“Gay” marriage legality is inevitable

The Supreme Court will now decide whether or not “gay” marriage will become the law of the land in all the fifty states.  And of course, in a divided ruling of probably 6-3, the black robed tyrants will force the perverse will and morality of less than 2% of the American population down the throats of the other 98%.

The homosexual juggernaut that has been sweeping across the fruited plain (no pun intended) for the last ten years is unstoppable; it will continue to pulverize everything decent, moral, holy and Christian in its perverse path of redefining the very essence and fabric of what America once stood tall and mighty for.

Here is a typical—and wholly self-centered, false and incorrect—viewpoint from one of the LGBTQ lawyers litigating this case, taken from the article previously cited:

“We are excited obviously for our clients and for the many thousands of couples like them in Michigan, but we are also excited for the entire nation,” added Dana Nessel, a lawyer for the Michigan plaintiffs.

Excited for the entire nation?  Do you mean, Ms. Nessel, that you, in the perverse little world of LGBTQ where you live, that you believe that this shameful ruling will be greeted with excitement and joy for the vast majority of Americans that despise what your immoral agenda will soon accomplish, the redefinition of marriage and family,  resulting in the further dismantling and ultimate disintegration of our society?

Again, this ruling in favor of unnatural and wholly perverse gay marriage is set in stone.  Read the gushing praise from Eric Holder for this travesty of justice soon to become a reality:

“It is time for our nation to take another critical step forward to ensure the fundamental equality of all Americans – no matter who they are, where they come from, or whom they love,” Holder said.

Far from being a “critical step forward,” this shameful ruling will only result in America’s grave being dug that much deeper.  It will seal America’s doom and there will  be absolutely nothing we can do as a nation to bring us back from this free fall into destruction.

When I speak with college students, I am always amazed whenever we seriously discuss this issue.  Gay marriage?  Two men or two women getting married?  This is like seriously discussing the reality of finding a living and functioning society on Mars, or that George Bush and the CIA were the ones actually responsible for 9/11.  Some topics are simply too nonsensical to give serious credence.

But such is the times we live in, and when the Supreme Court gives it’s expected decision in early summer, I will try not to say, “I told you so.”

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