith member, have strong and passionate beliefs.  Whether or not we agree with everything a member of another faith believes, to mock, ridicule and demean the faith of another is not an effective bridge builder.

Charlie Hebdo is a fireman that seeks to put out fires with gasoline, a peculiarly unwise methodology of fire suppression.   Their over the top “free speech” and complete disregard for the feelings and passions of all religious people make them a target of the kind of people that went on that deplorable rampage.

And they don’t seem to learn; now, they plan to print 3 million copies of their magazine when their normal print run is 60,000, showing a cartoon of a crying Muhammad, further inflaming the sentiments of Muslims worldwide.

This is foolishness.  Twelve members of their magazine have already been murdered, yet they double down and print more of the same offensive material that resulted in the untimely deaths of their fellow journalists.  Where is the wisdom in this?  It’s craziness and sheer folly, more gasoline poured onto an already raging bonfire.

Freedom comes with responsibility.  One of the glaring weaknesses of a society that enshrines “freedom of speech” is that some throw commonsense out the door and believe that saying or writing anything about anybody is permissible, no matter how offensive.

But in our daily interactions with people, we intuitively know that this does not work.  For example, if two people are in an argument and one person calls the other person’s mother or daughter a slut that sleeps with every man in town, what will be the expected reaction?  That’s right…a trip to the hospital or the morgue.

The cartoonists and writers of Charlie Hebdo need to step back and grow up, before there are no more hands to hold the pens that draw their cartoons.