Bad news for Gay Pride

With all the news about LGBTQ gains in the United States and traditional marriage (one man, one woman) laws falling like dominoes, a little perspective is always in order.

For as long as I have been involved in exposing the hypocrisy of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, I have also been involved in exposing the equally disturbing false messages that come out of the “rainbow community.”

For decades, one of the many distorted hysterics that the gay community has  promulgated on easily deceived Americans is the mantra, “Everybody is at risk for contracting HIV.”  This has succeeded in whipping up enough hysteria in the country so that billions upon billions of tax dollars have gone into research to prevent this dreaded disease from killing off all of the people that the gay community has convinced is threatened by this incurable virus.

But facts are not only stubborn things, they are often unwanted.  Consider this report from the CDC that reports that, while HIV rates are plummeting among heterosexuals, they are rising among gays and bisexuals.

This news should have made front page headlines around the country, but if it did, it would then compete with the daily drumbeat of “gay victories” that the news media spoon feeds its readers about the glorious gains that gay sex is having among progressive (i.e., biblically illiterate and deluded) Americans.

But back to the facts.  For some reason, the truth that men who have sex with men (MSM), of all races and ethnicities, are, and always have been, the one group most “profoundly affected by HIV,” curiously surprises most people.  After all, as the gay mantra goes, “Everyone is at risk for HIV.”  Remember?

Why is it, one might ask, that HIV/AIDS is receding among heterosexuals but increasing among MSM?  But perhaps my question is premature and I should first ask, “Why is it that MSM have always been disproportionately affected by this deadly disease?”  This seems like a better starting point in finding out the answers to both questions.

Without wishing to sound crude and unmannerly, let me just be honest and direct:  MSM have an unusually perverse love affair with, well…let me just say it:  anal sex.  Lots and lots of it.

Many people don’t properly conceptualize this particularly disgusting act of human “intercourse.”  In our modern era, and particularly among the under forty crowd, anal sex has lost quite a bit of its repellent reputation among the masses.  For an increasing number of people, it is now looked upon–unfortunately–as being somewhat of a normal behavior among heterosexuals and, with homosexuals, has always been considered the rite de passage for entrance into their perverse lifestyle.

As mentioned above, homosexuals have a morbid and unhealthy fascination with, and again I apologize for having to be a bit crude here, other men’s dirty anuses…you know, that one unmentionable part of the human anatomy that is never the subject of dinner conversation in polite society.

And for some reason, this love affair with the anus among MSM is the very reason why they are disproportionately affected with the disease.

One would think, with all the knowledge that we have gained concerning HIV and how it is mainly transmitted (anally), that the homosexual’s addiction and fascination with other men’s “elimination tubes” would be somewhat diminished.  But alas, this does not appear to be the case at all.  According to all available evidence, this love affair with this particularly unmentionable part of the male anatomy only increases among sex-crazed MSM.

Now, another “gay mantra” is that “all love is good,” but in the case of anal sex, I’m convinced we have found an exception.  And until the homosexual community finds a way to break free from this abominable obsession, they will continue to find themselves at the wrong end (no pun intended) of these statistics.



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