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Advice for Christians who share their faith in public

Conventional financial advice for those individuals with an abundance of financial resources is that they have three people on their financial team:  an experienced and knowledgeable banker, an attorney who is an expert in financial legal affairs and documents, and a savvy CPA (Certified Public Accountant).  Each of these professionals brings separate and vitally needed information and protection that will ensure one’s hard-earned wealth is not foolishly squandered away in frivolous, unwise or even illegal means.

The Bible tacitly teaches this in Proverbs 11:14:  “Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory.” (NASB)

Christian evangelists, open-air preachers, and other believers who witness in the public areas of the United States also need an experienced team of experts on their side; one of the most helpful and needed are attorneys: those who practice civil law and those who practice criminal law.

But both civil and criminal lawyers should be experts in First Amendment law because this area is a vast and complicated one, much like the rest of the law.  I have found that even among practicing civil lawyers, few are trained and have extensive experience in dealing with the intricacies and nuances of free speech rights.

I cannot overstate the importance of having both types of attorneys on board for your evangelistic efforts.  From my experience, and any honest attorney will agree, a civil attorney is not well versed in criminal law and a criminal attorney is not well versed in civil law.  Neither law specialists, whether they are criminal or civil, have much desire in taking on cases not in their speciality because they understand how much knowledge and experience is required to be an expert in each.

In my almost 40 years of street evangelism, and particularly since I began open-air preaching approximately 25 years ago, I have been in countless situations where the police have been called due to our evangelistic efforts.  For example, the most common interaction with the police has been over the issue of using amplification while preaching outdoors.  Of all the issues facing evangelists, this rates at the top for police involvement due to complaints from the public.

Then there is the often contested issue of whether or not we can hand out Gospel literature in various public venues.  For example, can we hand out tracts in an event in a typical city or town that has closed off various public streets to host a special event where the public has been invited, say at a large, outdoor street fair?

Or can someone preach directly outside, with or without amplification, at a Jehovah’s Witness Convention hosted by a city’s public conference center?  Does the fact that the JW’s rented the arena preclude someone from witnessing on the convention’s grounds?

These few examples are rarely cut and dry.  In fact, each separate event you wish to witness and evangelize at usually brings a host of unique circumstances and legalities that require legal experts to scrutinize to determine whether or not the particular form of evangelism you wish to do is allowed by that city’s statutes.

Even this presents another unique and challenging situation.  Take a typical city noise ordinance that, on its face, makes amplification in certain locations in the city illegal.   The city might not have any issue with you for wanting to preach using just your natural voice, but they have a city ordinance that forbids you speaking using amplification.

Is their law constitutional?  Has that law been written specifically targeting the preaching of the Gospel via amplification?  Sometimes the answer is “yes.”  Now, you have a law on the books, enforceable by the police.  What do you do?

These are all reasons why we need to be at least somewhat knowledgeable on first amendment and criminal law.  I have seen over and over again that most Christians are bullied by both the police and the public over their witnessing efforts for the main reason of silencing their public witness.  All kinds of reasons, excuses and quasi-legal arguments are offered, some persuasive and legal and others pure nonsense.  But how do you know?  This is where experienced, knowledgeable attorneys come into play and are an invaluable tool in your evangelism toolbox.  And because Christians have little knowledge in these areas, their default mode is to obey the police and end their outreach at that location, even if they have a first amendment right to be there doing what they are doing.

But attorneys are prohibitively expensive, charging hundreds of dollars an hour for their time in counseling you.  This is why you need to find attorneys who are Christians who will give you advice on a “pro-bono” basis.  In other words, for free.  Ideally, they will understand the need to assist the Body of Christ in these kind of situations without charging them and consider it part of their ministry and service to the Lord to help out a brother and sister in need of their valuable advice.

Let me warn you:  these kind of attorneys are rare.  I have discovered through personal experience time and again that even attorneys who drop hints they are Christians will not spend more than the briefest amount of time with you unless you pay them substantial retainers.

But there are some, albeit few, who wish to serve the Lord by providing expert legal advice for free.  I hope to write more about this in another post, but suffice to say, my desire in writing this is to convince you that the time to look for attorneys is today, before you find yourself in a situation where you might get arrested.

I have a list of law firms I’ve accumulated over the years that might be able to help you.  Please drop me a note in the comments section if you need legal assistance due to your witnessing/evangelistic efforts and I will get in contact with you.  You can also email me at:


Spiritual darkness deepens upon UC Berkeley

I’m going to minister and preach on the campus of UC Berkeley starting this Monday, December 26, 2018, for one full week (Lord willing). I was there in 2014 ago for about three months for what was called the “Berkeley Blitz.” This will be the “Berkeley Blitz #2.”

UC Berkeley has become a hotbed of LGBTQ extremism, hate and intolerance for Christians. As this video from Fox News details, Christian UC Berkeley Senator Isabella Chow has been under assault by “Big Gay” and it is only getting worse for this brave Christian.  Pay particular attention to how Ms. Chow answered the question posed to her by Laura Ingram beginning at 5:16.

My hope is to make a public and BOLD show of support for her and use this national issue as a springboard for the preaching and teaching of the Lord’s ways and to give the Gospel to those who are willing and ready to hear.

If you live in the Berkeley area, I want to invite you to join the team being developed to minister with me. And please, if you feel so led, keep the outreach in your prayers. I expect to face violence and a huge pushback from the campus at large.

“Big Gay” strikes again at UC Berkeley

“Big Gay” strikes again: this time targeting a Christian UC Berkeley student Senator who dared speak up for her beliefs.

I know I’ve written this incessantly but I’m compelled to write it again: among the greatest hypocrites and deceivers in all of America are the members and allies of the LGBTQ community.

Why? They demand tolerance, acceptance and inclusion from everyone for their sexual deviancies but refuse to return the favor to anyone—especially Christians—who believe differently. Disagree with Big Gay and you become targets of their wrath, hatred and violence.

The irony of this situation is so pronounced that it necessitates pointing out:  the very people (LGBTQ community) that demand and preach “tolerance,” “acceptance” and “inclusion” are the exact ones that deny it to anyone—especially Christians—who fail to  believe precisely like they do.

Their hypocrisy and double standards are legendary, yet they lack the necessary self-awareness to realize this glaring flaw.   Consider the following statements and quotes form the linked article above:

“In addition to BPR, Student Action — the party Chow ran with — disaffiliated with Chow after her anti-LGBTQ+ comments.”

Notice carefully what is written here:  the BPR, a UC Berkeley student group who espouses “that the publication strives to serve as an ‘inclusive platform for the totality of our membership,'” evidently denies to Chow the very “platform” they supposedly provide to all their members.  And why?  Her Christian beliefs do not comport with their left-leaning, progressive, LGBTQ ones.

Further down in the article:

“’While BPR strongly affirms non-partisanship, any view that denies the validity of a community does not fall within the spectrum of political discourse that our guiding mission allows for,’” the editorial states.”

In the above statement, their lack of necessary self-awareness that should reveal their hypocritical and double-standards toward Chow is evidently lost upon them.  “Strongly affirm non-partisanship” yet simultaneously denying it to Chow?  How is this strongly affirming their so-called non-partisanship if Chow’s views are vehemently rejected?   Their hypocrisy, bigotry and hateful intolerance against Christianity is nothing short of astounding.

Notice this picture and the caption below from the article:

The “Queer Alliance Resource Center” calls for the resignation of Ms. Chow.  But is this not the same group that incessantly preaches “tolerance,” acceptance,” and “inclusion” from other towards themselves?  Why don’t they “practice what they preach”?

In another article about Chow’s sincerely held religious beliefs and how they are clashing with those of the LGBTQ community, the intolerance directed at her Christian beliefs are even more pronounced and which reveals one major part of the true agenda of the gay community:  the protection of abortion rights.

The following quote from the article listed in the paragraph above proves this:

“…While we respect Senator Chow’s leadership and community work, we cannot allow the actions of our elected officials to oppose what in our assessment is inviolable —reproductive health and wellness resources, legal protections for survivors of sexual violence, and community space for vulnerable members of our student body.” (Emphasis mine.)

Inviolable is defined as “never to be broken, infringed, or dishonored.”  And, of course, thinking people understand that the term “reproductive health and wellness resources” refers to abortion and all things related to abortion.

To emphasize and repeat:  the LGBTQ community is only interested in the message of tolerance on two main planes:  that the world tolerate their sexual perversions and leftist, progressive ideas and that they will only be tolerant toward those who march lock-step in perfect alignment with their fascist boot tracks.

I’m fascinated by this glaring fault in the LGBTQ community and their supporters, being continually stupefied by their cognitive dissonance.   Are they truly this blind to such an obvious defect in their belief system?  Or do they actually know they are behaving in this irrational manner but refuse to acknowledge it?






Abortion and Evangelism

There is an unfortunate reluctance among many Christians to use the volatile issue of abortion as a springboard for the Gospel.

They think “mixing” abortion and the Gospel is distracting to the Gospel message, believing that any other topic which doesn’t directly address the Bible is ungodly and/or distracting.

Though I understand such concerns, I could not disagree more because I have used the topic of abortion innumerable times to realize such concerns are blown out of proportion.  In fact, not using a hot-button topic like abortion is throwing away a perfectly legitimate subject to help draw large crowds with the end result of weaving a biblical message into the conversation.

Though the abortion issue can cause intense and even violent reactions in people, handled correctly with a great amount of wisdom, it can be used to great effectiveness in drawing an interested crowd that can then be turned into an opportunity of bringing a biblical message into the conversation.

This is easier said than done, of course, but in the video below, I give one example of how I was able to do this on the campus of the University of AZ:

Don’t mess with “Big Gay”: you may lose everything

Disagree with “Big Gay” and you may lose everything, including your business. And pay huge fines that could well bankrupt you: just ask Aaron and Melissa Klein, one time owners of “Sweet Cakes by Melissa.”

Their great crime that caused them to pay $135,000 in fines and shut down their bakery business? They declined to bake a wedding cake for two lesbians because of their sincerely held religious beliefs against so-called “same sex marriage.” And this brought down the full wrath of the LGBTQ Nazi/Fascist’s wrath upon their lives. You know, the “tolerant” ones that demand acceptance from everyone for their beliefs and lifestyles but refuse to return the favor:

Bakers Fined $135K Over Wedding Cake Appeal to Supreme Court

Where was the “tolerance” for this Christian couple for their religious beliefs?  Why did these two lesbians bring this action against them that resulted in the loss of their business and debilitating fines?  Aren’t members of the LGBTQ community “tolerant” and “accepting” of others?  Isn’t tolerance and acceptance what they preach?  You know, the rainbow flag…all colors are united in one big “love wins,” right?

Oh, well, not if you are a Christian or hold to such antiquated and “hateful” beliefs like “marriage is between a man and a woman.”  Heaven forbid!  Such ilk are haters and bigots and should be driven into the same closet that the LGBTQ Nazi/Fascists just recently exited in all their perverse glory.

The hypocrisy and nauseating standards of these hypocrites are legendary, but few, if any, speak out against them because of the understandable fear that getting on the bad side of “Big Gay” may just ruin your life.

Just ask the Kleins.

The hypocrisy of Democrats and their LGBTQ allies

I do not believe I’m being controversial when I write that the Democratic Party considers themselves champions of LGBTQ issues and everything they believe.

For example, “tolerance” and “inclusion” are two main prongs of the LGBTQ ideology, correct? Certainly.

But this is all a lie, a smokescreen they hide behind to dupe the American people into accepting their myriads of perversions and anti-Christ beliefs and teachings. In reality—and this is critical—the new Democrats and their LGBTQ support system are among the greatest hypocrites operating on the world scene.

No further evidence of this is needed than what is happening with the Kavanaugh nomination and the circus swirling around it. Where is the “tolerance” for Judge Kavanaugh’s beliefs? Where is the appeal to “fairness” while these allegations are steamrolling over him?

In truth, we are witnessing what the very core of so-called LGBTQ “rights” truly represent: “tolerance,” “acceptance,” and “inclusion” ONLY if you walk in lock-step with their perverse ideology. Any whiff of disagreement or dissent will be met with a crushing stomp of the totalitarian, fascist boots these people wear.

It is the Nazi Party resurrected and wrapped in the rainbow flag.

Everyone should read the “Pink Swastika,” an eye-opening book which details the unmistakeable link between Hitler’s Third Reich and homosexuality:


New movie about convicted murderer Dr. Gosnell

Remember Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the infamous late-term Pennsylvania abortion doctor found guilty of murdering three infants born alive, now serving life imprisonment without the possibility of parole?

There is a new movie coming out detailing this gruesome, horrific story. Filmmaker Ann McElhinney gives a moving interview detailing the history and reasons for why she decided to bring this tragedy to the world. Fast forward to 7:00 to get to her story:

Unfortunately, this macabre story received little coverage in the mainstream news.  This is understandable because the majority of the mainstream news is pro-death and view “abortion on demand with no restrictions whatsoever” to be a sacred, inalienable right.

But the case of Gosnell exposes abortion for what it actually is:  the outright murdering of pre-born  children and the extent that pro-death enthusiasts in government will go to keep this barbaric practice going, unfettered by governmental oversight and regulations.

I have been a pro-life activist for almost 40 years.  One truth this activism has shown me is the deceptive nature of the abortion argument used by pro-choice advocates.

You will never see a pro-choice cheerleader on a college or university campus, whether that person be a student, professor, or Planned Parenthood representative, showing pictures of aborted babies.  It does not happen.

Why?  To ask the question is to answer it:  they refuse to show such pictures because it is prima facie evidence that abortion is the dismemberment, decapitation and disemboweling of yet unborn infants.

Reader, are you pro-choice?  Have you seen photographs and/or video of aborted babies?  If not, allow me to recommend you visit this site:

Do your research on this important topic.  Another excellent resource is “Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR).”  There are many pro-life groups where you can find all the information you need to educate yourself on the horrors of abortion.

And I encourage you to watch the film “Gosnell” when it hits theaters on October 12, 2018.  Here is the link for the premier and the movie website:




America is a divided nation and only getting worse

I watched a snippet of the confirmation hearings on Supreme Court nomination Brett Kavanaugh and it is disgraceful on many fronts:

That Senator Grassley allowed these interruptions to occur and highjack the meeting was the first disgrace, but I don’t wish to spend my time on this. What I want to point out is the misbehavior of the Democrats who were responsible for the disruption.

It is not disputed that Democrats are the party of the left and a bastion of LGBTQ “rights” and their deviant agendas.  If there is one main reason why Democrats despise Trump, I believe it is because they see him as a threat to LGBTQ “rights” and the astonishing advancements they enjoyed under the corrupt presidency of Obama.

But there is a far more insidious side to the “resistant tactics” that Democrats have so effectively employed in thwarting the populist agenda American voters demanded when they swept Trump into office in his unprecedented win:  the fascist character of their tactics.

One of the hallmarks of the United States since its founding was the desire to discuss divisive issues in venues of respect and tolerance, epitomized through the First Amendment.  This ideal is nicely captured in the University of Chicago’s statement on free speech, commonly referred to as the “Chicago Statement.”  Some parts read:

“…the ideas of different members of the University community will often and quite naturally conflict. But it is not the proper role of the University to attempt to shield individuals from ideas and opinions they find unwelcome, disagreeable, or even deeply offensive. Although the University greatly values civility, and although all members of the University community share in the responsibility for maintaining a climate of mutual respect, concerns about civility and mutual respect can never be used as a justification for closing off discussion of ideas, however offensive or disagreeable those ideas may be to some members of our community.

“…Although members of the University community are free to criticize and contest the views expressed on campus, and to criticize and contest speakers who are invited to express their views on campus, they may not obstruct or otherwise interfere with the freedom of others to express views they reject or even loathe. To this end, the University has a solemn responsibility not only to promote a lively and fearless freedom of debate and deliberation, but also to protect that freedom when others attempt to restrict it.”

The document can be found here and is well worth reading:

The danger which many Democrats pose to this nation is their desire to stifle and silence—even punish—speech and ideas that go against their core values:  abortion, same-sex “marriage,” LGBTQ “rights,” etc.  All of their noble talk of “tolerance” and “inclusion” is nothing more than hypocrisy clothed in lofty ideals that they themselves despise:  for Democrats, tolerance is demanded from everyone for their agenda but is never reciprocated.   For proof of this, look no further than the case of Jack Phillips, the Christian baker who refused to bake a same-sex wedding cake for a gay couple.

The immediate interruption by Democrat Kamala Harris, followed by further disruptions from her colleagues and screams from the audience, is further proof of their hatred for the concept of civil, respectful government conducted in an atmosphere of mutual give and take, reasoned debate, and civil discourse.

This disrespectful behavior is simply the scales seen on the dark underbelly of the fascist beast that lurks and lies at the foundation of the “deep state” that rules much of both the state and federal governments.  Their childish antics are simply the tip of the iceberg of a belief system that is far uglier and dangerous than what we see in this fiasco.

A little known and rarely discussed fact concerns the roots of the Nazi party.  Many have no idea the role that homosexuals played in the founding of Hitler’s Third Reich.

Here is prior blog post I made on this subject:

Did the Nazi’s mass murder homosexuals in death camps?

In this blog, I introduce my reader’s to the ground breaking book, “The Pink Swastika,” which goes into great detail about the founding of the Nazi Party.  The details are nothing short of astonishing.

We see similar tactics even now occurring in the Democratic Party and the role they and leftist progressives play on our university and college campuses.  There is a direct correlation between the crumbling of our First Amendment rights in this country and the one party sworn to advance and uphold the perverse LGBTQ agenda.

And if anyone thinks it is bad now, we have seen nothing yet.  Wait until the Dems regain the presidency and control of the federal government; it is certain to happen and the darkness already suffocating this once great nation will tighten its death grip and we may breathe our last.


A hug from a little boy can brighten up your day

Something unusual and unexpected just happened to me:

I was dropping off an order for a customer at a nearby UPS store. Placing the package on the scale, I waited while the UPS employee, a young woman, gave me my receipt.

After she hands it to me and I’m about to turn to leave, a cherub faced, curly haired two year old little boy comes racing out of the back. He rushes up to me with his arms outstretched, wanting a hug.

I was dumbfounded, completely taken by surprise. I thought, “He must think I’m someone else” as I stood there, motionless, feeling a bit embarrassed by the whole scene. He stayed in front of me, his arms still out for his hug.

Realizing the woman who just handed me my receipt was his mom, I said to her, “Very friendly!” and reached down and gave the boy a hug.

Now, I’m a man, and situations like this leave men a bit uncomfortable, especially in a scenario like this one. I did not know the mom or her son, and because the situation just sprang up out of nowhere, I was not prepared for it.

As I jumped into my truck after exiting the store, I was moved by what this precious little boy did. I have three daughters, all long grown and separated by time and unfortunate circumstances; I can’t remember the last time I was hugged like that by a small, innocent child.

When I arrived home, I called that UPS store to thank the mom and share with her how touched I was by her son’s spontaneous, selfless act. She said she was worried about my reaction, but when I explained how moved and thankful I was, she expressed relief, gratitude and joy that her son could be the means of brightening someone’s day.

I thank the Lord for that curly haired little boy who gave me such an unexpected gift this morning that touched my soul and warmed my heart. With all the hatred, anger, suspicion and division that we face in this country seemingly every day, this random and “out of the blue” interaction with an innocent child was wonderful.